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Side note: Besides the characters, looking for posibles correlations with other families

House of Cossé-Brissac

This family dates back, harshly, to the XVI century. However, there are not many official trails about their founder - Sabir Cossé-Brissac - besides his own tombstone at the family cenotaph and some family heirlooms. As it is said by some of the more sneering tongues, he was a Muggleborn who would later be wipped from history by his own descendants. Their motto is: Fiers nous restons - Proud we remain. And most outsiders regards them as cold, extremely traditional and ambitious. Nowadays, their influence to the French political and economic scenario is being milded - and great scandals are at risk of being discovered by the rest of the world. Their main residence is at Maine-et-Loire, France.

Éloy Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim:Timothy Dalton
Age:49 || Birthday: December 30, 1900
Profession: Head of the family | Politician
Personality: The oldest of three sons of Marcelus Cossé-Brissac, Éloy is the current patriarch of the family. He can be ruthless, if so is needed. Most regards him as a tactical mind, with a heart of steel inside of a emotinally detached man. Despite the french alliance with Hexenreich, he entertains such correlations to a bare minimum - choosing a neutral ground, instead. The family name came first, above of everything. He and his wife - Adeline - have raised four kids together - two boys and a girl. And a bastard boy of hers.

Adeline Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Lena Headey
Age: 40 || Birthday: June 3, 1909
Personality: Born in the Dousseau family, Adeline was raised to be the perfect throphy wife. In her late teens, she was a rather famous soprano. It was when the roses started arriving - and the gifts. To her young, fairy-tale-full mind, she had found her prince charming. Nowadays, she wonders if Éloy had even know what was being sent to her. The marriage grew cold after the birth of their second child - and then, she meet a muggle man.  An artist, forced to enlist during the war. The affair lasted six months - in some kind of fevered desesperation, she had keep their letters. Nine months later, there was Guillaume. Now that her infidelity has been discovered, she is struggling to maintain the sherds of this broken family. 

Louis Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Benjamin Barnes
Age: 20 || Birthday:May 15, 1929
Personality: Oldest child from Adelaine and Éloy, prodigial son and prince charming. From the day of his birth onwards, he was bred to be the new heir - and from an early age he discovered that what he wants hardly matters, his duty to his family being a priority. He knew he would marry whomever his father sees as fit, and when the time comes, he will take the reins of the family. All this pressure made him seek perfection during his years in Beauxbatons with abandon. However, it seems that don't matter how hard he tries, he can never hit his father expectations - his actions never done at the right time, or his heart too soft in the view of the patriarch. Louis may not voice it, but he is strongly against Hexenreich. Now that adulthood is coming, he starts to question himself if he is really fit for the "crown". He loves all his siblings dearly, and can be a bit over-protective with them.

Rose Belle Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Hermione Cornfield
Age: 15 || Birthday: November 22, 1933
Education: Beauxbatons
Personality:If you pluck a rose from it's buch, then you better watch for the thorns.
The second child of Adeline and Éloy, Belle only sin was being born with the want of being more. Being more than just someone wife, in the future. Being more than just an asset for her family, in the present. Being more free. In resume: being every single thing a woman couldn't be, in her family view. She's the only one of her siblings who dares to defy their father. Despite her looks, she can be fierce and intense - and resentful. She resents Éloy for enslaving her to things she didn't want - and her mother for being accompliance. Resents her brothers for being so passive about this hold their family try to put on them. And sometimes she resents even herself. She dreams of being a revolutionary.

Guillaume Cossé-Brissac |TAKEN|

Face Claim: Bill Skarsgard
Age: 14 || Birthday: July 30, 1934
Education: Beauxbatons - TRANSFERRED TO HOGWARTS
Personality: The bastard. But this had not always been his title. Four months ago, Guillaume was the third child of Adeline and Éloy, the bohemian one .At first sight, he will look like he is the stereotypical problematic rich teenager - because he was. Unlike his two older siblings, the third son was totally fine with his position.  Spoiled to the root, and used to the good life, Guillaume had always get his ways by money or by being charming. With a volatile, unstable temperament, he can a bit of a bully - sometimes. And self-destructive, too. His grades may had ever been just above average, but his social skills are sharp as a knive. After the discovery of his true parentage, he was to live with an distant relative - that he had seem just thrice in his entire life - in England.

Jam Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Thomas Brodie
Age: 5 || Birthday: March 22, 1944
Personality: Finally, the last child from Adeline and Éloy. A hyper-active boy of five years, Jam can a just a bit to much. When he is not terrorizing his nanny, he is being cooed by his mother. When summer finally arrives he follows his siblings up and down like a puppy - being overly attached to Guillaume. Most of his whims are attended to, but, thankfully, this hadn't made a cruel child.

Mikael Cossé-Brissac |OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Mads Mikkaelsen
Age: 45 || Birthday: November 1, 1904
Profession: Psychiatrist at St. Mungo's
[Personality: One of Éloy brothers. The second and self-exiled one. It has never been clear to anyone besides themselves the reason for Mikael to almost completely cut ties with his family and move to England for a new beginning when he was just at his early thirties. Besides this, it's common knowledge that he and his brothers do not see eye to eye. Most describe Mikael - or Dr.Mikael - as a cultured, pleasant, but privative man. This doesn't mean he can't be as cunning as his older brother. He is a bachelor, and has no offspring.

Eliah Cossé-Brissac|OPEN|

Suggested Face Claim: Robert Redford
Age: 39 || Birthday: August 25, 1910
Profession: Businessman
The last brother of Éloy - and his treachous shadow. Eliah has never really accepted his role as a third son, an harbors quite an envious heart. Also, despite Éloy direct orders, he seems to be envolved in some shady business, including non-especified deals with Hexenreich. And his wife has dissapeared three years ago. He has two small daughters - identical twins - and lives with them on the family manor. 

Liliane |OPEN| and Noelle Cossé-Brissac |TAKEN|TWINS|

Suggested Face Claim: Kristen Dunst
Age:10 || Birthday: October 10, 1939
Personality: There is no such thing as bad twin and good twin with Lily and Elle - since they both are naughty in equal measures. Be with terrorizing nannies or maids together with Jam, or pestering their older cousins, they are masters are the prankster trade. Rarely times you can found one without the other.

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