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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Marin

Birthday: May 23

Hometown: San Diego, CA (origin) London, England (current)

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 4, 3

Biography: Charlie doesn’t remember her father. The time slip took him from her when she was three. She doesn’t even have pictures of him, and good luck getting her mother to speak about him. Over the past eleven years, Charlie could count the number of times her mother had told her anything about him, and even when she had, Lisa wouldn’t make it five minutes without sobbing so hard she couldn’t have continued if she’d wanted to. Charlie had learned for everyone’s sake (especially now) it was best just not to mention him. She’d been able to glean only a scant few facts: He’d been tall and beautiful and a sailor in the U.S. Navy; his parents had been teachers; he was kind; his name had been Todd.

Charlie’s mother had been her only constant. Even when their home and friends and Todd all slipped away from them with the rest of the muggle world they’d known, Lisa had been there. The smell of her like sand and wildflowers would still make Charlie smile sadly to herself if it caught her off guard, hidden in some relic from home. It had always been her mother and she. And tulip the family cat. In fact, the time slip had been Lisa Marin’s first indication that both the cat and her daughter were of her world, and not her husband’s, the muggle world. Charlie cherishes that cat like a precious treasure, a last memory.

Even with the strange and tragic turn of history, Lisa did not return to her hometown, London. Charlie’s grandparents, Hal Chelsea and Viva Marin, were an upstanding wizarding couple. Hal had worked many years researching foreign magiks for the Ministry, while enjoying the plush lifestyle of marrying into Viva’s crystal ball empire. Marin’s Crystals, Ltd., owned several mines throughout Europe which supplied the crystals that crafted their “World’s Finest Divination Devices!” She and her eccentric, psychic sister, Dinah, had inherited the empire and allowed other people at Gringotts to manage the business while they stayed home to breed mastiffs and collect rare ‘prophetic’ parrots.

Charlie, instead, spent most of her childhood travelling the California coast with her mother. While Lisa had the promise of security and comfort in London, the political atmosphere surrounding Europe seemed daunting, and Lisa simply tired of her parents and longed for adventure. However, raising a child on her own was proving difficult. Charlie learned a great deal from her mother about both her muggle and magical heritage, but as she got older and her powers became more prominent, frequenting the muggle world became less of a reality. Lisa had made many friends in the Wizarding world of California, but the pressure of life on her own mounted each year.

When Charlie turned eleven and began her formal education, there seemed to be some relief. Lisa suddenly had a break from some of the responsibilities of parenthood, and Charlie had the attention and resources she needed to fuel her youthful curiosity. She excelled in school. Armed with her cedar wand, she had proven a whiz at transfiguration, and even managed a dab hand at charms. Her relationship with divination, her family’s legacy, had been an outright disaster, however.

Charlie had been attending wizarding school in America for three years when her mother broke the news to her: they were moving to London. Viva had forced all funding for Lisa and Charlie to a stop years ago, and Lisa’s independent resources had dried up. There was no choice but to go back. All the dramatics and appropriate teen angst ensued as Charlie felt her sunny, laid-back world suddenly crumble to reveal the soggy, depressing skyline now looming in her future.

Arriving in London over the summer, Charlie met her maternal grandparents for the first time. While she found her grandfather (a persistent drunk) rather alluring and amiable, her grandmother Viva was an instant rival who did not hide her disdain for muggles or her daughter’s life choices. For safety, both Lisa and Charlie adopted Viva’s surname, and mention of Todd was forbidden. Charlie’s paternal roots were simply deemed to be “unknown.” Charlie quite resented this, but grudgingly complied. Her only cheerful thought was the coming school year when she could escape the predatory gaze of her grandmother.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Ravenclaw

Personality: Charlie is calm and analytical. She enjoys reading and research, finding and solving puzzles, exploring, and being active outside. While she likes people, Charlie is quite introverted and can come off as standoffish. She would much rather observe people from the periphery of a room than be in the midst of the crowd. Sometimes this makes other people intimidated by her, and that isn’t helped by her tendency to be rather blunt when asked her opinion.

Charlie very much values knowledge and information. As such, she puts a lot of effort into the opinions she forms and the conclusions she comes to and very much wants to be right. When she’s made up her mind about something, she can be rather stubborn, and this is because she’s put such an effort into making up her mind. This desire is fueled by the fact that she often is right. Being rather intelligent, reflective, and resourceful, Charlie’s stubbornness often pays off for her, though she can seem rather superior when asserting her opinions.

Appearance: Charlie looks like a desert dusk, her colors all sand and metal and fire. Her light complexion has a russet undertone, like the lingering glow after the sun has gone. Her eyes are a light hazel that shine green in this light and yellow in that but always sparkle with flecks of gold. All her hair, from the electric, curly cloud that drifts about her head, to the brows that crest her inquisitive stare, is the color of dust and copper. And she’s tall, nearly a head above other girls her age. All long lines and hard angles her cheeks and nose slope downward to a square jaw and pointed chin. Her lanky legs and knobby knees, have earned her several nicknames, her favorite being Gnarly Charlie. Even though she’s been the victim of awkward growth spurts, Charlie is leanly muscled. She enjoys physical activity and being outside, and this thirst for activity has kept her deceptively fit. It does nothing to help with the leggy nicknames, though.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Option 1:

The damp wet of the dungeons did well to reflect Charlie’s mood as she stormed down the corridor. Another failure in potions! Before this term, Charlsheie had been rather comfortable with potions, but recently the subject had begun to toy with her self-esteem. This was her first academic experience where she’d not been able to rescue herself through forced study. Thinking about it, the frustration stopped her in her tracks, and she unwrinkled the soggy parchment from her clammy palm.

Embarrassed to look at the mark, Charlie rested her forehead on the cool rough walls and closed her eyes in defeat. Suddenly, with gritted teeth she pounded her fists against the stone. She had nearly let her mood slip to angry tears when she heard the voice.


Well, of course, she thought. Of course someone would be in this dark, lonely hall to witness her anguish.

“Hello? Is Emma Birch here?”

And quick as lighting a match, all of Charlie’s embarrassment transferred from herself to this poor young girl. Strangely, Charlie felt more angry than sorry for her, but she tried to mask this and remember what it felt like to be a first year, though she’d never fallen for these silly little tricks. She was simply irked by people who allowed themselves to be taken advantage of.

With brisk deftness, Charlie straightened her features to emit what she thought of as dignified authority, and rounded the corner. Instantly, the girl’s size confirmed her year, if her naivety had not already.

“Emma Birch, really? That’s the story they came up with to send you down here?” Charlie made sure to let the disdain drip from her voice. “You’ll be on a lot of wild goose chases if you keep letting the older girls get to you. The library is usually a good place to start verifying your sources, dear.”

Charlie knew she sounded smug, but maybe it would keep the girl from falling for it next time. She was also quite glad of the distraction of her own misfortune in class earlier.

“What house are you, then? Hopefully not a Ravenclaw with critical skills like those. Are you Hufflepuff on a wild goose chase, or Gryffindor trying to prove a point? Well? Spit it out and we can start working on the ‘proof’ you need to take back.”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):

How did you find us?: Google

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