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The Fraser Clan is an old one with a history as long as its lifetime. It is believed that the magical blood was introduced into the family sometime during the Jacobite rising in 1745 and since then those lines have flourished, bringing several witches and wizards under the name.

The clan is known to be just and true to their word – focusing on unity and bringing people together. This way they have nurtured close relations with many other clans and keep to that more than meddling in politics. Of course, there are all kinds of personalities bearing the name, and there have been a few banishments of truly malicious individuals in the past. With the name comes responsibility – not shackles of any sort, but a base line of decency.

The characters presented here are merely a branch of a much larger clan, so feel free to bring in your own line of Frasers if you prefer. I am open to collaborate on most aspects and I'm always open to ideas!

Traditions and Customs

Region: The Scottish Highlands
Blood: Mixed, mainly half-blood.
Motto: Ní neart go cur le chéile (There's strength in unity)

There are several clan traditions that every family usually upholds and they're mainly connected to major life events, like birth, marriage, death etc. Other clans often partake in these traditions as well. Every branch of the Frasers has their own twists on doing things, but the general customs are as follows:

When a new clan member is born a tree is planted in their honor. When someone gets married a tree is cut and a gift is made from the wood for the new married couple. When a member of the clan dies a tree is cut to make their coffin and whatever remains of the tree is burned to ashes, often kept as a momento for the family.

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The vast Fraser Farm is well known for it's wood used in both wand and broom-making. Located close to Inverness the plot of land stretches wide in the Highlands and is home to people of the clan that has owned it for centuries and flourishing wildlife, as well as some workers. Holly, vine, hornbeam, hawthorn, oak, cedar, ash and willow are some of the trees known to come from the farm and the family takes great pride in the quality.

Willanius Erskene Fraser, Claimed
Farmer and wandmaker
Father of Robert and Bearnard
In his 60s as of '58
- Renown and respected wandmaker. Kind and warm grandfather with a mysterious side.
Feradorah Fraser, Deceased
Mother of Robert and Bearnard

Robert Reed Fraser, Open
Farmer and radio broadcaster
1st son of Willanius and Ferdorah
Married to Nairna
In his early 30s as of '58
- Energic and devoted worker, husband and father. Outgoing and outspoken – has his own radio shack on the plot where he broadcasts frequently.
FC suggestion: Toby Stephens.
Nairna Fraser, Open
Farmer and housewife
Married to Robert
In her early 30s as of '58
- Devoted mother and wife, the calm and centered pillar of the household. Elegant and kind, no stranger to hard work.
FC suggestion: Darby Stachfield.
Callan Alastair Fraser, Claimed
1st child of Nairna and Robert
10 years old as of '58
- Curious and kind with a huge appetite for the world and all it has to offer. A caring big brother who always looks out for his kin.
Face claim: Sam Heughan
Fergus Fraser, Claimed
Callan's younger brother
9 years old as of '58
FC suggestion: Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.
Kenzie Fraser, Open
Callan's younger sister
FC suggestion: Audrey Bennett.

Bearnard "Bear" Fraser, Open
2nd son of Willanius
Farmer and professional quidditch player
Married to Tilda
In his late 20s or early 30s as of '58
- Energic and passionate about sports and family. Top quidditch player who helps out at the farm when he has the time to spare.
FC suggestion: Matthew Jaeger.
Tilda Fraser, Open
Owl office worker
Married to Bearnard
In her late 20s or early 30s as of '58
- Devoted mother and wife.
FC suggestion: Katie Leclerc.
Bonnie Fraser, Open
Bearnard and Tilda's daughter
FC suggestion: Francesca Capaldi.
Cavish Fraser, Open
Bearnard and Tilda's son
FC suggestion: Calum Worthy.

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Updated with shiny faces! (:

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Fergus is claimed! :D