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« on: 18/12/2019 at 18:51 »
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Esther Harlow

Birthday: February 4, 1945

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): Third or Fourth, I'm not picky

Esther would do anything to no longer struggle. Father came back from the war, a thing many men could not say the same. But he came back different.

Thomas Harlow was a creative. Could fix anything that was broken and had a knack for invention. He was conscripted to fix the tanks and armored vehicles that rolled over the very streets they once called home. In that time, he got hurt. An accident of some kind resulted in the loss of the use of his hand. He couldn’t work after that, at least not how he once did. That kind of loss left him a shell of a man he once was. Mother tried to step up and find work but the jobs that paid well were quickly filled by the other servicemen that returned.

The family had to downsize. Clothing had to be sewed back together and reused. There were many nights that 2 meals had to get them through the day. It was around that time that Esther took to the streets to make what she could. Small jobs in shops, and at times she tried her hand at pickpocketing or other little scams to get coin. Esther looked older than she was but that did not make up for her naivety about life. Why did it seem so much easier for everyone else? The other girls her age were not up before dawn to help provide for their family.

If the financial and social struggle was not enough, what made matters worse were the strange things that would happen if Esther got particularly angry or sad. Papers would scatter like a gust of wind blew through despite the windows and doors being firmly shut, or that one time a man sitting in a chair outside a shop met the ground when the leg snapped suddenly after Ester saw him rudely calling out to young ladies on the street. Esther read books about ghosts and just kind of assumed she must be haunted. The day the strange people showed up to their house and explained that she had magic was undoubtedly life altering news, and it at the very least gave her comfort that she was not mental. Not in that regard at the very least. Her parents were reluctant but at the end of the visit there wasn't much to argue with. It ultimately would be one less mouth to feed for most of the year. To Esther this revelation was exactly what she needed. If there was one thing she was certain of so young, it was that she wanted her life to be the opposite of what she had.

She dreamed of riches, new clothes, and comfort. A life absent of worry. If this Hogwarts School could get her anything it was a fresh start, right?

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin? I think that would be fun

One thing Esther really doesn’t like is being the center of attention. That is not to say she is shy though. Just would rather sit back and watch situations unfold, or push things along in more subtle ways. Esther learned from an early age that she doesn’t present like a dainty girl and rather than try to put herself in that box she has learned to use her aura to get others to back off. Being standoffish doesn’t really lend itself to making friends so her social cues in delicate situations are lacking.   

She also inherited her father's itch to create. However her motivations to do so are primarily in an effort to get somewhere or something rather than to innovate. Esther has also had a hard time adapting to the politics of the wizarding world. Being a muggleborn meant that her experience with magic prior to Hogwarts was nearly nonexistent, and the learning curve to accept and understand everything was steep. Not to mention the bigotry toward muggles and muggleborn alike. Esther has taken the strange looks and quips about her status and built a shield for herself to appear unperturbed by the comments. The easiest way to get them to shut up was to beat them.

The first thing people will notice is Esther’s height. She is unusually tall for a 13-year-old girl, already standing at 5’6”. Rather than hunch to appear smaller, Esther has no qualms pushing her shoulders back to stand above her class. Not because she likes the looks, rather she has noticed that doing so keeps quite a few people away from her. Despite coming from such small means Esther would not be considered lanky. Rather she has a more athletic-looking body, but sports aren't really a priority.

In her first two years at Hogwarts, Esther had long brown hair that went down to her waist. This year coming back, Esther’s hair is cut right at her collarbones and is dyed black (doesn't she look more tough this way?). Brown eyes and simple robes that are just a little too small for her frame. 

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Option I:

It was really inconvenient how slow potions brewed.

Hidden in a corner of the dungeon, huddled around a cauldron on the floor was Esther. Dark hair frizzled and fingers powdered in dark green. Her robes were thrown to the side so that all that remained was the white collared shirt and tie. The dungeon was known to be cold but there was something about dodging prefects to secretly brew a confusion draught that really raised the heat of the room around her.

She had heard from a sixth year that this week the potions professor always did the confusion draught and Esther was not going to let herself be the laughing stock the second week in a row. She could feel her cheeks heat up at the memory of her robes on fire after she dropped the wrong ingredient into the pot. The laughter all around her as she dropped to the floor to extinguish the flame just as the professor flicked her wand to do the same. Such a muggleborn move, she thought bitterly to herself.
On the bright side if this batch was successful she could think of a particularly annoying boy that could use a little extra flavor in his morning juice. Would be hard for him to laugh at her when he can barely remember his own name.


Esther's eyes shot up from the green vat before her toward the sound of the small voice. It came from just around the corner of her hideout. Thankfully it sounded too unsure to be a prefect or a professor on patrol. Ester stood up quickly and began her walk toward the voice, the sound of her shoes reverberated to fill the hall. 

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The ghost? Why would anyone be looking for her? Emma Birch was awfully dreary, even by ghost standards.

"I'm afraid not," she spoke lowly, still fearful of the patrols that would surly be down these corridors at some point. The girl in front of her was small, and from the red tie around her neck was clearly not acquainted with this area. "You're looking in the wrong place. She's usually floating 3 corridors down that way," Esther lifted her hand and pointed back to a hallway that split in two different directions. Honestly, she had no idea where that ghost was and really could care less. She needed to get this firstie out of her way so that she could finish what she started.

"Be careful. There have been many first years that have tried to find her and were never seen again. But you look strong, I'm sure Emma Birch wouldn't be able to scare the likes of you away." She took a step closer until her shadow eclipsed the small girl in front of her. "You should hurry though. I hear ghosts get stronger at midnight." 


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