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Edmund Wolffe

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the family. perhaps it's because it took them far too long to finally end up together that Edmund and Irma, Hogwarts sweetheats, were so keen to start a family; a family which kept growing, and growing, and growing until they were the size of a quidditch team (though who plays what position is often a topic of debate over dinner).

Life in this happy family is not without obstacles: from blood prejudice still lingering within their not-so-distant extended family to the second-born, Bonnie, suffering a bite from a werewolf in the summer of 1960, they carry their struggles and secrets and triumphs the way they do most things--together. Amidst the chaos of their crumbling country manor, Irma's flourishing cosmetics business, seven siblings, and however many pets they have at the moment, the Wolffes thrive because of (and sometimes in spite of) their strong family bond.

These second-generation legacy characters come with a rich family canon, active players, a wide array of archetypes, and creative liberty for their adoptive writers.

moira sylvia wolffe / 21 december, 1949
fc: kathryn newton. headstrong. rebellious. bossy. textbook eldest child. slytherin or hufflepuff. taken!

bonnie juniper wolffe / 31 august 1950
fc: ciara bravo. sensitive. shy. passionate. people pleaser. werewolf! ravenclaw or hufflepuff. taken!

rosemary 'rosie' naimh wolffe / 24 may 1952.
fc: rue penelope holden. cheerful. bubbly. energetic. vivid imagination. gryffindor or hufflepuff. taken!

juliet hazel wolffe / 8 january 1956.
fc: tbd. persistent. practical. loud. gets what she wants. slytherin or hufflepuff. available!

connor lindon wolffe / 17 october 1956.
fc: tbd. idealistic. social. quick-witted. older by six minutes. hufflepuff. available!

colin mace wolffe / 17 october 1956.
fc: tbd. sneaky. opportunistic. prankster. good hearted. hufflepuff. available!

isabella sage wolffe / 13 july 1960.
fc: tbd. tbd. tbd. tdb. tbd. available!

please pm Edmund Wolffe with character inquiries!

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