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Merlin's Order of Defense

Character Name: Xavier Montgomery Duke
Age: 45 years old
Gender: Male

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Trained in Wizard Law

Duke Manor, Kensington, England.

Army Organization - 54th Brigade - Circe's Wolves - Due to Xavier's background and previous work it would simply make sense to place him within army organisation. He is a responsible man who will greatly benefit the division in many ways due to his will to sacrifice and his determination and natural leadership skills. He is able to work well with others and still offer his opinions in a professional and convincing way. 

Major General - Xavier is the head of the Duke family which instantly shows he can handle major responsibilities and be a respectable leader. Also, Xavier is a lawyer which means he is organised, can work incredibly well under stress and does not intimidate easy. He is loyal, dedicated, determined and a strict - but fair - leader when necessary. Due to growing up with two brothers and a father in the ministry, he is tough and can put people in their place without the use of violence. He had decided to join the army at his own choice with his brother Sebastian though their father did very much encourage the two brothers. Xavier feels as if its his duty to his country and to the wizarding world.


Requested Magical Levels:  (see here on how to do this)
If you want levels above the usual 32 total, please fill out and submit the Special Request form here.
  • Charms: 18
  • Divination: 15
  • Transfiguration: 12
  • Summoning: 10

(requested but not confirmed)

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Pandora Duke, Zeus Valeriano

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
Xavier Sr. and his wife Amelia met during a production at a theater in London. They both often describe the moment their eyes met as love at first sight, and they both cannot remember a time where they weren't in each other's lives.

This was a rare occurrence in their time, as aristocratic members of society would often marry for financial security and status instead of love but luckily their relationship was approved of and was seen as acceptable by the people around them. Amelia was an aristocratic socialite from London and Xavier was the aristocratic son of a prestigious and respectable Ministry man. Xavier also went on to be employed by the Ministry. Once approval was granted, they married at once. Xavier was 21 and Amelia was 19.

Their first child was born a year later and was named Sebastian. They soon had a second child, Xavier Jr, and a third, Theodore, after that. They were raised to be respectable gentlemen and they were expected to be determined, loyal and nothing other than what an aristocrat should be.

When the three sons graduated from Hogwarts, the eldest son Sebastian went onto be employed by the Ministry and the youngest son Theodore had taken a year off to explore his career choices. However, Xavier Jr had had a different experience at Hogwarts altogether which helped him to determine his future. Unlike his brothers, he was sorted into Ravenclaw and yet he was still expected to live up to the Slytherin reputation. Xavier Jr was stubborn but fair and treated those who deserved it with respect. His experiences within school helped him come to the conclusion that he wanted to succour the wizarding community by becoming a lawyer.

Whilst training to become a lawyer, Xavier Jr met a young lady called Penelope. She was middle-class and sweetly pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes. They grew close as friends but Xavier never intended to become romantically involved with the girl until his father insisted on Xavier getting married. It took him two weeks to pluck up the courage to ask, but when he did he had no idea that Penelope had intended on marrying Xavier all along. Simply for money and a higher status as the Duke name was well known and respected around Great Britain. It wasn't until two years after they were married that he found out the truth, and despite her bad intentions they were still great friends and found comfort in being around each other despite not being truly in love with one another.

Four years after they were married, Penelope fell pregnant with their first child who was to be named Pandora. Xavier grew very close to Pandora and has a rare but wonderful father-daughter relationship with her. 5 years after Pandora was born, Penelope fell pregnant again with their second child who was to be named Xanthos. Penelope grew a lot closer to Xanthos than she ever did with Pandora, though Xavier Jr cherished both of his children greatly.

Currently in the year 1939, Xavier works hard as a lawyer and he is very successful and respected in his line of work.  Previously he had partnered with Adrian Beauchamp - somebody who he is great friends with - and he currently supports the Wizards Alliance along with his entire family. As well as this, Xavier has made the decision to apply to the army due to feeling as if its his duty to his country and to the wizarding world.


The sounds of the wizarding war were inescapable; even the bunkers were filled with the crackles and pops of offensive and defensive spell casting. Light from the spells bounced and flashed off of every surface, illuminated everything, making hiding hard, eyes sore, and sleep hard to come by.

Daniel twisted on the thin mattress he'd been laying on, his hands covering his ears as he tried, somewhat in vain, to block out the shouts of his fellow soldiers, of the enemies, drawing ever closer for the last four days. The last meal he'd had, had been some awfully plain mix of rice and beans and it settled, uncomfortable in his growling stomach.

He closed his eyes and thought of Meryl. Of his girl at home, all brunette curls and red lipstick. Her letters sat safe in the pocket of his khaki uniform, by his chest, almost over his heart and his hand flew to them as he wished.

"Man down! Move! Move!"

A good night's sleep was hard to come by on the front; he had a cruel reminder of this more often than not, and his eyes flew open to greet the sight which was far more familiar than he'd like it to be: Two men, dressed as he was in well-starched Khaki, levitating a fellow soldier, a man, a victim in between them.

He sprung into action; Their division knew, by now, to clear space to allow the healer corps to do their work. As he stood, turning to pull away his bedding and leave the surface of his mattress clear, he bumped into someone and fell sideways, spilling a cup of cold, milk-less tea over an important-looking map in the process and his own wand dropped, un-noticed, from his hoister on his forearm.

He groaned.

Roleplay Response:

Xavier did not gasp or step back, he stood in his uniform with a less than amused expression upon his chiseled face and his arms folded behind his back. After a deep inhale of breathe, the Duke looked down onto his shoes and at the map he had been holding and then looked back up to the boy who had caused the mess.

There was a moment of silence. Xavier knew his stare would be enough to wreck the boy's nerves and intimidate him completely. It was something he was well known for and it worked a treat on criminals he had worked with whilst being lawyer.

"Well? Do not just stand there, boy. An apology is in order."

More than an apology would be needed, but that was a start. Xavier only hoped the map had not been completely ruined, so he lifted it to his warm brown eyes and inspected it. Thankfully, the writing was still readable and so were most of the details.

"You were lucky this time. If you continue with such clumsiness, you'll be back here with the healers again and they might not be able to save you."

It was not a threat, but a fact. This war was a vicious one and Britain needed their best men.
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Hi Xavier!

You're nearly set, except for your division.  "Army organization" is merely the setup of the whole army.  Divisions are part of that hierarchy - the 33rd Infantry, or 42nd Broom Battalion, for example.

Please choose a division to apply for, edit, and repost below, and we'll get you all joined up.


- Eppie

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I'm so silly.

Division: 54th Brigade - Circe's Wolves.
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Merlin's Order of Defense

Volunteer Enlistment

Mr. Xavier Montgomery Duke,

Having submitted yourself to the Wizarding National Service with a request for immediate induction into military service in light of the present emergency, it is hereby acknowledged that you have volunteered to serve as a soldier in the Wizarding Army of Great Britain for the period of one year unless sooner discharged proper authority.

You will, therefore, report to your assigned barracks in Hogsmeade, Scotland, at twelve noon on the 1st day of September, 1939.

From and after the day and hour just named you will be commissioned in the military service of Wizarding Britain, in the 33rd Wizarding Infantry Division, fitted suitably with the rank of Major General.


Stanford Audley
Head of the Department of Defense
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