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Author Topic: Pickerings to Annoy  (Read 602 times)

* Isabella Pickering

    (01/12/2020 at 16:36)
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Name: James Pickering
Personality: curious, determined, loves books, willing to learn, nosey, loyal
Bloodline: Half
Birthday: July 1948
Birthplace: London, England
Potential House: Ravenclaw
Potential FC: Michael Jackson
Relationship to Isabella: Nephew

Name: Cheryl Pickering
Personality: Dislikes muggles, head strong, resourceful, know-it-all, nosey, loyal to friends, loves justice, copies Isabella's quirk
Bloodline: Half
Birthday: June 1950
Birthplace:  London, England
Potential House: Slytherin
Potential FC: Keke Palmer
Relationship to Isabella: Niece

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