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Archived Applications / Louis Fossoway | Student
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Louis Fossoway
Birthday: November 17th, 1935 (36 if 5th year)

Hometown: Perth, Scotland

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration
Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Year (pick two): 4th year (or 5th)

   Born to a Pureblood family, Louis has always been expected to associate with people of a higher caliber and as society often dictates, blood equates to social standing. Despite this, his family never prohibited him from interacting with lessers and merely encouraged it. While privileged, his lifestyle has been anything but uptight. His parents merely allowed him to do as he pleased, a notion that has lead to a wishy-washy personality that isn’t quite formed yet. As a child, he developed an irrational fear of most animals after being bitten by the family dog. While outside, he often gets paranoid and believes that animals will emerge and attack him at random. Despite this, he has formed a strong connection to the toad his father bought him for his last birthday, who he calls Humphrey. A fat little thing, Humphrey is a brown toad who doesn’t move a whole lot, but when he does, he is a swift little devil. Louis is a simple boy, although puberty has rendered him extremely vulnerable to girls and impulsively believes it to be love.

Being tutored up until this point, he is new to Hogwarts due to his mother’s fear of the Hexenreich presence throughout the country. A modest boy, Louis often keeps to himself, although doesn’t avoid others. He rather likes companionship, but doesn’t go out of his way to make friends. While generally nice, he tends to have a wicked mean streak when provoked and has a rather short temper. His magical abilities are anything but extraordinary, which is a common source of stress for the young man. While he doesn’t feel obliged to be exceptional, he hates feeling incompetent. There is nothing he loves more than friendly competition, although during any contest, he acts anything but friendly to opponents. He can be impatient and has a tendency to tap his fingers on tables and the like when anticipating something.

Louis hopes his education at Hogwarts will render him somewhat less useless and perhaps gain him some friends. In the meantime, he intends to enjoy himself, whatever the cost may be. Whether he is succeeding or failing, Loo is never one to give up, despite potential embarassment.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin, Ravenclaw
Personality: Humble, yet friendly, Louis enjoys being kind to others, but has a somewhat short temper and can prove to be very stubborn when he thinks he is right. (always) He

Appearance: Lanky young man. His skin is pale as cream and marred by a few freckles. He has a thin nose that is slightly rotund at the end and a kind smile. His eyes are brown and match his hair, which he finds to be a dull color.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
While the outdoors were always intolerable to the lad, even Louis needed fresh air sometimes. The open air outside the castle walls was refreshing, granting a sigh of relief to form on his lips. It was hard not to get stressed while sitting in the stuffy corridors, attempting to study but being thwarted at every corner by nosy paintings and the occasional passing girl. He couldn’t help it. Girls were his big weakness, among other things, and even the mere opportunity to ogle a beauty was too tempting to toss aside. Boys were filthy, savage, and brutish; but girls, they were strong but delicate, intelligent but kind. They were everything boys weren’t and Lou was finding himself growing increasingly attached to the idea of love.

Leaning against the stone wall, he took in a deep breath, before the sound of rustling plants alerted him to the presence of a boy. A young man, who appeared to be searching through the flower beds.

”You blasted rat! Where are you?”

He froze. A rat? He rather abhorred animals and their presence anywhere in proximity to himself, but right here. He finally had found some peace, only to be disturbed by some silly boy and his rodent. Another rustle and his eyes latched onto a flash of fur. His eyes widened, staring in the direction of the creature’s supposed movement.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

Slowly, he raised a shaking arm to point towards the rat. “There,” he stuttered, his insides churning at the idea of the thing getting any nearer, “get that blasted thing out of here. Please.”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):Seraphine Mousseau, Percival Hartwood, Otto Fowl, Isolde Morgenstern, Gunter Muehlhausen

How did you find us?:google

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