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Shop name: Blackwood Books
Shop Type: This is a "rare" bookshop. Old and hard to find books.
Location: Diagon Alley (Preferably on the corner between diagon and knockturn)
Subforum? Yes please. Purchased using Gringotts points.

Short Description (50 words max): Rare and hard to find books sold in store or acquired on request. An interesting place to browse the shelves and find the most obscure of literary gems.
Long Description (200 words min): This small, and slightly overly stuffed shop contains a plethora of odd and hard to find books. Dark ones, light ones. Silly ones. Informative ones. Volumes such as "A place to find all things that cannot be found" and "Randanar's Rambunctious Recount of Scottish Roads" (An entirely useless book in which a crazy old Scottish wizard waxes lyrical about all the roads he has ever set foot on). You will find no recent bestsellers on the shelves here.

Owned by Trystan Blackwood, a former Ravenclaw, avid book collector, former CoMC professor and all round slight oddball. He runs his store with the most love and care anyone could show a pile of old books and still be called decent. Customer service is a little hard to come by. While the owner is perfectly friendly enough, he is loathed to part with many of the bound pages, more than a few of which may or may not have come from his personal collection. He denies it eternally. A love of the eccentric will serve you well here.

At the front of the shop there are a couple of old wooden tables, each with one chair, for those that may want to come and read. If you are very lucky, the owner may offer you a coffee. The shelves are very tall, and a little ramshackle. The books have "sections" but are often disorganized, or squirreled away if they are considered "too popular". Pi the old barn Owl sits atop a perch behind the old style counter, behind which is a low, scruffy but very comfy looking armchair. If you enter Blackwood books and think it understaffed, it is likely you will find Trystan in said chair, hidden from inquiring eyes, reading some of the merchandise.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?

It serves as something to keep Trystan from dwelling, as well as "hopefully" getting him to meet more people. It is a passion and a love child. Trystans shop is his world. It is a place for the curious and the seeking alike. Once visited, if you dont leave with the book you wanted, at least you will leave with one hell of a conversation starter. "You ever been to Blackwood Books? I went there earlier and you'll never guess what....
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