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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Sterling Qiang Zhou

Birthday: January 17, 1931/2 (depending on which year he gets into)

Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada

Bloodline: Halfblood 

Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring

Magical Weakness (pick one): Summoning

Year (pick two): Seventh or Sixth


Marinette Guo, at only twenty two years old, is still all bright eyes and big dreams. Born and raised in Colorado (America) her muggle parents were dirt poor. She started wondering of a better future when she was shipped off to Salem, surrounded my rich purebloods, and decided she wanted something like that when she grew up. As soon a she graduated, Marinette moved to Canada, because she had heard that it was easier for a woman to get an important job up in the North.
Even after the young woman moved, she wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do with her life, she just knew it was going to be important, and nothing could deter her from her goal. That was until she met-

Qiang Zhou a charming businessman born of a muggle and a halfblood, who were both businesspeople before him. And the two fell hopelessly in love, and suddenly she found her plans slightly deterred when they got married.

But on January 17, while the snow fell, Marinette gave birth to her first child, a bouncing baby boy that they named Sterling. At this moment she knew this was the end of her dreams. Qiang made enough money to support them and not much more, so the new family couldn't afford to put their new child in daycare or hire a nanny. So Marinette would have to completely abandon her dreams for her child. And, at first, she was obviously resentful, because how could something with such tiny feet crush all of her dreams? But then after a while, she started warming up to the baby, and she began to enjoy spending time with her little bundle of joy.

His mother did spend plenty of time with him, but after he was a couple months old she stopped mostly staying in the house with him and started taking him around town. As a baby, his favorite thing to do was go to the park with his mom. The first word that tumbled out of his mouth was "pretty" while his chubby fingers combed through his mum's hair, and she was smitten. After that, until he was two years old, he spent most of his time at his grandparents' house, being shown off. But he didn't mind it, because most of the time Granny Guo would give him candy.

Sterling turned three years old, and his parents had their second child- another boy named Mason. Before he was born, he couldn't wait until he got his little brother. The toddler wanted someone else to play with than his mother, and he was more than happy to share his toys with his sibling. However, as soon as Mason came home, Sterling quickly found out that wasn't the case. Mason was a grouchy baby who enjoyed throwing his toys at his older bother's face more than he did playing with them. If Sterling tried to explain how to play with them, Mason would simply break it in half. After a couple of weeks, Sterling completely gave up on trying to have fun with his little brother and tried to avoid him completely.

After a while, Sterling got used to his brother being in the spotlight and learned to have fun by himself. Even at his visits to his grandparents' house he barely got any attention, but he was satisfied with the candy. Mason was such a handful, Marinette almost never had time to spend with Sterling alone, but when she did it was special. He especially liked it when his mother brushed through his hair while she sang to him. Those were his favorite moments from his childhood, even better than his early childhood.

When Sterling was five years old, his father got him his first broom. It was a toy broom, painted bright red, and it barely went a few inches off the ground. But it was a big deal to Qiang, who was a Quidditch fanatic, and was proud of his little boy. All Sterling knew was that he didn't like it, he would rather be playing with his mum's jewelry or drawing. But this was the only time he spent with his father, so he learned to love it. In fact, he got into other sports, just so he would be able to spend more time with Qiang.

Everything was sailing pretty smoothly until Sterling turned seven years old.

At eight years old, Marinette gave birth to her third and last child, a girl, and she was named Eliza, and Sterling quickly figured out he liked Eliza more than he did Mason. Eliza was quiet and almost never broke his toys, and he found himself spending a lot of time with her.

After Eliza's birth, Sterling's life before schooling went by in a mindless blur of fun, sparkles, and tears. As Mason got older, he got rowdier, and he pranked his older brother so often it was borderline torture. But Sterling spent his days giggling, playing with Eliza, practicing sports with his father, and following his mother around, so he managed to have a pretty good time.

Sterling attended a small magical school in northern Canada. At first, he had trouble fitting in. He had severe case of homesickness. He missed his mother, his father, and his sister, and maybe his brother  (a  little bit). Some of the other students began to pick on him, and it was much harder to avoid four people than it was one pesky little brother. But after a while he made friends, and they were more than happy to protect him. His experience at school was a happy one, and he ended up joining the Quidditch team and the Hospital Wing.

All was peaceful until his fourth year. During Christmastime and near Sterling's birthday, his father died. Sterling was crushed. His mother refused to tell any of her children what had happened, so Sterling assumed it was something really bad. To this day, Sterling still has night terrors, and his father haunts his dreams. After his father's death Sterling started getting interested in more hobbies, like gardening and playing music so he wouldn't have to sleep. For the rest of the year, he stayed home with his mother, being homeschooled. Marinette got a job as a Journalist to support the family.

He went back to school for his fifth year, and was crowned captain of the Quidditch team. At first he was miserable, but with the coaxing of his friends and the distraction of his classes and the team, Sterling slowly got over the death of his father. However, the same thing couldn't be said about Mason. After Qiang's death, he became even more reckless, and towards the end of Sterling's sixth/fifth year he managed to get himself kicked out of school.

His mother was deeply disappointed in his youngest boy, and she needed to get him enrolled in a new school. She thought getting him in a school nearby wasn't a good enough punishment, so she decided to send Mason off to live with Qiang's younger sister in London. At first, Sterling was happy that his brother would be gone, so he would be able to spend his last years in school in peace, but his mother told him he would have to go to Hogwarts with Mason to keep and eye on him. Sterling's very upset about the whole thing and believes he shouldn't be punished for his brother's mistakes, but while he's in Europe he should make the best of it.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Wherever he fits, I'm not picky.

Personality: Sterling is often mistaken for a shy person because he does not talk unless spoken to first, but he is not. His mother's teachings are burned into his brain, so he is just extremely polite. While he doesn't exactly call himself extroverted, he definitely is interested in people, what they do, what they love, and how they feel. Even though he's very focused on keeping himself happy after being tormented by his brother and bullies for years, he genuinely cares about the people close to his heart and wants to do his best to make sure they're okay. Sterling, for the most part, is carefree. He just wants to love, learn, and do the things he enjoys. Even though he's trying to stay calm and focus on being satisfied with his life, he is an eternal people-pleaser and is very sensitive. He changes himself for other people all the time, fearing their opinion of him.

Appearance: Sterling is tall and lanky. The strongest part of his body is his arms, coming from his years of playing as Beater on the Quidditch team. He has black hair that appears dark brown in some lighting. He normally doesn't style it, and it naturally sticks to his forehead. He has dark eyes and pale skin. Sterling is normally seen with sparkles or glitter somewhere on his body or face.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Sterling rarely lingered around his Housemates after he ate breakfast. It wasn't that he didn't want to spend time with them, of course. Normally he would be happy when them- well, anyone- bothered to even speak to him. Sterling didn't consider himself a grouchy person, but technically he was in the mornings. Sterling was quicker to snap and even quicker to cry. He definitely didn't want people to see him not acting like himself. He might accidentally hurt someone's feelings, and he didn't want to ruin what could be a perfectly good friendship with a sleepy mistake.

Sleep was special to him, and he got extremely upset when even a second of it was taken away from him. Dreaming allowed him to delve deeper into his subconscious and come up with ideas he wouldn't begin to think of while conscious. Dreams provided a peek into one's soul, which was why he was obsessed with his own and those of other people. He wanted to spend every second he could dreaming, and no matter how early he want to bed, he never got enough.

Normally, he would shove his food down his throat, making it evident to his housemates that he was too busy eating to have a conversation. Then, he would rush out of the door before anyone could ask him anything. Today was no exception. He curled himself in a ball and slept by the flowers.

There was something romantic about the entire thing, taking a nap in a bed of flowers. It was something a princess would do after being saved by her prince, curling into a ball and passing out of exhaustion. Maybe it would be where the princess slept and her prince discovered her and woke her from a thousand-year slumber. Perhaps it was where a gallant knight lay to die after trying to save a kingdom of the poor from a dragon. The possibilities were endless.

The boy spent his life trying to understand himself and everything around him, and he had figured out that his dreams changed based on where he fell asleep. So, whenever he napped by the flowers, he dreamed of fairytales and happy (or rather dramatic) endings. It was absolutely fascinating.

He was jarred awake by a loud sneeze, and he jumped out from his position, very alarmed and slightly annoyed, his eyes wide open. His heart was beating loud in his chest, pounding so much he was sure it was going to burst out of his chest. The young man's eyes locked on the person who had sneezed, and he stared at them, his mouth gaping slightly. It occurred to him that he should say bless you, but he was breathing so fast he couldn't speak. Besides, he was pretty sure the moment had passed.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

He quickly got his breathing back to normal and replied, as calmly as he could. "I am sorry. I did not mean to be rude, I was just startled by the sneeze, that's all." Sensing the other boy's discomfort, he quickly changed the subject. "So, how can I, uh, help you?" He smiled as helpfully as he could.


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