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Chloé Lisse

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Il y a de ma vie

Living in Lyon for centuries, the Lisse family is a well-to-do (mostly) pureblooded family known for both their aptitude in potions and conjuration, as well as a certain proclivity for the dark arts. Recent events have left the family fractured and you can help find out if/how they mend. Although they tend to place themselves above others and family above everything, a Lisse will make for an interesting story, no matter where you take them!


Céleste Lisse
75 | Catherine Deneuve | Beauxbatons | Grand-mère

Céleste Lisse wonders if her life was worth it, now that her family has plunged itself into unfamiliar territory with her grandchildren making incredibly poor choices. This only adds to other poor family choices concerning the mixture of magical and muggle blood. And as much as she knows she should lead, Céleste is just awfully tired of the incompetence of youth.   

Renée Lisse
48 | Marion Cotillard | Beauxbatons | Matriarch

Renée Lisse is a survivor. Marrying into a household of considerable money and reputation, she had to adapt to fit in only to reach the height of middle age and see it all come crashing down. The loss of her son, Lucien, has forced her to reexamine her choices and to put her efforts into the only child left she believes she can trust.

Mathis Lisse
49 |  Guillame Canet | Beauxbatons | Businessman

The pressures of being a Lisse ebbed down on Mathis before he was born. From my family to business, he has spent his lift upholding the family name. These days, he’s made a raft out of his work. The exception to this is his effort to ensure that other well-to-do wizarding families do not know what happened to his two eldest children. It has become his mission to control the narrative. 

Lucien Lisse
25 | Jean-Baptiste Maunier | Beauxbatons | Associate

Brazen and honorable, especially now in death, Lucien passed on far before he could reach his full potential. Attacked by Kelpie while out investigating some dark magic, he had sent word to his sister for help, but time was not on his side. Unbeknownst to many, he still wanders as a spirit, lusting to finish that he could not. 

Chloé Lisse
22 | Kacey Rohl | Beauxbatons | Entrepreneur

Chloé is a girl spurned by her own family. After a desperate attempt to save her brother’s life, Chloé was expelled from Beauxbatons and excommunicated. Alone and unsure, she adopted Paris as her own and began her own potioneering business. However, in the hunt for a livelihood, she is not above some shady dealings. The only real communication she engages with from the family is through her oncle Alexandre.

Juliette Lisse
20 | Jessica De Gouw | Beauxbatons | Debutante

Chloé’s younger sister Juliette has found herself under a lot of social pressure in the vacuum that Chloé left behind. With two siblings gone, she has become—without her own consent—the great hope of the family to maintain social graces. Although more reserved and gentile, don’t be fooled by Juliette’s pretty face—Lisse blood still runs through these veins.

Alexandre Lisse
50 | Jean Dujardin  | Beauxbatons | Businessman

From a young age, Alexandre did not much like his brother and they grew apart as Alexandre chose travel over the demands of the manor. Deciding to fund his life himself and remain childless, he’s distanced himself from the nexus of the family, passing that responsibility instead to Mathis. But when Chloé is excommunicated, he sees something of himself in her and comes to her aid despite her reluctance. His guidance is one of the few things she trusts in this world. 

rules for adoptions

Thanks for looking over my adoptables page! If you are interested in joining the Lisse clan with one of the characters above or one of your own, please PM me on site or DM me on Discord at Soap#0632. Face claims are suggested, middle names are up to you, and I am happy to discuss further details. :) 

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