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* Mimi Palmer

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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: pop n' palmers
Shop Type: radio station and vendor
Location: Hogsmeade
Subforum? I suppose I'll leave that up to you all! But I'd like one and have the points available to submit.

Short Description (50 words max): A combination of many things. It's a hub for all of muggle pop culture references. Its main is the radio station Rock N' Ravers, while also containing a small dance hall, a record store, a comic book and magazine kiosk, and a lounge that serves specialty milkshakes.

Long Description (200 words min): Mimi Palmer is burnt out.

Three solid years of touring has run her down. Against the wishes of her manager, the advice of her friends, and the desires of potential left unrealized, she's decided to return home with all the money she'd saved (and that of a lovely investor) and bring what she's experienced back home with her.

The idea for her shop first started as a radio station. The one thing she felt detached from during her years at Hogwarts was not being connected to current, popular music. She'd have to normally wait for the summers to dig through the past year's records. If there was a radio station in Hogsmeade, where the students could connect with their hammies to listen to the most recent tunes, then it would provide a service she'd spent years yearning for.

But that proved to be only the tip of the iceberg for what she wanted to provide the community she was raised in.

Having a small venue so that live music could be played, standing room only, would also be worthwhile. Especially if she could book popular acts in the magical world to perform during student weekends, if there was enough interest. For the residents of the village, it could serve for game nights, open mic nights, or to be rented out for private events.

She also wanted to make it easier to stay in touch with popular magazines and, under Neddy's advisement, trending comic books. It will house a kiosk and section of the wall for both, keeping current issues of the past year in circulation. Taking up more space are the bins for records, where most of her profits go towards, both to use for the radio station and for sale. In the same area is both a booth where you can listen to the Record of the Month through specially constructed headphones and a cozy lounge with two sofa chairs and a three-seater couch to read and/or relax.

The last feature would be a section where Mimi's innovative side could manifest itself. The girl loves milkshakes. And sure, muggle ones are just fine the way they are. But now that she could use magic, she knew that she could create milkshakes on an entirely different level. Insane combinations. Ones worth a solid sickle, hence the name Sickle Shakes. Good for sharing on a date or with friends.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? Well, for a few reasons I'd say! First, there could be an owl post-type format for submitting song requests and shout-outs for people turning in. It serves the same function as other shops for meet and greats, buying products not generally available anywhere else, or just hanging out. My hopes are to spark a vast interest in music-related threads, as this is a period where such appreciation for music is erupting all over the world. Closed threads listening to the record of the month. One-liners where people argue over who is better, The Beatles or the Stones. Things like that.

Also, here's a padlet and a current rotation of music playing from rock n' ravers.
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If you could post the Gringotts withdrawal for the Shopkeeper permit and then post the link to the withdrawal post below, I can go ahead and get you set up with a subforum!

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