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Author Topic: Eve's Flower Shop (Permit Request)  (Read 309 times)

Eve Hedderick

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Shop name: Eve's Flower Shop
Shop Type: This will be a flower shop that sells: flowers, herbs, and plants.
Location: Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley
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Short Description (50 words max): Eve's flower shop is a dainty little shop which specializes in selling various forms of plant life. The store is very home-link complete with wooden shelves, wooden tables, soft covered chairs, and floral paintings on the walls.

Long Description (200 words min): The flower shop was originally owned by Eve's mother before she passed away. Eve was 15 years old at the time of her mother's death and by that point had already been working in the shop for 5 years. The flower shop is more than Eve's home it is the one thing in her life that makes her feel happy and at ease. With that said, she takes fantastic care of it.

The shop is small, but full a little wonders. The color scheme runs through stunning earth tones. Such as the browns of the coffee tables, the maroons of the chair covers, the shiny mahogany of the shelves, and the rustic black of the counter tops. Each shelf is separated by plant classifications with things such as roses being on one side and ferns being on the other.

When customers come to the shop they are all given a one time free plant sample from Eve. She determines which sample they get based on their personality and the vibes that they give off. Customers can also just come, take a seat, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the shop. Typically, Eve will play soft jazz music while running the scent of cinnamon through the air.

Eve wants the flower shop to feel like a home instead of a business so she makes sure she treats every customer like the special person that they are.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?

The flower shop offers a nice and calm atmosphere where people can come and chat with their friends. There is also a counter which Eve fills with an assortment of teas and candies which can be a fun snack for people that stop by. The quietness of the store also ensures that people can come to be alone with their thoughts and personal hobbies such as writing.