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Author Topic: The Wizarding Blacklist (WIP)  (Read 105 times)

Bentinho Marques

    (08/05/2017 at 13:09)
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The Wizarding Blacklist
Criminal characters for yourself
# What's the deal?

Hello there, pumpkin pie!
So, there's this char of my that's some wizarding version of Red Reddington (or so i wished, really). Anyway, the point is: he dabbles with a whole lot of others criminals, whose till now had only been NPC'S. So, i will put some of them below, in case any of you guys ever wish to bring them to life <3 Most of them have a fairly blank space background for fill, so do it as you wish.

#1. Franz Jäger ( - A.K.A blondie sweetheart and Second-Hand Man)
Suggested Face Claim:Alexander Fehling
Blood status:Pureblood || Age: Thirty-two

Described as a man from German lineage, almost seven feet tall, solid two hundred and eight pounds, and a rather short temperament combined with two very heavy fists, Jäger looks outright brute and intimidating. In truth he's a fairly good guy who rarely uses of force to make his point - unless he thinks he need to put some sense in Bentinho's head. In that case, he will beat  the crap out of him without remorse. He has been a tracker - what means his good at find people supposedly hard discover -  for most of his life, but has recently joined Bentinho endeavours at The Sinner's House, being the second in command of the shady part of the business. Has a lovely wife and a pair of runny brats kids that were not far away from attending Hogwarts.
#2. Augusto Barsalí (A.KA. Old hag The Mentor)

Suggested Face Claim: John Lynch
Blood Status:Unknown|| Age: Fifty-eight(All lies, he's Methuselah)

Almost nothing is known about Augusto Barsalí. From a romani lineage, the man has made of the world his home - living the gypsy lifestyle since anybody could remember. Although being known in the criminal circles for being one of oldest and more talented smugglers, he's actually something akin of a visionary - albeit some may call it crazy. Has a great passion and knowledge in the Dark Arts, and has mentored many ( - Bentinho included) into this path. Has two (legitimate) offspring, although is fairly possible of having left more than a few bastards behind.

Has a nasty habit of disappearing out the blue for long terms of time, and some even believe him currently  to be dead.
#3. Nareli Barsalí ( A.K.A Pretty Devil Assassin)

Suggested Face Claim: Amil Segovia
Blood status:Half-blood || Age: Twenty-nine

Nareli may be the youngest from the Barsalí siblings, but she's surely the most dangerous one. You want someone gone for good? Then she's the person you should talk to. Just make sure you pay the right amount, at the righ time ( - who knows what could happen if you don't?). Since young age, she has demonstrated a talent for Dark Arts - although she don't share her father doutrines, using her knowledge mostly only for profit. Most times, she's like a shadow - deceitful, silent and fickle. The only things that really seems to matter for her were herself and her half-brother Remus.
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