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Name: Elizabeth Merriam Woods-Taylor

Birthday: September 16, 1963

Hometown: Small town in Northern California

Bloodline:  Middle of the road? Both mother and father are magically inclined and have schooled in the arts, but her mother was actually muggle born. So Liz isn’t muggle born herself, but she also isn’t from a long line of pure-blood wizards. Yes I am probably making too much of this question.

Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning
Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms
Year (pick two): first or second year.

Happy, headstrong, rather outgoing, if not terribly naive, Lizi loves adventure and thinks attending her mother’s school would be the best adventure of her life.

Elizabeth is still a scrappy wafer of a girl, the type you might expect to bound off of a jungle gym, possibly fall awkwardly into the sand and then rush back up for a second try at perfecting that jump. With dark brown hair covered in natural sandy streaks that seem never to go away, budding freckles on her cheeks, and good muscle tone on her legs, it seems as if the girl spends all of her time outdoors in play. Lizi in fact seems to have taken away a little bit of everything from her parents in way of attitude, physical traits and demeanor, but talent well that is another story. She isn’t great with animals at all, but she isn’t afraid of them either due to her mother’s simple knack with all creatures - which will surely get her into trouble one day. She doesn’t have a lick of musical talent like her mother either. She cannot draw if her life depended on it like her father – save for stick figures, and there is no way she likes watching him write plans and study specs. For that matter, to broaden her comparison group, she isn’t even like her brother and is bored silly with all of the mechanical stuff he loves. Yet if there is anything she can fully take from her mother it is her love of the outdoors and for now she isn’t even too shabby in the mathematics realm like her father  (until those equations start getting in the way of her and the outdoors).

She loves both of her parents but looks up to her mother most because Raini was always there to patch up a knee or tell Lizi stories of her own adventures. The young girl’s fondest memories are of the most mundane of things; ordinary tasks, simple day-to-day chores, the mere act of raking may be foremost in her mind when thinking back over her life. A simple day spent in the garden perhaps, watching her mom tend the veggies while cooing to a bird flying overhead, and then watching as that bird would take pause in its travels, and cautiously flit toward her Mom as curiosity got the better of it. Or walking in the woods out back and being reminded by her Mother, urged to stay quiet and think only the most positive things if she wished to share such an environment with woodland neighbors.

Such simple acts were great food for a young mind to process. Because of her mother’s talent with creatures, Liz was always surrounded by one animal or another; interesting and curious beasts or ordinary and plain. And even though her own presence didn’t seem to please her mother’s friends, just watching her mom take pleasure with something so whole-heartedly, made Lizi think, made Lizi KNOW that there was something out there that she could do well, love best and take pride in most.

This was one of the reasons, among many to be honest, that Elizabeth wanted to take advantage of the Hogwarts application letter. She wanted to see, first hand, where her mother had taken those steps to becoming who she was. Lizi wanted to walk the same halls, see that forbidden woodland, which she was almost certain her mother had ventured through even if Raini had yet to admit to it, and Liz wanted very much to take the same classes as her mom – never mind such a thought was basically impossible.

Yet Elizabeth was also scared. If she was accepted, this particular adventure would take her the furthest she had ever been from home. Comfort would be had knowing her family promised to come and visit when they could, but this was no five minute drive to a friend’s house, this was a whole year spent practically on the other side of the world. Now that sounded like an adventure, a mighty scary adventure…


"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

The smallest comment is all it takes sometimes and poof, the world blows up, or at least they act as if it does. Thinking back on it, Lizi might have phrased her answer a little differently; used a nicer tone, used fewer accusatory words, maybe refused to open her big mouth in the first place. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, was advise her father had given her a time or two in the past. It was so difficult for Elizabeth though, because her opinion felt so big, important enough to voice, and her parents had always told her to stick up for the things she believed in. This particular opinion was that her teacher was being unfair to muggles.

Sure some of her points sounded correct, but were the conclusions right? Muggles are quick to judge, but isn’t everybody – muggle and wizard alike? Yes they can be cruel when faced with something they don’t understand, but isn’t that normal and rather common for both worlds? Lizi supposed it was even true that many envy power, but is that a bad thing, does it always make for a dangerous person?

Elizabeth had lived amongst muggles her whole life and some of her best friends were muggle children, so this bombardment of worlds and seeming distrust for all non-magic users was turning Liz’s stomach. The whole class was starting to feel like a trial, only no one in the room was representing the muggle’s point of view, her friend’s points of view. Before she knew it, Elizabeth had launched into a fast succession of comparisons in response to the teachers request for supporting examples.

“Well, I think wizards are exactly like muggles, only you think you are loads better because you can make things happen by waving a tiny stick.”

Thinking back on that opening statement, she realized she sounded pretty dumb, but at the time it seemed very smart. Only now, she still owned the teacher two papers on muggle wars and the events that led up to them and one lengthy novella on documented wizard intervention in muggle affairs throughout the last 200 years.

Elizabeth was definitely finished with talking up during class from now on! She was also fed up with studying as it was stealing her life… Lizi had missed Quidditch match entirely, had to forgo lunch and quite possibly dinner, she didn’t even have the time to ask a passing student how the match had turned out, but she refused to let daylight slip from her grasp as well.

Lizi had reached the bottom of the steps, rounded the corner and was well on her way to heading out the door when an unbelievably harsh voice yelled at her for doing something or another… what was she supposed to take a picture of?
Elizabeth, so caught off guard, stumbled through her answer, the words tumbling out of her mouth after barely forming in her mind. “I was just… outside…going out…”

As the words materialized, and rather badly at that, she also transitioned from confusion into defensive anger, “wait, whatsit to you?! I don’t know you… do I?”

With that half question flung out, she began to realize the disheveled look of the boy; his odd stance, his conflicted demeanor somewhere between stiff anger and limp acceptance, and lastly she noticed his tears. Liz quickly changed her tune and added, “Listen, I’m sorry… did something happen? Can I help?” Along with the off she had taken a step closer to him, in wait of his reply. This kid looked far worse than she felt and anyone that felt like a bigger mess than she probably needed a hug.

… but she wasn’t going that far…


Previous Characters (if applicable): Years ago I had a character playing on the boards, named Raini Woods, first or second year during 1937. I think I had written a few others over the following years but nothing came of them other than a fun foray into silliness.

How did you find us?: Way back when, I found you through an online search of goodies having to do with the HP universe and decided to jump right in. It has been a while since I checked back on this board after so much school and work interruption, and this time a friend of mine poked me, reminded me of the good ‘ol days and yup I’m jumping right back in!

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