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Those in the matriarchal line hold the highest positions of power and influence within the family, but one must remember that with power comes great responsibility. They help to assist the Mambo in protecting the family as well as their Vodou faith, and the adults often dedicate their time to being mentors and teachers to the younger generation that too must learn the faith, their traditions, and their trade to ensure the family's survival.

Onyeka Adiya Belizaire is the Matriarch and Mambo of the Belizaire family. She is in her mid-fifties and resides in a large wooden cottage hand built by her late husband in the forests of Somerset, not far from the family temple.

She is stern but fair and a devout pacifist. Loves nature.

FC: Eartha Kitt. NPC.


Named after the native bird of Haiti, Trogon Cottage is situated on the outskirts of the forest that houses the Belizaire Temple, allowing the mambo's first born and her family to carry out their duties with ease.

Inhabitants:   ESPÉRANCE NADIYO (mother)
                          Francillion Anodi (Father)
                          Pharah Ophazi
                          Toussaint Laurent
                          Victoire Ezne Belizaire
                          Lilou FRANCESKA

                          A BAT (VICTOIRE)
                          2 GOATS (LILOU)

Espérance Nadiyo, 38, first in line

Espérance is first in line to become the family mambo and is highly praised by the community. Her intuition is impressive as well as her generosity, often making her the light their family turns to in times of darkness. She feels most herself when surrounded by nature and carries with her an exceptional moral compass.

FC: Yasmin Warsame. NPC.
Francillion Anodi, 41

Francillion (nee. Ironsi) is Espérance's husband and is a humble herbologist and specialise in the cultivation of crops. He was born in Nigeria and is quiet, introspective, and his wife’s greatest supporter as well as a devoted father figure to his own children as well as their cousins. He is happiest at home working the fields and forests, often sending relatives to sell their crops in near by markets.

FC: Ger Duany. NPC.
Pharah Ophazi, age 14

Pharah is a Slytherin at Hogwarts and second in line, behind her Mother Espérance, to become Mambo. Like her mother, she has an exceptional moral compass, but often follows her head valuing logic and rationale rather than her heart. Her greatest fear is not being able to fill the shoes and continue the legacy her mother will leave behind.

FC: Riley Montana. Reserved.
Toussaint Laurent, age 12

Toussaint is a Gryffindor at Hogwarts School and Espérance’s oldest son. He is closest to his cousin Cupidot and spends more time at his aunt Séverine’s home than his own. This resulted in a proud little boy with great ambition, but also encouraged a more devious, selfish side to him which morally conflicts him. He has several thread snakes as pets, all named after flowers.

FC: Adonis Bosso. Taken.
Victoire Eznet, age 9

Victoire is third in line behind her mother and older sister. She exhibits her mother's best traits, her generosity in particular, and she isn't concerned about becoming the family mambo. She knows she can preserve and protect their faith and family without a position of power. She will be a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, and in her free time likes to collect and press wild flowers in a special journal.

FC: Tami Williams. Open.
Lilou Franceska, age 7

Lilou is fourth in line and very aware of the fact she'll never get to be or do the things her mother and grandmother can - at least to the same extent. She is mischievous and envious of how people linger on their every word, and at the moment romantices the position as if it's comparable to that of princesses in fairytales. She will be a Slytherin and in her free time likes to practice traditional dance.

FC: Malaika Firth. Open.


Situated near Watchet, Somerset, Hemlock House sits on a river within a town and consists of three floors - each of course charmed to appear larger - and one of being solely utilised for Séverine's work in potioneering and expertise in poisons.

Inhabitants:   Séverine Victoire (Mother)
                          Cupidot Thierry
                          Juliette Fabienne
                          Lovelie Zaïre
                          Bebe Mercidieu

 Family Pets:   Rhino Iguana (Séverine)
                         Stick Insect (Cupidot)

Séverine Victoire, 36, fifth in line

Séverine is a fiercely independant woman that is known for her scathing stare and quick tongue. She particularly enjoys playing devil's advocate to irritate her older sister. She is a devoted and loving mother, and despite also being somewhat of a romantic she is yet to find a man worthy of being called husband due to high standards and the upmost respect for her family and culture. She is a master potioneer and specialises in rare poisons, often being employed by law enforcement.

FC: Naomi Campbell. Taken.
Cupidot Thierry, Age 11

Cupidot is a Slytherin at Hogwarts school and is Séverine's oldest child. Much to everyone's dismay, he takes after his mother a little too much. He is fiercely independant and outspoken, and he often butts heads with his family, including his mother, which results in a slap across the skull. He has inherited his family's talent for potions and possesses a particular interest in entimology.

FC: Daje Badour. Taken.
Juliette Fabienne, age 10

Juliette is Séverine's oldest daughter. She's ultra competitive with her eldest brother and regularly fights others on the best way to accomplish things. She always sides with her mother and is incredibly judgmental. Her handwriting is  incredibly neat and she keeps her belongings tidy and precise. Many people find her to be difficult to be around, except for those with the most backbone to withstand her prickly side. She will be a Slytherin at Hogwarts.

FC: Jourdan Dunn. Open.
Lovelie Zaïre, age 8

Lovelie is incredibly sarcastic and sharp tongued, often bickering with her two eldest siblings. Once she begins talking, she can dicatate for hours on her opinions, much to the annoyance of her family members. She takes on a usually frank tone which lacks any pretention to grace or tact. She collecting wildflowers and pressing them in notebooks. Her bedroom wall is filled with frames of her favorites. She will be a Slytherin at Hogwarts.

FC: Aya Jones. Reserved.
Bebe Mercidieu, age 2

Aside from her rhinosaurus iguana, little Bebe is his mother's pride and joy. He is a happy toddler, and finds particular amusement in watching his siblings get smacked up the head whenever they step out of line. He will grow to be a gentle giant and will be sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts.

FC: Undecided. Closed.

Resources / Re: Face Claim
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Character name: Nishka Mikael Eldkvist
Face claim (first name last name): Neha Dhupia
Link to accepted application/completed thread:http://hogwarts-school.net/sortinghat/index.php?topic=8165.0
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Adults & Children / ACCEPTED: Maia Nettlebed | Elsewhere Adult
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Elsewhere Accepted / Re: Maia Nettlebed | Elsewhere Adult
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Elsewhere Accepted / Maia Nettlebed | Elsewhere Adult
« Last post by Maia Nettlebed on 13/06/2018 at 03:46 »

E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Maia Mae Nettlebed
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (b. 21 February 1936)
Blood Status: Pureblood

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hufflepuff Class of 1954

Residence: Foxe Farm, Somerset, England

Occupation: Seventh Year

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example, the Ministry, Shrieking Shack) or to take over an existing shop in need of new management?
Not for now.

Requested Magic Levels:
  • Charms: 7
  • Divination: 11
  • Transfiguration: 7
  • Summoning: 7

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so, who and for what IC reason?
The Fellwater/Nettlebed/Foxe crew.

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Lucy Hopland & co.

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
There’s a picture somewhere, probably stored in the bowels of the Orchard House, of a three-year-old Maia Mae Nettlebed crying as she holds her newborn sister, Vega, who is also crying. The picture is succeeded by a second and third for both Nashira’s and Rana’s birth respectively. The second and third photos aren’t much different from the first; Maia is there, crying as her new sister wails in her arms, much to the enjoyment of her parents. When asked on each occasion why she was crying, Maia answered simply: "Because she's so scared!" The pictures are very telling, then, of Maia’s personality, or what was to become her personality in the following years.

Even from a young age, Maia was sensitive to the emotions of others. Often times she was caught staring intently, as children so often do, at the faces of those around her. She would miss questions and whole conversations because she was caught up looking at their reactions. When asked a question, she would take a moment to think before answering, as if considering the repercussions her words would have.

At an age where children led with their mouths and not with their heads, this led many people to believe she was slow. Maia was not slow, she was everything but slow; she was eager yet sensitive--an alert, wide-eyed kitten stepping through an unknown doorway perhaps; she was intuitive, startlingly so; she was unbelievably understanding; she went about her life with her heart on her sleeve and her eyes closed, trusting the kindness of others to keep her from falling.

Her superpower is putting people at ease and making them feel included, a greatly underrated talent. This helped during her years at Hogwarts, where for the first time in her life, she found herself without a clan.

Her weakness is just how much she relies on those around her to keep her grounded.

When their father left, Maia was the least surprised of them all. If there was anyone she was the most in tune with emotions-wise, it would be--would've been her father; she saw his restlessness for what it was. And ultimately, undoubtedly, she was hurt. But what hurt more was the ricochet of trauma her father's abandonment left on her family. Here she was, a self-proclaimed castle-builder, with the sand crumbling between her fingertips, unable to rebuild the foundation of their family as quickly as it was flooding.

She loathes her father now not because he left them--having inherited his need for freedom, of being unbound by commitments, she understood why he ran away--but because she was left alone to pick up the pieces, and not even she was ready for that burden.

She reckons now, years later, that the time she spent keeping her sisters afloat amidst their turmoil took away from her own healing. She reckons now that the escapist tendencies she has are a direct result of that time, of not knowing where else to turn but inward.

Maia is dreamy, willful, and unstable--in that she believes what's expected of her today, tomorrow, and in the future is constantly changing--though, admittedly, she seeks stability in every other aspect of her life. Despite her idiosyncratic behavior, she holds herself to the utmost standard, not that you'll believe it by looking at her. She refuses criticism because she's a non-conformist and someone else's ideas most likely don't align with her own.

She will heal you if you let her. She will leave you even if you don't let her.

Amelia Nixon was many things, but she was never a pushover reporter that people could just usher away with a busy shuffle past. She was dedicated and eager to cut to the very middle of the current political tensions because she was Amelia Nixon and her articles would most certainly become front page material.

“Sir, please! It’s for the Prophet, how do you feel-“

Another one brushed passed her, the shuffling busy masses making their way through Diagon Alley for the lunchtime rush. This had been the best possible time to get people, but none of them were giving her anything to go with.

Only momentarily discouraged, the short red-headed lady took a seat on a nearby bench. Her quill resting in her left hand and her notepad ready in the opposite hand. Amelia pouted, tapping the quill against her leg as she scanned the waves of people for somebody - anybody - who looked like they had something to say.

She had been dreaming of her name in bold print, Amelia Nixon: The Source of Today’s Tomorrow. She had been dreaming of the larger office and the secretaries that would fetch her the morning coffee and fetch her anything she needed. The VIP interviews and the most exclusive press passes. But all Amelia had was a page seventeen piece on the rising number of frogs in London.

Hardened by a day of no success, the reporter stood up and started to trot off down the alley. A loose stone on the cobble path caught her heel, sending the distraught girl toppling down to the ground.

“Merlin’s fog watch, my heel is broken! Help!” she yelled as she tried desperately to recover her shoe frantically in the middle of the Diagon Alley moving crowds.

Roleplay Response:
She had a list from her mother:

Maia, don't forget the detergent, owl feed, and the dry-cleaning. Love, mom.

A list from Vega (pre-approved by their mother):

M, get moonstone, syrup of hellebore, unicorn horn, and porcupine quills. Also go to Potage's and see if they have my brass cauldron yet. --V

And funnily enough, a list from Rana that she was sure hadn't been given the a-okay:

Mimi please get this stuff!! 4 sugar quills, 1 quart size bag of Wriggly's Gummy Worms but the tropical kind okay? and 3 exploding bon bons. <3 rana

(That one she tucked into the small pouch that contained her personal allowance.)

It seemed this was what she had been relegated to, a cute, unpaid errandgirl. Admittedly, this was better than what she had left behind--a steaming pile of manure waiting to be shoveled away. That duty now fell on Nashira and Vega, because, for once, being the eldest had paid off. Her mother hadn't thought her younger siblings capable of making the trudge out to Diagon Alley on their own. Maia, sensing the hesitation on who to send, had jumped on the opportunity to escape. In that moment, she'd capitalized on her mother's fear for their safety, a fact she was remorseful about now.

(But when she remembered how she left them, with Vega and Nashira up to their knees in horse excrement, her regret was short-lived.)

Maia followed the crowd as they twisted and churned through the slim streets of the Alley. As she rounded the corner heading north towards Meg's Owls, she heard rather than saw the woman's demise.

"Merlin’s fog watch, my heel is broken! Help!"

Immediately, Maia faltered in her steps, taken aback by the sheer distress in the woman's voice--over a heel no less. The crowd didn't take kindly to her pause, however, pushing her off the side as she worked her way back towards the stranger. The hand that clutched her purse was the first to peek through the crowd, and when she fully emerged, she was breathless.

"Here--le--let me help!" She wasted no time in getting on her knees beside the woman. "You pull in and I'll try to wriggle it out."

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Adults & Children / ACCEPTED: Stephen Arthur Lemahieu
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