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Name: Namyne Sylar Swift AKA Namy

Former Character's Name (if you had one):

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Conjuring & Summoning

Namyne has been living with her mum, a muggle, for as long as she can remember. Her father was killed in a drunken duel that went awry when an unforgivable curse was used. She does not remember her father, but her mum is loving, so she does not feel that she needs a father. They live in a two bedroom, semi detached bungalow with a nonexistent back garden and two cats, Whiskers and Felix.
 Before starting Hogwarts, she had no friends as everyone thought of her as a freak. She had an uncanny ability to predict the future and she also often found herself doing magic without meaning to. She attended ten different schools in the years before Hogwarts, usually getting kicked out for starting fights or hurting people. When a boy had been locked in the toilets and almost died in a mysterious fire no one could explain, her mum decided it was time to explain to her about her magical heritage. Her letter from Hogwarts came just as every other child’s did, on her eleventh birthday and her aunt, on her father’s side, came to take her to Diagon Alley. She bought a Barn owl from Eylopes Owl Emporium and named him Chase. Her wand was ebony, 15 and a quarter inches, dragon heart string.
She became good friends with another first year girl on the train to Hogwarts, Abigail, and a third year boy, Jasper. Her knack for divination became apparent quickly and she was put into a third year class. She excelled at school without even trying, all except for summoning which she failed miserably at. She is a good flier and plans to make the quiddich team as a seeker later on.     
She aspires to be a great psychic when she leaves Hogwarts.

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Namyne is a very free spirited girl who likes to get her own way. She is a tom boy and would never stoopt to wearing dresses. She starts fights often and wins them almost all the time. She is fiesty and firey and can be bad tempered, but she is also loving, loyal, sweet and caring to those she holds dear. She is sarcastic but prefers to keep herself to herself. She can be shy around new people, but only those who seem nice to her. A really mummy's girl, she would do anything for her mum.She likes rock music, she is a vegetarian who loves animals and she dreams of one day getting a prediction of hers inside the Department of Mysteries. She hates people who look down on others, and always sticks up for anyone being bullied. She detests the colour pink and all form of girly things like flowers and ribbons. She fears being alone and also has a crippling fear of heights. On a good day she will be smiling and happy, helping anyone out who needs it. On a bad day she will snap at everyone, lock herself in her room and refuse to come out or talk to anyone. She loves the rain but hates the snow and windy days.

Namyne's hair is blonde with electric blue tips, just over shoulder length and always in pigtails. Her eyes are odd, one is blue the other is green. She is 5 ft eight and is average weight. Her legs are longer than her torso. She always wears jeans or shorts, plain dark T shirts and is never seen without her knee high converses. Her skin is like porcelain, very white and never tans. She always wears an angel wing earring in her right ear.   

You come across one of these three posts on the site. Please reply to one only as your character would.
*** Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions, not James' or Astrid's.

Option I:

Blimey, the Great Hall was packed. It seemed like everywhere a guy looked there was some clown waving around a House banner or yelling about the game.

'Can you believe it?' 'No way!' 'This must be the biggest upset in Hogwarts Quidditch history...'

Stupid Quidditch.

James flopped into an empty seat at the end of the table, shoved an empty plate out of the way, and let his head sink onto his crossed arms, squishing his freckled nose down flat against the tabletop. He wasn't sure why he'd even bothered to come here, since he definitely wasn't hungry. He'd probably never eat again, in fact. He didn't deserve to eat. He hadn't stopped in the locker room to change out of his muddy, sweaty uniform after the game either, because he was pretty sure he probably didn't deserve to be clean too; and anyway he couldn't stand to see the looks on his team mates' faces after he blew their chance at winning one of the biggest games they had ever played.

Just one lousy shot. That's all it would have taken. If he could have just got that one stupid foul shot to go through that one stupid hoop, they could have won and he wouldn't have been the biggest blockhead in the entire school.

As if to prove the point, half the people at the next table suddenly broke into a loud victory chant. James pressed his face further into his arms to hide the bright red blotches he could feel creeping up his cheeks. That was it. He was just going to have to run away and move to Nova Scotia. He'd just cost the three-year-in-a-row Champions the Quidditch Cup! How do you ever live that one down for crying out loud? He was only a second year and he was going to spend the rest of his life as 'that dumb cry-baby kid who dropped the Quaffle!'

It felt like every set of eyes in the room was boring into him, and James couldn't stand it anymore. He jerked himself back up from the table and stomped right back out of the Hall the same way he had come in. As he stormed into the quieter hallway outside, he could hear footsteps somewhere behind him. James rounded on the sound and began to shout, his brown eyes shining with tears. "WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Namyne frowned at the boy, unsure of what to say. He looked on the verge of tears, and she could feel her sympathy gauge ticking over, even as her urge to punch him fought for presidence. She didn't like it when people yelled at her. But she could see that he was in distress, and looking at his muddy uniform, she thought she could guess why.
"You're the one who fumbled the quaffle, right?" She asked and when he refused to answer, she took it as a yes. She peered over her shoulder, back into he Great Hall where the winners were still singing as loud as their lungs would allow. She glared at them, then glanced back at the boy. "What's your name?" She asked, pulling him further away from the door. He answered that it was James and she smiled reassuringly at him. "You know, one bad game isn't the end of the world. I'm sure you'll do better next time" Again he didn't answer and she sighed, filled with pity for this boy she had only just met. "Put it this way. I was just in transfiguration, trying to summon a squirrel and instead I summoned a elephant. Bit of difference I think" When he seemed to perk up a bit, she put a hand on his arm and queezed gently, smiling in a calming way.
 It was then that one of groups from the winners table walked out and the one at the front of the group thanked James loudly, bringing about a huge bought of laughter from their flunkies. Namyne felt her blood boil and without a second thought, she marched over to them and punched the square on the nose. Blood spurted and they slumped to the floor unconscious. There was a cry of outrage and Namyne raised her fists, fire dancing in her eyes. She realised she had seen this very thing the night before, in her dreams, and she knew that she would win if they tried to fight her.
"Bring it on! I'll take the lot of you! No one laughs at my friend and gets away with it" She yelled and several people backed away. She watched them as, one by one, they turned to leave. "Yeah, that's right. Chickens" When they had all left, she turned back to James, a sweet smile back on her face. "I'm starving. Fancy grabbing something to eat?"

Optional: If you are new to our site, please let us know how you found us. A friend told me about the site.

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