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Billings Adoptables

Stuart-John Billings
Age: 9
Suggested FC: Merrick Hanna
History: Stuart-John is Marissa-Jean's little brother. He is a pretty spoiled kid (as his dad became rich when he was two) and expects that he'll get whatever he wants. He is obsessed with sports, but especially Quidditch. And he also enjoys sketching. He's a blood purist, and is a bit of a snob, but he knows he wants to have fun.

Anna Billings
Age: 19
Suggested FC: Madelaine Petsch
History: Anna is Marissa-Jean's older cousin. Anna graduated from Ravenclaw quite recently and is an Unspeakable Trainee. She was raised in a very middle class environment. She knows the value of hard work. And is very determined. She is very close to Marissa-Jean.

Message me on Discord or PM me on my Dylan account if you are interested in adopting any of the Billings! I'd like someone who would be willing to thread with Marissa-Jean.
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