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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Chao Prentiss

Birthday: 2/19/1939

Hometown: Canterbury UK

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 1st, 2nd
Note: If made 2+ year will be playing as if a small magical incident made them realize they missed a muggleborn due to her not being on the list as she was born outside the UK - so this is would still be her first year in Hogwarts.



The idea that the older boy thought shouting the unoriginal taunt louder would encourage her to acknowledge him was baffling.  She, as well as anyone within 200 meters, could hear him well enough and already deemed him worthless.  Or at least she had deemed him worthless; as it seemed from the laughing chorus he’d gained some idiots had failed to have the intelligence to deem him worthless.  She had mentally added them to the ever growing list of the mentally impaired.

She wasn’t going to let him get to her today. Instead she focused on writing in her journal to organize her thoughts on recent events that made her current schoolmates part of the past.  A strange woman came to her house the other day and basically managed to get her parents to give her away. More accurately the strange woman offered her parents the option of sending their youngest to a boarding school meant for people like her and her parents had only asked logistical questions. 

Any sane person would have sent the strange lady packing the minute she mentioned magic and her being a wizard.  The only sane thing the official did was misgendering her as a boy - a common mistake. As her hair seemed to agree with her own opinion that her brothers had far better styling choices than the princess wear her mother used to throw her in before she cut her own hair at the age of seven, and her hair decided not to grow out any longer than it was after that.  It was just an out for her parents who were sick of her getting in more trouble than her older brothers, and pretending that she was one of them instead of the china doll her mother wished she was.


Taking a deep breath she closed her journal and looked up as not only did her ears ring slightly from his shout but she could feel his hand on her shoulder.  With a smirk she just said “ Get your hands off me brownie paws“ hoping to help him pick up a nickname of his own.  Thankfully she was rather confident he was too stupid to be clued into the fact that she had put dog dung on the underside of his bike handles last week which had caused a chorus to tease him as bad as he was now teasing her.

As a small smile crossed her face she collected her things quickly and walked away from the group.  Soon this would all be irrelevant.  She was being shipped off, and no one listened to her when she pointed out how insane it was - as parents supposedly know best.  Away from the three older brothers she idolized.  Away from the city of Canterbury which her family had called home for the last four years.  Away from the few schoolmates she had deemed intelligent enough to call her friends. 

Thankfully even though she didn’t remember it well, she’d done this before.  She’d left all her old schoolmates behind and started fresh.  She knew they’d never write, and as much as she promised them she would no letters would be sent.  She knew that this was an opportunity to change herself to be anyone she wanted to be.  Last time she had decided that she wanted to be nicer and have more friends in her new school.  As that failed last time she planned to think harder this time, but maintain her standards for the intelligence of her friends.  One thing she knew for sure was she was leaving the violin home, and packing more clothes from her brothers closet than her own.

Perhaps she’d get lucky and the only sane thing the strange ministry official said would result in her being put in the boys dorms so she wouldn’t be stuck living with a bunch of princesses.  It was bad enough her last name seemed to result in people unoriginally calling her that.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.


Hearing the voice she just hoped it would go away as it didn’t sound familiar.  It was the dungeons after all so she jumped up slightly a few times hoping the sound created would sound like an ominous presence nearby and the person would go away.  It was a pity she had no clue what sound trolls made as if she did she would have imitated it.  Perhaps she’d actually pay attention the next time she was in care of magical creatures to something beyond calculating in her head the odds of both the existence of trolls, and the odds of being killed by one if trolls existed. 

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?”

All she could do was roll her eyes as she had no clue who tree girl was, but she didn’t want to deal with her either.  After a few seconds she realized she didn’t hear the sound of retreating footsteps.  Which made her groan quietly to herself and say “ What do you want? “ in the deepest voice she could manage.  After all, Emma was a girls name and if she managed a voice deep enough it would be obvious the person responding was a boy. 

Leaning against the wall she did nothing to make herself noticed.  Hopefully, the combination of being in the dungeons and the vocal tones that made her realize with the echo of the dungeons were passably male would make the person go away.  Moving would just give the person a clue where exactly she was.  Even if she about seventy percent certain from the echos she overheard that all the person had to do was walk a small bit further and turn a corner and she'd be seen.


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