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Jamie Duncan

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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: Punchline - 'Magical Goods for the Mischievous Mind’
Shop Type: A mercantile of goods (shop)
Location: Hogsmeade

Subforum? Yes - Gringots points

Short Description (50 words max): With a Neon moving sign, a narrow shop down a side alleyway is adorned with colourful displays in the small window spaces. Goods in circus like packaging sit never quietly. One of the smallest, yet well stocked Joke shops in Britain.

Long Description (200 words min): Punchline sits between two larger shops, cramped behind one latticed bay window, which like the rest of the shop is colourfully decorated with whistling lollipops and singing trinkets of all shapes and sizes. A hanging sign above the door, retrofitted with glowing muggle neon lights reads ‘PUNCHLINE: Magical Goods for the Mischievous Mind’.

The shop upon entering is warmer than outside. The shelves along every corner of the wall (only separated for advertising spaces filled with moving and unmoving posters alike advertising current specials or new products) are stocked with a wide arrange of goods categorised by use: Edibles, Explodables, Fake Gifts, Get-aways and Trinkets. Flying overhead are several enchanted figurines playing a new game of quidditch each day, the goals positioned just above a staircase one might not notice if not for the action.

A cramped counter at the end of the shop is stacked with several slowly spinning jars of one use edible pranks and candies. ‘Puking Pumpkin Pastries’, ‘Forget me Fudge’, ‘Muddled Marshmellows’ and more, each individually wrapped for consumption. Usually a dark haired man tends to the counter, tinkering, an apron that reads a joke without a punchline awaiting to be studied.

The second tier of the shop while offering a view of the rooftops of other shops has many more muggle goods, homemade products for magical care and muggle toys all enchanted for entertainment. These goods are not for pranking, genuine care has gone into each set of objects. A train set that builds the track for you, teddy bears that can hold small conversations back and a wide range of living dinosaur and dragon plastic goods. The final small amount of open space is left for a makeshift workshop – currently taped off with signage reading when the next ‘lessons’ are to take place.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?

PUNCHLINE Pranks and Goods is a unique store in the British community. Selling not just prank items but helpful goods for any other inventor, alchemist or showman. There are plenty of fun, creative ready to use items for children including fake wands, prank candies, exploding glitter bombs, talking toothbrushes and more with seasonal goods coming and going as the inventory swaps through invention periods.

I thought it would be interesting to have a shop that was very (on surface level) targeted to students and the child in us all.

These goods can be sued against other students, in class or for practical purposes if one looks to the allocated shelf of ‘homestead’ goods. Following on that, Punchline will also supply goods over summer at discounted prices and prove in-house workshops to learn how to make your own simple toys which I will create a termly thread for if there is interest.
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