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Title: Dechavez and Gerard Adoptables [Open Pureblood Families]
Post by: Yvonne Dechavez on 17/09/2012 at 08:52

A Brief History
After centuries of marrying each other's cousins to 'keep the family fortune within the family,' the Dechavez's are now a diminishing bloodline, even after (finally) in the 1800s, when a few of them moved from France to Europe to America to expand the bloodline - the family name is slowly disappearing.

A very passionate and tradionalist French/English purist family, the Dechavez's always follow their hearts and are used to getting everything they want. Almost all of them are well-known homophobes, who tend to, ahem, not like the presence of those of a different sexual orientation from the norm.


Location: France

(1:Taken) Yani Dechavez
~ FC: lucas till ~
* 18, French/English/Mexican, "Golden Boy"
* Dechavez twin #1: older fraternal twin of Yvonne, child of Erik & Colette
* close with his twin but gets into frequent fights and cold wars with her
* talented dance partner of his twin's, but more of a theater actor who loveloveloves alchemy
* goody-two-shoes, "always" right, empathic to those he cares about, taciturn, homophobe #2
* developed a sort of second personality named jason, who's more alike his twin than he is

(2) Erik Dechavez
~ FC: x ~
* 38, orphan, "Not Heir or Head"
* father of the Dechavez twins, younger brother of Raoul
* Ministry worker, plans to be the next Minister for Magic
* control freak, he is right and you are wrong, bitter, homophobe #1

(3) Colette Dechavez (née Gerard)
~ FC: x ~
* 37, French/English/Mexican, "Peacemaker"
* mother of the Dechavez twins, wife of Erik
* hobbyist writer, freelance actress
* agreeable to her husband (except on his homophobic tendencies), gets deep and philosophical sometimes, acts like a teenage girl with her children sometimes, proper lady other times

Location: Mexico

(4) Raoul Dechavez
~ FC: Christian Meier ~
* 41, orphan, "Dechavez Head"
* older brother of Erik, father of the Dechavez siblings
* businessman
* proud, stubborn, ex-widower loves rubbing his title in his younger brother's face, homophobe #5

(5) Mirabel Dechavez (née Delfuego)
~ FC: Génesis Rodríguez ~
* 29, orphan, last of a dying bloodline, "Golddigger"
* second wife of Raoul, stepmother of the Dechavez siblings
* trophy wife, flirt
* greedy, vain, dreamer yearning for a fairytale life, mutual hate between her and her *shudder* stepchildren

(6) Luis-Fernando Dechavez
~ FC: Enrique Iglesias ~
* 23, Halfblood (shh, it's a secret), "Heir, Haha"
* child of Raoul, stepchild of Mirabel, dechavez sibling #1: older brother of Leticia
* role model, passionate (salsa) dancer
* cocky, show-off, playboy, starting to become *gasp!* responsible, homophobe #4, hated by pretty much everyone except his father, sister, and cousins

(7) Leticia Dechavez
~ FC: Dania Ramirez ~
* 21, Halfblood (shh, she doesn't know), "Heiress, Haha"
* child of Raoul, stepchild of Mirabel, dechavez sibling #2: younger sister of Luis-Fernando, unofficial mentor of Yvonne
* flirt, passionate (salsa, mostly) dancer
* shameless, uninterested in "serious stuff" (i.e., politics, business), neutral party, focuses on her own pleasures/benefits, homophobe #3


A Brief History
Once famous (especially during the Renaissance era) as a (Muggle, shh) family of performers, the Gerards got introduced to the world of magic when one curious Dechavez who'd migrated to Mexico took a fancy to one of the family actors and lo! the very first Halfblood Gerard was born. They keep the long-long-time-ago Muggle ancestry a Family Deep Dark Secret.

Location: France

(8) Arion Gerard
~ FC: Sean O'Pry ~
* 21, French/Mexican/English, purist, "The Mute Painter"
* gerard cousin #1: eldest cousin of the Dechavez twins & siblings, eldest brother of Arséne & André
* landscape (mostly) artist, bachelor hermit
* loner but not shy, a childhood accident cost him his voice but he doesn't mind, wallflower, fond of Yvonne even though she tires him, has little to no interest in romance, pretty much married to his art

(9) Arséne Gerard
~ FC: x ~
* 20, French/Mexican/English, purist, "The Brown-Noser"
* gerard cousin #2: second-eldest cousin of the Dechavez twins & siblings, middle brother between Arion & André
* actor, aspiring politician/BBton professor
* very vain (watch the hair!), a little self-conscious, OCD, quite irritable, acts like a goody-two-shoes brown-nosing rule-follower most the time, let me gain your trust before I stomp you down into the dirt

(10) André Gerard
~ FC: Vincent LaCrocq ~
* 18, French/Mexican/English, hippie, "The Captor"
* gerard cousin #3: third-eldest cousin of the Dechavez twins & siblings, youngest brother of Arion & Arséne
* freelance photographer
* wallflower, looks up to his eldest brother Arion, uses his photos to send a message because he's too scared to go to the actual battefield, still pretty shy around girls


if you want to adopt or make your own or connect families, and we'll work something out!
Title: Re: Dechavez and Gerard Adoptables [Open Pureblood Families]
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Yani has been taken. :)