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Author Topic: O'Conner Don Family Adaptables // Old, Pureblooded, Elitist Family (updated)  (Read 988 times)

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The O'Conner Don Family

à Diagac aon cabair. (From God, All Hope)

Family History:
The first known O'Conner Don in existence was Conchobhar, King of Connacht (d.970). He had six children and in turn each of his children had six children. Thus began the O'Conner Don family tree.

The O'Conner Don family was actually quite tolerant of those who were mixed blood or even muggleborn all the way up until the 1300s. Up until this century, the O'Conner Dons were gifted in Potions, Herbology, Divination, and Healing in general and would go out of their way to help those that needed help, muggles, witches/wizards, or halfbloods.

However, one December day in 1310, several of the O'Conner Don family members ended up being massacred by the very muggles they had tried to help when the illness the early O'Conner relatives had tried to help with healing magic and herbs hadn't worked. Those very people, all muggles, who had suffered from the illness and had asked for assistance hadn't gotten completely better (even though there had been some improvement) turned on the O'Conner family. They claimed they were evil witches and wizards in cahoots with the devil and there was an outrage in the village in Connacht where those relatives lived, ten of the O'Conner relatives, children included were murdered.

Four, however did escape the massacre and joined up with other relatives and told their story as well as wrote it down. And well ever since then, the O'Conner Don family has used a countless number of wards, charms, defensive, and yes perhaps some magic deemed less than ethical to protect themselves from muggles and which is a main reason they frowned down upon muggles and never willingly spoke to them, socialize with them, or anyone who has muggle blood in them. They do tolerate halfbloods, only because they need to in order to remain influential. It isn't a story anyone outside the O'Conner clan knows. But it does explain a lot.

Typically the males of this family get involved in Law and/or Politics in the magical world,  and the women are expected to be the ideal wife, mother, and socialite, and to wed into other powerful wizarding pureblood families, but there are exceptions. If the men don't get involved in law or politics, they often pursue academic pursuits such as wizarding anthropology or become professors.  This family is known for having a ton of children because they fear dying out and losing their influence.
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O'Conner Don Family

Natasha  Yakov O'Conner

/Durmstrang Grad/ Serious/ Old-Fashioned/Devoted/ Wife of Kynan O'Conner/Mother of Adrick
/FC: Rachel Weisz/ Open

Adrick Kynan O'Conner

/Hogwarts Student/Competitive/ Proud/ Cunning/ Son of Kynan & Natasha/Ambitious/Future Head of Family/Only Child/FC: Dylan Schmid/ Open

Heather Brenda O'Conner

/Hogwarts Student/Hard-Working/Troublemaker/Bookworm/Sister of Isabella & Connelly/Loves Pranks & Cooking/FC: Sadie Sink/ Open

Connelly Kynan O'Conner, Jr.

/Hogwarts Student/Cunning/Proud/Logical/Younger Brother of Isabella/Spoiled/FC: Charles Vandervart/ Open

Connelly Conan O'Conner, Sr.

Thirty-Nine/Pureblood/Ravenclaw Grad '28
/Cunning/Intelligent/Magical Archaeologist for the Dept. of Mysteries/Youngest Brother of Irene/Devoted Father & Husband/Father of Isabella, Heather, & Connelly, Jr./FC: Brant Daughtery/ Open

Heather Isabella O'Conner

Thirty-Six/Pureblood/Ravenclaw Grad '31
/Brave/Intelligent/Magical Archaeologist/Devoted Wife to Connelly, Sr./ Loyal/ Mother of Isabella, Heather, & Connelly, Jr./ Introverted/FC: Julianne Hough/ Open

Brody Scott O'Conner

Twenty/Pureblood/Apothecary Assistant/Ambitious/Sarcastic/Jealous of Adrick/Vengeful/Protective of His Cousins Except Adrick/Protective of His Siblings/Cousin to Isabella
/Middle Child of Johnathan Vladmir
 O'Conner & Chastity Von Diedrik O'Conner/FC: Tom Welling/ Open

If you are interested in any of these lovely characters, either post here or pm Irene Cecily O'Conner or Collin O'Conner. I left the houses open for the student characters, so you can choose.  The face claims are tentative, and if you have another one in mind, feel free to share it! I really would love to have some more O'Conners rped for the upcoming Hogwarts term, again! It has been awhile! 

Also, if you want even more information about the O'Conner Don family you can visit the Wiki I created for them HERE.

There are a lot more out there if none of these interest you, but these are the ones I am most interested in getting other people to rp right now.  Other than what I mentioned, the rest of their personality and month/days for birthdays are open to your interpretation! Just pm me if you are interested.  You can see the family tree on the Wiki page for more names. :)

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O'Conner Don Family-Part 2

Katrina Elizabeth O'Conner

Fifteen/Pureblood/Hogwarts or Durmstrang Student
/Clever/Artist/Short-Tempered/Lover of Potions/Annoyed by Her Brother Peter/FC: Morgan Demeola/ Open

Peter Adair O'Conner

Twelve/Pureblood/Hogwarts Or Durmstrang Student
/Hard-Working/Immature/Determined/ Cousin of Brody & Isabella/ Younger Brother of Katrina/ Obsessed With Animals & His Older Sister Katrina/Loyal/Prankster/ FC: Adam Young/ Open

Chastity Katiana O'Conner

Fourteen/Pureblood/Hogwarts Student
/Intelligent/Quiet/Compassionate/Younger Sister of Brody / Cousin of Isabella, Katrina, & Peter/ Old-Fashioned/Bookworm
/FC: Shailene Woodley/ Taken

Collin Matthew O'Conner

Twelve/Pureblood/Hogwarts Student
/Inquisitive/Overly Competitive/Cunning/Ambitious/Youngest Brother of Chastity & Brody/Cousin of
Isabella, Katrina, & Peter
/FC: Alexander Conti/ Taken

These are available too.  If interested, just pm Irene Cecily O'Conner or Collin O'Conner. That or feel free to post in this thread. Thanks!
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Update 3/24/17

All above are still available, but Chastity and Collin might not be for much longer!


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Updated 3/24/17

Chastity and Collin are taken, but all others are still open :)
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Updated 4/10

Katrina might not be available for much longer! :)

Others still available if interested!
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