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Title: The Crowleys • Immortales Sumus
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A pure line of wizards and witches, the Crowleys date back to the 1200s – but even as far back as 500 AD the name was used. There have been several well-known people in their lines, and in the early years the name was commonly associated with the Dark Arts. Word was that the Crowleys sought immortality, and would go to any lengths to achieve it.

In newer times, the family grew strong and influential in the areas of business and politics. The family has their own company – producing fine cigars – and there has been several Crowleys working in high positions in the Ministry. Allies and family connections are strong, and marriages with other influential clans have always been important. Keeping the line solid and pure.

Nicor is the current Head of the family, taking the seat after his father Balthazar. His only son, Geryon, is next in line, but there is a lot of turmoil and worry as for how the eccentric will cope with the task when the time comes. He is far from fitting at the moment. Old man Nicor has a lot of work to do – putting out fires after his reckless son and trying to keep the family’s influence and relations intact.

Interested in being part of the family?

There are several characters up for adoption, but know that every single one of them can be changed to fit your wishes. Face claim, age, name, occupation – most of those are merely suggestions than can be altered.

You are also free to come up with more characters – everyone but Nicor and Balthazar can have more children, and you can also create a Crowley from a different branch than those I have mentioned here. I am also always interested in family ties and marriages!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested and/or have any questions. I’d love to hear from you.

Title: Re: The Crowleys [Purebloods in the grey zone] (WIP)
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♦ Geryon "Crow" Crowley (http://hogwarts-school.net/sortinghat/index.php?action=profile;u=1766)
♦ Nicor Zellorius Crowley (http://hogwarts-school.net/sortinghat/index.php?action=profile;u=3504)
♦ Orion Rigel Crowley (http://hogwarts-school.net/sortinghat/index.php?action=profile;u=5571)
♦ Persephone Dione Harmonia Crowley (http://hogwarts-school.net/sortinghat/index.php?topic=6896.msg24751#msg24751)
♦ Andromeda Psyche Acantha Crowley (http://)


♦ Lilith Cheran-Crowley

♦ Malphas Amandeo Crowley
♦ Nadya Borovsky-Crowley
♦ Juda Yegor Crowley
♦ Andariel Nikolay Crowley
♦ Daeva Ilya Crowley

♦ Azrael Moloch Crowley
♦ Anthea Paladin-Crowley
♦ Alastair Valac Crowley

♦ Trianah Crowley
♦ Adonis Crowley
♦ Alanya Crowley
♦ Ruby Crowley
♦ Willow Poppy Crowley

♦ Nilford Edward Crowley
♦ Fenris Crowley
♦ Billie Crowley
♦ Cordelia Crowley

Title: Re: The Crowleys [Purebloods in the grey zone] (WIP)
Post by: Geryon Crowley on 15/07/2014 at 08:46

The Ruling Branch

Nicor is the oldest son of Balthazar and the family head. He is married to Lilith and they have only one son together. The old man is currently occupied with the family business, Wizengamot, taking care of delicate matters and (hopefully) teaching at Hogwarts – after his son messed up that too.

Face Claim: Jeff Bridges

Lilith is the wife of Nicor and mother of Geryon. She is a stubborn but loving woman who – even though she too is disappointed, tries hard to mend the relationship between her husband and son. Nicor knows to listen to her, but she also knows her place as the woman of the household.

Age, occupation and everything else is up to you!

Suggested face: Gina Lollobrigida

The eccentric heir to the seat – which he does not want at all. Crow has always gone his own way and will continue to do so. A well-travelled Magizoologist who currently got out of Azkaban and is struggling with the horrors of that and what he has been through and done in the past. Has his own shop in Knockturn Alley (Crow's Creatures) and used to teach at Hogwarts.

Face Claim: DJ Ashba

Nicor’s brother. Of the three brothers, Malphas is the calmer one. He sees no need in using words for the sake of talking only – there has to be a purpose. Strong minded and always in control. A rock in the family. Military background.

Age, occupation and further perosonality is up to you, but I would like to see him in the MOD.

Suggested face: Ed Harris

Malphas’ wife. Another Borovsky and Crowley marriage. Nadya is the typical Borovsky – strong minded and all about family. She is catholic as most others on her Russian side and will want to raise her children as such. Age, occupation and further personality is up to you.

Suggested face: Inna Korobkina

Orion is the oldest of Malphas' children and even though it's not always said out loud, of course there would be rather high expectaions of him to follow in his father's footsteps. That's not really Orion's plan though, and instead he is now working as security at the Moulin Rouge and riding his motorcycle with his Borovsky cousin Sevastian. 25 years old.

Face Claim: Sebastian Stan

Malphas’ daughter. Daeva is her father’s jewel. She is spoiled rotten and feels like she should be given everything she wants – and that everyone should bend to her will. She was a typical Slytherin and upon graduation she pursued a career in the MOD - making her father even more proud of her. 22 years old.

Face Claim: Milla Jovovich

Malphas’ son. Juda is a ladies man and likes to get attention. He is very respectful and protective over his mother, and will not let anyone disrespect her. Not always on the best terms with his father and brother, due to their differences. Juda likes having fun and is not too worried about the cost of it. 17 years old, Slytherin.

Suggested face: Grey Damon

Malphas’ son. Andariel is a good kid. He usually does what he is supposed to and doesn’t really try and make life complicated for anyone. Great at sports and just maybe a bit too daring at times. 15 years old, Gryffindor.

Suggested face: Henry Cavill

Nicor and Malphas' brother. Azrael is known to be the more energized and ruthless one of the three. He gets things done and has no time for nonsense. Few know of his work with the mafia and the man intend to keep it that way.

Age, occupation and further personality is up to you!

Suggested face: Christopher Walken

Azrael's wife. If you are interested in playing this character, please contact Pacifica Narcissa Paladin for guidance in working out her personality etc.

Suggested face: Arlene Dahl

Son of Azrael and Anthea. Age, school, house, personality - all up to you!

Suggested face: Tom Payne

With her twin she is the youngest child of Azrael and Anthea.

With her twin she is the youngest child of Azrael and Anthea.

Title: Re: The Crowleys [Purebloods in the grey zone]
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Daughter of Henric, Trianah is known for her big heart. She was married to a healer who just died in the war, leaving her a single mom to their children. Anything else is up to you.

Face Claim: Alison Brie


Son of Trianah. Adonis is loud, proud and very much into quidditch. Very protective over his sisters and takes resposibility as the man in the house after his father's passing. Gryffindor. 16 years old.

Suggested face: Dominic Strange


Daughter of Trianah. Alanya is very much about proving that she is just as good as her older brother and doesn’t need his protection. Gryffindor. 14.

Face Claim: Isabel Lucas


Ruby was an orphan who got adopted by Trianah and her healer husband. She is very fond of her siblings who are all very protective over her, but is taking the loss of her adoptive father rather hard. 6 years old.

Suggested face: Elise Fisher


Daughter of Trianah. Willow is a little prankster who has got some issues concentrating. Friendly and outgoing. Hufflepuff. 11 years old.

Suggested face: Willow Shields


Son of Henric. Nilford is an alchemist with a great interest for science and astronomy. Thirsting for knowledge and purpose. Pretty occupied with his work. His wife has not been spoken of in the family since she went mad and got admited to the "nut-house", leaving Nilford to care for the kids on his own. In his early thirties.

Suggested face: Jude Law


Nilford’s daughter. Billie is a tomboy who won’t let anyone tell her what she can or can’t do. She will not accept anyone talking bad about her mother. Gryffindor. 15 years old.

Suggested face: Liana Liberato


Nilford’s son. Fenris is rather quiet. Kind of locked himself up inside when his mother went to the mental hospital. House up to you. 14 years old.

Suggested face: Trent Ford


Nilford’s daughter. Looking up to her older sister, but is still way more of a girly-girl. Hufflepuff. 11 years old.

Suggested face: Isabelle Fuhrman

Title: Re: The Crowleys • Immortales Sumus
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Dear amazing people!

I've spent hours failing coding this all over to make it look.. Well.. Like it looks now, haha! And I hope you think the update looks okay!

Can I get some love for the Crowleys? Please? Anyone? ♥
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[slides in]


geryon honestly i refuse to have someone like you as family head in the future i'd be a thousand times better just saying
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oh yeah? well i don't want that stupid seat anyway so go for it our father's faces would be priceless to watch
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hi hello im just happy to be here <3