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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Seamus Reinhardt


Hometown:Undisclosed Location, English Countryside


Magical Strength (pick one):Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one):Divination

Year (pick two):4th year – 5th year

As one of the younger brothers of family head Grey, Seamus was always in his shadow, but never has it stopped him from also gaining a lot of attention. In family he has a reputation of a troublemaker, unlike his siblings, who are calm and obedient. But he gained that popularity for a reason. Since he could crawl, he always managed to get in trouble by breaking stuff and getting in situations that never ended well. He was never too close to his siblings, especially Grey, but he always showed interesting in everyone else, be it family members like cousins or not. That later developed in some quite unpleasing characteristics in the young boy as soon as he hit his teens.

Finally he had turned eleven and had to begin studying, but unlike his parents hoped, him starting school didn’t help with his disastrous personality, instead just adding to the headaches.

In the first year he was expelled from Dumrstrang at the end of the year for misusing magic on purpose along with biting people for the fun of it. It was only the beginning of troubles. He was sent off to a small Scandinavia school - Gokstad Academy, but he was expelled from it by the second week of his supposed studying there; supposed, because he did not attend one lessons since the start of the school year. There was not much choice, so he was home-schooled for the rest of the year.

As the third year came around, Grey and Seamus’ parents forced the boy into Beauxbatons while putting tracking spells on him and making sure he finally started studying. For once, he ended up studying a full year without much trouble, but as he finished, he requested a transfer to Hogwarts, which he was granted by his brother under certain rules. Little do outsiders know it was because of Seamus developing a legitimate fear of French.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff and Slytherin both provide opportunities for character development, but so does every tower. However I will await the sorting to find out which house he gets.

Personality: Flirt and a troublemaker, Seamus spends most of his time hitting on anyone he finds the slightest bit attractive, not really caring what kind of reputation it gives him. His main goals with such actions are to live his life to the fullest while he can and to annoy Grey, who he generally dislikes. Can come off as polite when he feels like it too.


Bloody hell; it seemed like from all the schools he had been to, Hogwarts was like a labyrinth of death; he couldn’t find his way around most of the time still. And to add to the awesome feeling of being lost – there was nobody around to help him out.

He strolled down the hall, hands deep in pockets, disgruntled expression plastered on his usually grinning face; where at the Merlin’s beard was he?! His stomach growled, making him more annoyed by the second; he didn’t feel like missing out on dinner, even if he was sure it was close to ending at this time.

Turning a corner, he finally heard footsteps and someone calling out to him. Stopping in his tracks to turn towards the female that was basically chasing him, he offered her a wide smile ‘’How may I help yo---‘’ he didn’t even manage to finish his sentence when his face paled slightly at the mention of frog legs. If he wanted to eat before, now he had lost his appetite as his memories from Beauxbaton returned and the smell of frog legs. Sure, he loved all kinds of meat, but those legs had left bad memories for him.

One hand brought over his mouth when his stomach churned, he excused self from the girl, turning towards the nearest trash bin to empty his already empty stomach even more in it.


Previous Characters (if applicable): Angelique Reinhardt

How did you find us?: Trough an existing member

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