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Calliope Bennett


Calliope Bennett:
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Calliope Inez Bennett

Birthday: May 6th 1950

Hometown: Oxted, England


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):

3rd Year (First choice)
4th Year (Second Choice)


The wind picked up a little as she stepped confidently into the open from the small cafe they had eaten in. She was determined to get this over and done with as soon as possible. Her hair (which she had merely brushed) whipped around her face. She raised a hand to tuck it decidedly behind her ear as she forged forward, striding into the bustling street.

“Callie hang on a minute! Slow down, theres no need to rush!” came the light and musical call from her “mother”. She was a kind woman. Soft and round with kind muddy brown eyes and mountains of curly brown hair. She wasn’t particularly fashionable, nor was she dishevelled. She looked smart enough in a skirt and blouse with a lavender cardigain over the top of it. She looked nothing like the women walking by her. No robes. No hat. No wand. Mrs Bennett was a muggle. One of the sweet ones to be sure, but a muggle no less. She was Callie’s longterm Foster Mother.

 Callie was fond of Mrs Bennett (Julia) and did consider her a mother, of sorts, but there would always be The gap that came from a magical child growing up in a muggle household. The question of bloodline had come up on her first day at Hogwarts back in first year.

“So what are you? You a muggleborn? Pureblood?” a particularly impertenent classmate had asked. Calliope had shrugged and ignored the continued line of questioning, until finally she had shouted

“I DON’T RUDDY KNOW ALRIGHT” and it had rarely been brought up again. Except perhaps with her friends. She wondered quite often what her parents had been. Whether she was halfblood? Pureblood and unwanted? Muggleborn? She had no way of knowing. She had been abandoned as a baby and had bounced from foster home to foster home. Nothing too terrible. All varying degrees of “Nice enough” people looking after her, but of course none of them went that extra mile to keep her. Not until the Bennetts. She had been nearly 8 years old when she arrived with them. Long wavey strawberry blonde hair covering her face and a small blue suitcase clutched in her fist.

Julia and Geoffrey had taken her in, given her a nice room. Decent clothes, good food (Julia was a marvelous cook) and a happy home. Julia was a homemaker and Geoff ran a small hardware and brickabrack store in the small Village of Oxted in Surrey, England. It was a quaint little place, full of the standard of middle class people, all just getting on with things. Callie enjoyed it somewhat, but she had always felt a little out of place.

She supposed that was because she was a foster kid, but then the letter came, and all that kerfuffle etc etc. She had been pleased to go to Hogwarts, and had learned a lot, and now, yet again, it was time for school supplies.

Callie turned back to Julia rolling her eyes a little, but unable to keep the small smile from playing about her lips.

“Oh come on then!” she chided teasingly, holding out her hand for Julia to come and take it. She might want the shopping trip over with, but she also knew that Julia loved coming to Diagon Alley to help Callie shop for school. She was fascinated by this world and as much as Callie hated the stares of those who were perhaps a little prejudiced, she loved Julia enough to want to make her happy.

“The book shop first” she grinned up at the head of curls “I’ve saved some of my money, I want to buy at least three books!!” she trilled and Julia looked down with a big grin.

“Typical” her grin widened. “You and your books”

The pair walked hand in hand to Callies favourite book shop, neither one worried about anything else.



House Request: Ravenclaw


Callie is a curious and willful young woman. She has a quick temper but rarely shows it. She isn’t particularly shy, but she does not make a nuscience of herself often. She prefers to watch and offer up conversation when it is appropriate (or sorely needed). She is very fond of lemonade, and her favourite food is corned beef hash, (made by her foster mother Julia). She loves to read, hates to “run” too much. Life isnt a race, it is a steady stroll. She loves quidditch but so far hasn’t had the courage to try out for the team. She is terribly scared of spiders and deep water. The great lake both fascinates her and terrifies her equally.


Callie is of average height. Lean and slim, but not “skinny”. If you asked her she would tell you she has a huge forehead which she tries to cover with her strawberry blonde hair (more leaning to the ginger side) as much as she can. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and blue eyes.


Option I:

The dungeons. A place eleven-year-old Evangeline had not yet travelled since her arrival at Hogwarts.

A place she really was just fine with not knowing; but it was too late. The dare had been accepted, even if it had been done in fear of being kicked out of Gryffindor, like the older girls had said she would because Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.

The air changed instantly when she hit the main corridor of the dungeons. The dampness was almost too much for her and she instinctively took a deep breath to avoid the sensation of being suffocated. There was also a sour burning smell which Evangeline assumed was from many, many Potions lessons.

Further and further she walked, her steps so slow and gentle they made no noise against the stone walls and floor. The feeling that she wasn't alone crept up her spine and raised the tiny hair on the back of her neck. Shivering, Evangeline wrapped her arms around herself. Suddenly, she missed the warmth and comfort of the Gryffindor common room. The fire was always going and it made her feel at ease.

Why had she let those girls talk her into this? She was only eleven, she didn't have to be brave. Surely the Headmistress would not kick her out of Hogwarts for not being brave.

If only she had these thoughts while being dared to search for the ghost of one Emma Birch, whom supposedly haunted the dungeons. It was not, Evangeline had learned, the place where the sixteen-year-old girl's life had ended but as she had been from the house with a snake as its mascot, it was the place her spirit had returned to. That common room was down here somewhere, she'd been told.

Something - the small blonde girl wasn't quite sure what - but something made her stop in her tracks suddenly. There was a low, dull thumping noise. Or maybe that was her heart beating so loudly she thought it was coming from outside her body.

"H-h-hello?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Remembering that she was supposed to be brave, Evangeline tried again.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The sound of her own words bouncing back at her off the walls made her jump.

It was a rare day in which the common room was too noisy for her to be comfortable in, but today was one of those days. Callie had wandered the halls a little aimlessly. It was summer, and it was hot. Outside, with her skin, her hair, was not a pleasant option. She had opted instead for a small coner of the dungeons corridors in which resided an old armchair.

The halls of Hogwarts were decorated with many things. Mostly portraits, and suits of armour etc. This particular spot had the portrait of an very old chap, sitting in an armchair (perhaps the very one sitting below his portrait) and snoozing. She had never seen him awake. He slept 20 hours a day (she assumed, she had no way of knowing but she had decided that’s what he did, and there was no evidence to contradict her).

And so, in the cool, slightly damp air of the dungeon corridor, with the gentle wheezing sound of the portrait above her, Callie opened her book, slipping the bookmark into the back and drew her knees up, resting the spine on them and settled down to read.

How long she had been there, she had no idea. She got lost in the pages often, but there had been no indication she had been there too long.

A distant noise brought her from the depths of the fantasy adventure she was fully absorbing. What had it been, she was about to settle right back down when suddenly

“"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

Callie opened her mouth and screamed. Not for long, and not one of those blood curdling ones the first years seemed to like to “practice” for some odd reason, but a little one.

“NO!” she hollered in surprise. She clutched the book to her chest, heart pounding from the shock, breath coming in short gasps. She looked around for the source of the intrusion, taking calming breaths, and leaning back.

“Wai...who? Birch?” she asked bemused, still trying to find the culprit. She’d heard that name of course but why on earth was someone shouting about Emma birch in a seemingly empty dungeon corridor?!


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous):

So so many, spanning literal years. Iv not been around for a while. Last one was Theo Ptolemy, Started with Penelope Wynovain, Clay Spebbington, Tyler Bradley, Oz, erm…..Tristan Blackwood, Rupert Myridor, Lutensia, Lucia Tate, and a bunch more I cant remember!

How did you find us?:

A fairy whispered to me in my sleep. (A million years ago on google)

Pythagorea Proud:
Dear Miss Bennett,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 September 2021. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,

Deputy Headmistress


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