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Archived Applications / Re: Lucas Vanhelm
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Hello Mae,

The murder is generally one time thing of wrong time and wrong place. Basically it is part of his past for how and why he turns to finding dark arts interesting. He understood the potential of dark arts and so on found it as way of gaining power. It's sort of a traumatic event to make it possible for a boy from a good family turn out not so good.

Hope you understand what I meant by that.


Archived Applications / Lucas Vanhelm
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Application for Beauxbatons Academy

Name: Lucas Vanhelm

Birthday: 7th November 1957

Hometown: South of France, Family Seat

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): 6th [preferred] or 7th

Lucas has always been an extrovert. Since a young age the boy seemed to like to express self loudly and socialize with people that he came in contact with. Also with his siblings, he always seemed to get along with them quite well. Maybe he was not as polite and compassionate as his older sister – Fay – but he was always quite a nice and good kid. Much like his older sister, he also studied in muggle school until turning 11 and leaving to Beauxbatons.

But right before starting his studies at Beauxbatons, the boy was met with how cold and hard the reality could be.

One sunny day, while playing with his cousin, that was also his best friend, the two boys had ran off and into some woods nearby in search for the lake. Lucas fell behind his cousin who was much faster than him. And maybe it was for the best that he had done so. As soon as he came out in the clearing by the lake he was met by a horrifying scene. A dark man had pinned Lucas’ cousin to the ground, wand pointed at the boy’s face. In a green flash the dark man murdered the boy and left.

This happening changed Lucas a lot. The boy never cried since then, often locked up self in his room, laughed at other people pain, but still played a charming young man in public. It often brought worries for his parents, but they couldn’t manage to crack what was behind the act. Neither could his siblings. But somehow it never seemed to affect the family relationship too much.

Since the start of Beauxbatons studies Lucas has taken interest in a lot of dark arts. But he has always been rather good student in performances, especially music which is his passion whilst not looking into dark magic.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

Ecole Request: Performance



Please reply to the Sample Roleplay below.

Socializing with other people was never a problem for Lucas, he knew how to use own charm to achieve what he wanted to. But sometimes he just couldn’t stand them too much, those crowds. Well, not like one could really escape them in school, so he simply went along, a small smile plastered on his features as he was dragged over to a company that was discussing a new song made by one of the people on the other side of the table.

Really, usually he was interested in these conversations, but his mind was set on a book, hidden under his pillow. It had a collection of some of the most interesting dark wizards from all times and he had found it to be a good thing to read when not busy with schoolwork. He wished he could just stand up and leave, but they didn’t allow him.

Fortunately this happened.

Suddenly the boy felt something hitting the back of his shirt along with someone tripping and falling. Of course it came as a bit of surprise, making him jump a bit ‘’oi! Watch it!’’ he started, but soon he realized what opportunity this happening had given him. So instead of cussing at the female, he got up from his place and offered the girl a hand to get up ‘’I think this isn’t the right place for a klutz’’ he spoke sweetly, but that sweetness was full with poison. With a crooked smile taking over his features, he brushes some hair out of his face ‘’but a klutz just saved me trouble of getting away’’ he muttered so only she would hear.

Excusing self from the company, the dark-haired male picked up his bag and left without so much as another word spared towards the girl.

Previous Characters (if applicable): Angelique Reinhardt, Seamus Reinhardt, Riley Ethans

How did you find us?: Trough an existing member

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