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Julia Cole

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Miranda Cole

Suggested Face Claim: Francesca Capaldi
Age: Will be starting as a 1st year (start date flexible)

Miranda Faith Cole was born to parents, Asher (pureblood) and Vera (muggle-born) Cole on January 18. Her family lived in Hogsmeade at the time to try to escape from the Muggle war and its effect on London. She grew up with her older sister, Julia, who is at least 2 years older than her. While Julia would always try to go on adventures, Miranda was much happier in the home. Miranda enjoyed all the things her mother taught her, such as how to cook, sew, and knit. Miranda has lived a fairly quiet life. She has been taught magic since a young age.

Miranda enjoys home-making, and is very interested in things like Herbology and Potions. She has a very conservative view of things, and her long-term goal is to become a good housewife. She is always trying to make her living spaces more enjoyable by knitting a cute blanket or sewing together something pretty to look at.

If interested, please pm Julia Cole!

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