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Author Topic: Ancient Runes - Cadogan Cadwallader  (Read 207 times)

Jamie Duncan

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Character name: Cadogan Cadwallader

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Jamie Duncan

Character age: 72

Character education: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw

Strength and weaknesses:

Cadogan's major flaw is his disdain for losing of letting others down. Ever since he were a child he has strived his hardest to do better than his naturally gifted siblings and work above their skill set. Each time his siblings were praised he had to work ten times harder to rise above them if possible.

Academia is a passion and a strength for Cadogan. He has a theoretical and mathematical mind and finds studios and long studies easier than most. However, this means the opposite situation of practical application and physical work often bears hard upon the elder wizard.

Cadogan believes that every student is gifted in their own right but persecutes the lazy to additional work as to motivate them. This can cause stressful relations with students as he believes their success is a reflection of his own. In this regard Cadogan is very prideful.

Due to his family upbringing, Cadogan struggles with a loss in many forms. From the emotional and physical loss of friends and family to the loss of dignity in putting his reputation on the line. The drive to not lose brings him to often overwork himself.

Cadogan is quite good at wizarding chess and other logically minded games.

Unfortunately, Cadogan finds it hard to forgive faults and mistakes of his peers, family and  most likely, students. He lets people attempt to amend ttheir situation but more often than not will treat troublemakers or weaker students harshly than those who shine brightly.

Physical description:
Cadogan is an aged man yet still maintains a healthy physique for his age. He stands just at 5'10 and has broad shoulders which suggest a genetic line of builders or strong craftsmen. However, Cadogan is far from muscular. A wiry, thin man with the strength just to carry a few books by first glance. Due to his age, he walks with a slouch and corrects his stance with an ivory headed cane which is on him at all times. At times Cadogan walks with a slight wobble due to a slightly bad hip and favoritism of one leg.

At times, Cadogan wears dress robes to his lessons and often maintains his appearance in lesson breaks. Corrective lenses sit upon his nose which he adjusts often. When addressing room his character speaks more than his appearance, each word straightening his back when calling out and instructing his peers. He often is in a suit, tie and matches his shoes to his glasses in a dragon-leather black. Fine family crested clasps adorn his cuffs and in personal time a pipe is never too far from his hand.

In all he encompasses the air of a prideful man and when standing is often straight and authoritative. He pushes out his chest and relies on his personal presence to keep things orderly.


Cadogan is a calm and collected individual with steady patience. He is able to tolerate nearly any mischievous situation due to the years of being a lawyer under his belt. However, one would find him quick to anger at a constant spread of idiocy where a student did not learn from their mistakes. He prides himself in work ethic and cleverness above all things and appreciates similar attitudes in his students. He is not usually kind or understanding of emotional or childish troubles due to his age distance of his students.

Cadogan is quick to draw favoritism of those in his own blood group and has a preference for pure blooded witches and wizards which could cause issues in an open schooling lesson. Atop of this, Cadogan prides his family achievements more than others and often marks them more critically than they deserve.  He is likely to reward bright students and apply challenges for their minds to keep them sharp.

Cadogan is also easily restless and needs to keep himself active or busy or he grows irritable and bored. Even when semi-retired he often finds himself teaching or directing younger peoples in proper work ethic as well as organizing family affairs.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?:
Cadogan would like a few last years of Academia outside of the legal world before being forced by his children to officially retire. At the age of seventy two, he is using his experience as a working professional to try and gain entry and a position upon the theoretical side of the wizarding world.

Ancient Runes.

During his own years at Hogwarts, Cadogan was a NEWTS student in Ancient runes and often passed with O's in the subject. He continued his own personal studies in the subject as an adult and in his golden years realised the importance of the quiet art. If he can turn more than one student into a passionate follower he will consider his job well done.


What was Cadogan's life now? An endless telling of 'Grandfather, be proud of me', of 'I miss Her. Cadogan didn't know anymore than his children. He didn't know anything further on the mysteries of what came in life after work had finished. Cadogan felt far from the schoolboy he once was. The academic achiever, the wiz lawyer. All were all but memories now.

During his school years Cadogan was a man to be revered for his excellence. A Ravenclaws mind fit atop the prestige of several pure blooded generations guided him to excellence in nearly all of his endeavours. From wizard-chess club to the student newspaper, Cadogan was involved in academia until his graduating year where public policy and law became the focus of the man.

Many laws today were near penned under the elders hand. Anti-discrimination laws, inheritence laws, general public assistance and many strange at the time pro-muggleborn laws were drafted initially on his mahogany desk. The illusion of that man was near faded. Those memories were things only evident now in newspaper clippings.

In the summer of 48, Cadogan had had another issue with his health, what people all knew as a 'Stroke'. A wizard of then seventy he was not failing due to any magical means but only his own mortality as age crept up on him from the shadows. On a small gathering where his oldest son and daughter had been summoned to again discuss modern issues. The barriers had fallen and so had the security of the wizarding world. The locals oogled at his family and their attentions had been turned to improving their public standing and how they dressed to the locals.

Cadfael had turned to him with that same incredulous look he had when concerned over his fathers well being. He had fit into the fathering role well, and now it seemed he was trying to make up for lost bonding time. "You're staying here." It was easier to placate his son than tell his plans truthfully.

Cadogan rolled his thumbs over his cane's head, looking up from the carpet to nod. "As you say." Both of them had been dancing around the conversation as well. Eirian had died, and Cadfael too was worried about losing another family member. It was unknowing to his children that he had already organised his half-year trip. A last hoo-rah before he retired from academia officially.

Cadogan had planned something spectacular. A trip from Scandinavia to the far reaches of the eastern wonder, Japan. His youthful interest of runes rekindled upon a late night reading of his old studies. Why the subject was not offered at his granddaughters year of school was something he desperately needed to remedy.  Each trip providing a notebook full of facts and knowledge from specialists until his luggage bulged with the information of the orient and afar. But what good was this knowledge if not shared?

When he arrived home after 11 months away he still felt unfulfilled. While grandchildren, great grandchildren, and his own children continuously planned out his own life for him Cadogan had better ideas. His time would be invested until he had little of it left to give - teaching others the more important parts of magic. The lesser known parts of magic.


Roleplay Response:
Cadogan walked the halls with his familiar hobble. His cane compensating for the small falter in his left side. His robes flicking on every strong and over exaggerated stride to keep the gaze of lunch-goers off his disability. No one knew him here, but that meant nothing when reputation was everything. His pocket watch clicked in time with each of his step[s. Marking each staggered step up the winding stairwell.

Only one cautionary glance was given to the watch as it chimed over to 2:01. Late, by one minute thus far. It would perhaps due to the stairs be (by his own calculations) 2:05 by the time he could carry himself, bad hip and all up the cool corridor to the woman's office. When he knocked he offered that same pocket watch another glance. 'Ah, correct again.' he scolded himself, clearing his throat before he knocked thrice upon the ornate door.

The headmaster in his time was a little more of a loon, a former Hufflepuff with aspirations for greatness which he had heard ended with a strange experimentation regarding dragon's blood and several unicorn fowls. Cadogan however had done his research before coming today. Anneka Ivanova was a woman not to be messed about with. Sorted into Slytherin and a academic mind beyond many of the people he himself had looked over during his legal career. She could have gone far outside of this school but had set her path in maintaining order and a safe academic space for the youth of the wizarding world. In its own right, it was respectable. Though, not overly ambitious for a snake.

He entered with his cane, bowing his head respectfully to the head mistress. "My sincerest apologies." He hated grovelling, but his face gave away no indication this was the case. He had a lifetime of acting under his belt. Social compliance was important when making an impression. This woman was no one to be trifled with. She looked as organised as himself and with a family name that was as well regarded as his own. "You look as well as ever." He lifted his cane as explanation to her wordless query. It was hard enough getting around with only one good side alone. The stairs alone had added an additional challenge he had not expected.

His time at hogwarts had never found him in the headmasters office.  "It is an honor to be back in these halls, and I will not waste any more of your valuable time, Headmistress. Shall we proceed quickly with my interview?" Soft spoken and polite. Things very contrary to himself were hard to convey, Cadogan struggling to speak without his normal authoritative tone. He knew this was necessary - but he disdained being in a position of vulnerability.
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