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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Elspeth E. Tilden // Liu Táo

Birthday: 4th March, 1948

Hometown: Port Sunlight, England

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): Third or Fourth (would prefer third!)


The history of the Tildens is only mildly interesting, for their wealth and power has mostly been lost over the generations they’ve resided in Merseyside. They’re not poor by any means, but they are certainly not thriving like a certain mother of seven believes they should be.

In fact, if she plays her cards right, her eldest daughter’s marriage will catapult them back to where she they belong. Until then, however, that same mother of seven from a prominent Chinese family lives with her less impressive Tilden husband and their small army of daughters in the delightful wizarding quarter of Port Sunlight. It is quaint and quiet and thanks to an impressive collection of charms and transfigurations, the exterior of their Tudor house is quite deceiving compared to what is on the inside. Having seven daughters, you see, requires a lot of room.

But this isn’t actually about the mother of seven. This is about Elspeth, the sixth daughter of the seven and a young girl that demands to be seen. Rather than inheriting her mother’s sharp edges, she came out with what looked like two juicy peaches for cheeks, earning her the name Chinese name Táo. Growing up, she soon earned the nickname Táotáo, meaning torrential, which perfectly suited her temperament once the seventh and final child arrived in the form of Dodie -- also named Qiqi. No longer being the baby, she resorted to whatever means necessary for attention and affection and quickly learned that being mischievous had way better odds than being perfectly behaved.

Elspeth received the same traditional upbringing as her sisters, though hers differed in discipline. Due to the sheer number of girls living under one roof, Elspeth could often be an afterthought, meaning she could get away with much more and essentially do as she pleased. Perhaps this would be different if she were a boy -- the only boy -- but her family seemed to tolerate her even less when she acted like little boys did. Still, attention was attention, and she would do just about anything to get it now that Dodie had stolen all of hers.

Things took a turn for the better once Elspeth began her formal education at Hogwarts. A schedule and clearly outlined expectations suited her, and though it wasn’t The Chinese Institute of Magic she was actually quite relieved her parents had settled for Scotland over Guilin. Sure, it was a little dreary and she hated the cold, but she had friends! Adventures to go on! And best of all, Dodie was nowhere to be found.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff or Slytherin please -- surprise me!


Elspeth is an affection-hungry little girl that doesn't appreciate being pushed to the sidelines. Though imaginative and bright, she has grown up to be quite unsure of herself. She tends to be fickle, liking what others like and picking up habits as well as little pieces of their personalities so she can make friends as easily as possible. Unfortunately, this means she has the tendency to be codependent and doesn’t take rejection or criticism well. At her worst, Elspeth will tell lies or even guilt trip her friends into spending time with her. On the other hand, she is known for being affectionate and generous and will go the extra mile to keep her friends happy. She follows her heart over her head and gives what she gets, making her a dear friend or a petty rival.

Her one true hobby is reading and telling stories. In fact, there was a short period of time where she insisted her English name was to be Brontë after reading Wuthering Heights. She is particularly skilled at calligraphy and has lots of little handmade books (stained with black tea for that old-timey feel) scattered all over her room. Other hobbies she has picked up thanks to her friends include stealing knick knacks and personal treasures for “science” and poking around in dirt for bugs and fancy rocks.


Though she shares their raven hair and amber eyes, Elspeth is the only one out of her sisters that takes after her father. She has doe-like eyes and cheeks that look like perfectly round peaches and a fat bottom lip that makes her pout borderline insufferable. As she’s the odd one out, she is a little insecure about her appearance since her mother (and therefore her sisters) are sharp and gangly and to her that is a true beauty. Nonetheless, she is absolutely sure that one day she’ll shoot up and be as tall as they are. She is yet to reach the age where makeup is essential, so for now she sticks to pretty red lip balms that never lose their flavour and tries to cover up a scar on her temple from when she threw a tantrum and fell down the garden steps. She isn’t particularly fond of dresses as she gets cold easily, so she will often be found in oversized knitwear and slim fit pants instead.

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Option 2:

Elspeth couldn't believe Corina had talked her into treasure hunting again.

It wasn't that she didn't believe there was buried goblin treasure somewhere in the castle gardens. She was sure there was -- Cori had proof -- but it was cold and windy and the last thing she wanted was for her cheeks to look like they had been pelted with winter berries.

And yet, there she was on her hands and knees, wand in the dirt poking around for anything remotely shiny. Who was she to say no when someone wanted to spend time with her?

So far they had picked out some worms, a couple of nice rocks, and a single sickle. Elspeth was in two minds about throwing the worms back as she didn't want to take them away from their home in the dirt, but considering how meticulous her younger friend could be it really wasn't worth the hassle.

Besides, the quicker they found the treasure, the quicker she could wrap up infront of a warm fire.

Corina had run off to start digging in another part of the garden when Elspeth heard a loud sneeze. She turned her head to find the same boy she had heard looking for his rat earlier with his head in a patch of red flowers and a shiver ran down her spine as she watched him wipe his snot on his robes.

Her dark brows knitted together and her lip curled. She suddenly found herself rather grateful that she didn't have any brothers.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

"It's not polite to wipe boogers on your robes." She snapped quickly.

Climbing to her feet, she dusted off the grass stains from her knees and then brushed her hands together. She didn't need a reminder as to why she wasn't in the business of befriending boys, and yet there one was standing before her with smiley sleeves.

"I think you ought to get that rodent of yours and leave, otherwise Corina might want to skin it and feed it to the Goblin king when she gets back."


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