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Archived Applications / Truman Litchfield | Healer
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Character Name: Truman Litchfield
Gender: Male
Age: 28 – born July 7th, 1911

- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ravenclaw ’28
- Studies on magical health and healing, ‘32
- Junior Healer Training at St. Mungo’s, ‘35
- Healer Training at St. Mungo’s, ‘38

Wizarding London

Applying to be: (select one)

Department of choice:
Emergencies & Triage

Why did you request that particular department?
Truman feels comfortable in the Emergencies and Triage department due to the rush and the critical sense of it. It’s a challenge and he always needs to be fully focused and committed – which is a challenge for him due to his “issues”, but also the best way to control it. It’s a place where Truman knows he can do a big difference, and even help save lives.

Requested Magic Levels:
  • Charms: 6
  • Divination: 14
  • Transfiguration: 7
  • Summoning: 7

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Carlo de Natale, Geryon Crowley, Adriel T. Winston, Yngvild A. Höst..

Truman’s life began as he was born two years after his brother Lincoln. The second son was, as most of the others in the Litchfield family, born with great gifts in the area of Divination. Surely he was no Seer like his younger brother Madison, but from an early age Truman would sense things leading to knowledge or happenings in the near future or past. The boy was surrounded by these kinds of things from the moment he took his first breath in this life. He was a Litchfield after all – carrying a name known for their high Divination skills and Seers through generations. It just seemed to be natural for them. Normal. But not for Truman.

To him it made no sense. It was horrible. Visions, feelings and emotions he couldn’t control. Didn’t ask for. Didn’t want. And when the third brother, Madison, was born as the first Litchfield Seer in generations, Truman watched as this “gift” almost swallowed his little brother whole. Family came first. Always. And Truman hated seeing people almost tearing his younger brother apart over his abilities. His prophesies. How could this be good? How could it be right?

Truman kept his own abilities a secret – only his family knew. It didn’t make sense to him, trying to have someone believe what he didn’t himself. When arriving at Hogwarts, the boy was sorted into Ravenclaw. It suited him well. A bright mind which loved to learn, a great will for concentration and composure. In school he exceeded. Did very well in all subjects – his favorites being Conjuring/Summoning and Potions. Anything logical. Anything he could read, learn and study. The only thing he didn’t enjoy being good at was Divination, where he didn’t really have to work. It just came natural. Too natural.. He had this great fascination for logic, science and facts. How everything could be explained. And what couldn’t, well.. That was what troubled him.

Spending a lot of time as an assistant in the Hospital wing at Hogwarts, Truman grew an interest for Healing. There he could do a lot of good, and understand what was needed. There was something about his calm and composed demeanor that worked well for him in this area. Helping people made sense. Felt good.

After graduation Truman went on to study Magical Health and Healing further, then getting a job as a Junior Healer at St. Mungo’s. In the beginning of his practice Truman had a lot of problems trying to block out the extreme empathy for his patients – when they were hurting, he was too. Their strong emotions would cloud his mind to a point where he couldn’t control it. It got so bad that it was almost impossible for him to work and concentrate on his tasks, and he was close to getting fired for it several times. Truman came to realize that this wasn’t something he could just ignore – and it was there, despite how much he wanted it not to be. He did a lot of self-studies on a psychological level, learning some techniques to cope with it in the everyday life and work. Even though it was still troubling him personally, he’d learned to hide it, cope and function despite of it.

 After a few years he finally got promoted to Healer, and had found his place at the large hospital – the Emergency and Triage department. It was where he felt like his logical abilities came to the best of use, and the challenges kept him growing every day. With the rush it was also easier to keep his mind of the uneasy feelings. The tingling sensations. The extreme feelings of empathy. Try and block them out. But sometimes they would break through anyway. Taking over his mind for a moment. And especially in his sleep. He was never safe from the dreams…

He felt comfortable at home, and when it was just him and his family. That was safe. But there was a whole other world out there, which the young man had to face each and every day. A world where his abilities became confusions. Where he was different.

As time went by Truman got more and more fixed on the idea of healing himself. Finding a cure to treat this “curse” that was troubling him. A way for him to gain full control of his own mind, soul and being.

"Coming through!"

The double doors burst open as the newly-minted Junior Healer shoved through, dodging the milling patients and staff and leaving behind a trail of parchment. The doors stayed open just long enough to allow a glimpse of the scene beyond - a riot of noise, colours and gesticulating arms - before closing again.

It was Archibald Forrester's first day on the job, and while his professors had warned him it could get hectic at St. Mungo's, he'd never imagined it'd be quite like this. Arms transfigured and somehow regrafted onto someone's head, an Auror coughing up rainbows after a dust-up with a gang of young hooligans in Knockturn, and oh - that patient up on the fourth floor that was running around telling people he was Merlin reborn. And that was just the cases that had come in in the last hour.

It had to be time for his shift to be over, right?

He gave up the lost bits of parchment as a lost cause and cast a frantic Tempus. One minute. Heaving a sigh of relief,  his eyes instantly began darting around to find a convenient on-duty person to hand his load over to. Shoes - bought at the nice medical suppliers and outfitters just down the street - squeaked on the floor as he weaved and skidded around corners, before finally stopping in front of the first figure he found.

"Here. Here are all the charts - the arms for the Transfig patient seem to be morphing into tentacles, and Healer Wilberforce says we need to operate now but needs a second opinion - the Auror's squad captain is outside demanding to know what's been keeping the treatment and uh - "

A few floors up, muffled thumping and howling could barely be heard, but Archie winced anyway.

"Right. Mr. Merlin's somehow gotten hold of a wand and now the entire psych wing believes in him too - for the love of all that's magical, take this, please!"

Roleplay Response:
It was another busy day at work – just the way Truman liked it. He worked well under pressure. Had this natural ability to keep his head chill. His mind calm. Focused. There was something soothing to all the noise. The sound of feet quickly moving around in haste. People talking. Crying. Laughing. A fine balance between life and death – but luckily it was most of the first kind.

The staff was good, and Truman was damn proud to be a part of it.

He’d been checking up on a patient, and now left the room and entered the busy hallway. Things were good so far. Suddenly a young man – a junior Healer – stood before him. Truman could immediately tell he was stressed out and seemed to have a lot on his mind. 

"Here. Here are all the charts - the arms for the Transfig patient seem to be morphing into tentacles, and Healer Wilberforce says we need to operate now but needs a second opinion - the Auror's squad captain is outside demanding to know what's been keeping the treatment and uh - "

With his usual calm demeanor, Truman stood tall by the junior, Archibald, paying close attention to all the information coming out of his mouth at once. He couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for the young man – it was quite a first day.

"Right. Mr. Merlin's somehow gotten hold of a wand and now the entire psych wing believes in him too - for the love of all that's magical, take this, please!"

Truman acquired the charts. “You’re Archibald, right?” His brown eyes glanced over the papers for a second, before looking back up at the man. Truman placed a hand on his shoulder. “Just take a deep breath, alright? We’re the ones who have to keep calm in all this, remember? You can do this.” His voice was composed and reassuring. Keeping eye contact, Truman offered a friendly smile before removing his arm.

“I’ll head over to Wilberforce, and you’ll have a word with Captain Impatient. Just let him know we’re doing what we can, and he’ll have his Auror back in no-time.” As another Healer came walking by, Truman gently grabbed a hold of his arm. “Willniux, you have a minute? Could you head over to the psych wing? I believe Mr. Merlin is causing some trouble. And watch out for that wand of his, will you?” 

As Healer Willniux* nodded and left for Mr. Merlin, Truman gave the junior a questioning look. “All good?”


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