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Global Moderators

Other Staff

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Who Works Where?


Headmistress Anneka Ivanova
Head of Gryffindor Aubrey Kedding
Head of Hufflepuff Dorian James
Head of Ravenclaw Ella Galanis
Head of Slytherin David Leighton
Duelling Aubrey Kedding
Ella Galanis
Prefects Anneka Ivanova
Quidditch David Leighton
Spellbound Ella Galanis


Ministry of Magic Anneka Ivanova
Martin Hawksworth
St. Mungo's Calypso Ross
Plot-Specific Institutions
Social Reconstruction Committee Anneka Ivanova
Calypso Ross
Site Plots Marina Lamont

Camp Loki

Camp Director Clinton Litchfield

Special Teams

Mentor Program Aubrey Kedding
Sylvia Renn
Site Promo Team Cladis Perses Gallion
Site Support Nathaniel Ross
Viola Ross