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Title: 1930s Slang
Post by: The Narrator on 10/03/2013 at 19:16

 Abercrombie  A know-it-all
 Babe, broad, dame, doll, frail, twist, muffin,kitten  Woman
 Brunos, goons, hatchetmen, torpedoes, trigger men  Hired gunmen and other tough guys
 Butterand egg fly, hot mama, sweet mama, sweet patootie, dish, looker, tomato  An attractive woman
 Butterand egg man  Themoney man, the man with the bankroll
 Canary  Afemale vocalist
 Cats or alligators  Fans of swing music
 Copper    Policeman
 Crumb  A fink, a loser by social standards
 Dead hoofer or cement mixer  Bad dancer
 Dollface Name for a woman when a man is pleading his case or apologizing
 Egg  A crude person
 Fem, filly, flame, flirt, fuss  Constant girl companion to a boy
 Genius  An extremely, unbelievably dumb person
 G-man Federal agent, term coined by Machine Gun Kelly
 Golddigger Attractive young woman actively hunting for a rich man
 Greaseball, half portion, wet smack, wet sock, jelly bean  Unpopular person
 Grifter  A con man or woman
 Gumshoe, flatfoot, shamus  Detective
 Gunsel  Gunman with a hint toward being a reckless loose cannon
 House peeper  House detective
 Joe  A average guy
 Moll  A gangster's girlfriend
 Pally  Friend, chum, sometimes used sarcastically
 Patsy  Innocent man framed for a criminal charge
 Pill  Disagreeable person
 Pip  Attractive person
 Scatsinger  Avocalist who improvises lyrics, substituting nonsense syllables for words
 Scrub  Poor student
 Skin tickler  A drummer
 Stool pigeon, snitch Someone who informs to the police
 Tin ear,Ickie  Someone who did not like popular music
 Twit Fool or Idiot
 Wheat  Person unused to city ways


 Apple  Any big town or city
 Big house, hoosegow  Prison
 Cave  One's house or apartment
 Clam-bake Wild swing
 Clip joint  Night club or gambling joint where patrons get flimflammed
 Egg harbor  Free dance
 Gin mill  Place that serves liquor, sometimes illegally
 Hop, rag, jolly up, romp, wingding  Dance or party
 Speakeasy  Bar disguised as something else or hidden behind an unmarked door


 All the way  Chocolate cake or fudge with ice cream
 Ameche, horn, blower Telephone
 Baby  Glass of milk
 Bean shooter, gat, rod, roscoe, heater,convincer  Gun
 Blinkers, lamps, pies, shutters, peepers  Eyes
 Booze, hooch, giggle juice, mule  Whiskey
 Brodie  A mistake
 Buzzer  Police badge
 Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green Money
 Check or checker  A dollar
 Chicago overcoat  Coffin
 Chicago typewriter, chopper, gat  "Tommy Gun", Thompson Submachine Gun
 City juice, dog soup Glass of water
 Dil-ya-ble A phone call
 Dog house  String bass
 Drumsticks, pins, pillars, stems, uprights, get away sticks, gams Legs
 Dukes, paws, grabbers, meat hooks  Hands
 Five spot, a Lincoln $5 bill
 Gobble-pipe Saxophone
 Hocks, plates  Feet
 Honey cooler  A kiss
 Low down All the information
 Meat wagon  Ambulance
 Micky, Micky Finn  Spiked drink
 Platter  A record
 Rot gut, bathtub gin Prohibition alcohol usually made in back rooms and of low quality
 Sawbuck  $10 bill
 Slugburger  Adding day-old bread to ground beef.
 Snipe  Cigarette
 Sourdough Counterfeit money
 Suds, salad, dough, moolah, rhino, bacon (as in bring home thebacon), bread Money
 The high hat  A response in which one excludes another with irreverence and intent to offend
 The kiss off  The final goodbye as in exile or death
 Tin  Small change
 Tin can, flivver  A car
 Trip for biscuits  A task that yields nothing

 Bleed  toextort or blackmail
 Blow your wig  Become very excited
 Bumping gums, booshwash  Talk about nothing useful
 Chisel  Swindle, cheat, work an angle
 Crust  To insult
 Curve  Disappointment
 Dig  Think hard or understand
 Gumming the works  To cause something to run less smoothly
 K balling  Salvaging parts from junked rail cars to rebuild others
 Kibosh  Squelch
 Make tracks, dangle  Leave in a hurry, leave abruptly
 Mitt me kid!  Congratulate me
 Packing heat, wearing iron  Carrying a gun
 Shake a leg  Hurry up
 Slip me five  Shake my hand
 Take a powder, blow, split, scram, drift Leave
 Taking the rap, taking the fall  Taking responsibility for someone else's crime or crimes

 Bulge  Having the advantage
 Dizzy with a dame  Very much in love with a woman, sometimes at great risk to themselves, especially if she's someone else's moll
 Doss  Sleep
 Drilling,plugging, throwing lead, filling someone with daylight, giving someone lead poisoning  Shooting a gun (at someone)
 Evil  In a bad mood
 Joed  Tired
 Ring-a-ding-ding A good time at a party

 Cute as a bug's ear  Very cute
 Dingy  Silly
 Doggy  Well dressed but in a self conscious way
 Hard boiled  Tough
 Juicy  Enjoyable
 Keen  Very Good
 Kippy  Neat
 Murder!  Wow!
 Nuts!  Telling someone they are full of nonsense
 Off the cob  Corny
 Plenty rugged  Big and strong
 Smooth  Well dressed without qualification
 Squat Nothing
 Togged to the bricks Dressed up
 Whacky  Crazy

 Abyssinia I'll be seeing you
 Aces, snazzy, hot, nobby, smooth, sweet, swell, keen, cool  Very good
 All wet  No good
 Beat  Broke
 Behind the grind  Behind in one's studies
 What's your story, morning glory?  What do you mean by that?
 Yo!  Yes
 You and me both  I agree
 "You shred it, wheat"  You said it