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S M   &   T H E   O R D E R

The rise and fall of Supra Mortalitas and the Order

T I M E   W A R P


September 15, 1974
One Direction
Spencer Malthus and J. Walsingham talk about a pocketwatch or locket or something.

October- November 1974
It Belongs in a Museum
A collection of correspondence between Spencer Malthus and Ainsley Alcott in which Spencer Malthus tries to acquire a certain locket.

Mid-December 1974
The Item in Question
Spencer becomes an uncle, introduces New Year to Christmas, and finally manages to get his paws hands on the troublesome locket. Walsingham is invisible.

December 31, 1974
The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
Michael does a B&E into Spencer's apartment and sniffs some clothes before finding the locket in question. He opens it and all Time breaks loose.


d a y   1 .
January 1, 1937

Beauxbatons - The Ballroom - Oh Dear
It's just after midnight in France and Sophie Thistlecomb's watching the sky from the ballroom. Come see the lights with her as the sky changes from black to green to blue and back again.

Elsewhere - Wizarding London - Countdown
The social climbers of the British wizarding world are hobnobbing, but the New Year they're ringing in isn't the one they're expecting. Also lights in the sky so pretty, they've stopped time.

Elsewhere - Muggle London - Displacement Theory
Muggleborn witch goes to muggle party. Muggleborn witch ends up crashing someone else's ...without her so much as moving. But perhaps the world around her has?

Elsewhere - St. Mungo's - We Solemnly Swear We're Sober
It was supposed to be a quiet night at the office, until half the wizarding world decided to get hungover. All at once. And none of them even really seem drunk. Chaos ensues.

Elsewhere - Ministry of Magic - Time Flies
Chaos erupts in the Department of Mysteries, specifically the Hall of Prophecies and the Time Room. Destroyed prophecies and broken timepieces have left one Unspeakable incredibly shaken.

Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower - Fugue
Aries is watching the lights in the sky just past midnight. They are pretty, if unexpected. What could they mean?

Hogwarts - West BaileyTick, Tick, Tock
Late at night near the Professors' quarters, unusual events begin to unfold.

Salem - The Lobby - Bad Time for a Field Trip
Nigel's about to leave Salem and venture into Boston! Want to explore the wreckage? Feeling humanitarian and wanting to find your Muggleborn classmates? Grab your coat and get going.

Salem - Boys Dormitories - Hysteria
Oh dear, Trent seems to have lost his most prized possession. Check out what else you've lost and start a support group with him!

Salem - Hospital Wardl - Keep Calm & Carry On
Need someone to talk to? Ophelie Lecuyier & Winston Elbrick are here to listen to all of your concerns, hopes, fears, and Feelings. Simply start an open thread (dialogue-only, please!) and link them to it.

Salem - Dining Hall - Panic on the Streets of… Salem?!
Filius Pendragon and Delaney Roberts are trying to corral order in the Dining Hall - all students at Salem are required to report!

t h e   P O L I T I C A L   b a c k l a s h


September 1974
In the editorial section of the Daily Prophet, two sides start locking horns over the role of the Order, the Ministry that party controls, and where the citizens have a say.
An Open Letter
An Open Letter No. 2
A Letter Concerning Toleration
A Letter Concerning Intent


January - June 1937
Words turn into action post-time warp changes, and suddenly letters are beginning to shift into a movement.
A Letter of the People, by the People
A Letter for the People
Ninety-Five Theses - Diagon Alley Main Street - open petition

August 3, 1937
Wizengamot Session: Blood Status Bill
Meanwhile, the Ministry and its ruling elite take steps of their own to address the rising tide of problems both at home and abroad.

August 1937
Ministerial Decree 37.8.5: Blood Status Census - Ministry of Magic, sign-up
The Ministry has spoken, and the census has begun. How many will lie? How many will attempt to ignore? And still how many will use the information to further their own ends?

Fall 1937
Wizengamot: Subcommittee Hearings on Blood Purity
The purebloods convene behind closed doors to dictate where they would like the next steps to this law to go, and they probably have good reason to keep it all behind closed doors, too.

m e a n w h i l e   i n   t h e   m u g g l e   w o r l d .
January 1-8, 1937
Three purebloods take a pleasure jaunt, crossing France, Germany and Austria, and find a world has gone to war without them.

November, 1937
The Rules of the Game
Assumed identities & a reconnaissance mission abroad.


December 23, 1938
Wizengamot: Midnight Emergency Session
The walls are breaking down and the Wizarding World needs to react.

January 7, 1939
The Blueprint
Two purebloods who knew too much are silenced.

p o s t - s h o o t i n g   l o c k d o w n
Calling All Aurors
Inside St. Mungo's
Outside St. Mungo's
The Daily Prophet
Panic with Miss Prothero
Party with Mrs. Prothero

E X T R A O R D I N A R I E S  &  T H E  I N S T I T U T I O N S


August 1940
Decree for the Welfare of Extraordinaries
Under the First Supplementary Decree for the Welfare of Extraordinaries, set fourth by the Minister for Magic in August, 1940, those persons of all abilities considered to be extraordinary are required to register their details with the Department of Social Affairs.

i n t e r v i e w s
Aries Paladin
Juniper Ellwood-Luxe
Marcus Altair
Charles Kedding
Chantal Renard
Pryce Hir
Kristoffer Carlisle
Pandora Duke

June 1941
Are You Safe From Your Ministry?
The Daily Prophet publishes an article about the sudden health tests being imposed on Extraordinaries against their will. Many arrive at St Mungo’s.

June 1941
Charles Kedding is brought to the Institute.

June 1941
My Immortal
Pandora Duke and Kristoffer Carlisle in Cellblock D.

Summer 1941
Pandora Duke is tormented by Geryon Crowley.

Summer 1941
All that I'm living for
Pandora Duke and Sarah Ann Darcy are brought to the Institute, experiments begin and conditons deteriorate.

Summer 1941
And time goes by
Experiments begin on Charles Kedding, conditions deteriorate.

September 1941
Breaking News - The Cost of Being Extraordinary
The Daily Prophet is sent a letter with pictures of where people are being held, and what their living conditions are really like. Shetland Institute is exposed and students are freed.

December 21, 1941
Operation Wilk
MOD discovers the final Institute and takes it over.


september 1944 - august 1945

t h e  i n v a s i o n .

October 1944
Filling In
Hogwarts: Headmistress Ivanova gives teaching assistants Genevieve Adele Lawrence and Audric Knutsson additional responsibilities in watching over the students.

November 1, 1944
Don't It Always Seem to Go
Hogwarts: Professor Proud discovers that the Sorting Hat has gone missing. In its place is a beautifully decorated phoenix tail feather.

November 1944
Have You Seen My Hat?
Hogwarts: Headmistress Ivanova questions Oliver Razi regarding the disappearance of the Sorting Hat. No progress is made in uncovering its whereabouts.

Late November 1944
Stump Mining [Herb II]
Hogwarts: Professor Oliveroot's wand has gone missing from his desk drawer, but the only foul play suspected by the Professor is on the part of his students. (He later finds a beautifully decorated phoenix tail feather.)

February 1945
The Case of the Missing Comb
Hogwarts: Professor Leighton's favorite comb goes missing. It is a somewhat hilarious tragedy. In its place is a beautifully decorated phoenix tail feather.

June 7, 1945
As the Dust Settles
Elsewhere 4:10pm: The Ministry of Magic is attacked as Thierry Perilloux sets off explosions in the Magical Accidents and Catastrophes break room and the bathroom of the Magical Games and Sports department after disabling communications. He feigns panic and successfully blends into the crowd. Meanwhile, searches for clues and any signs of suspicious activity are underway. Martin Hawksworth directs Aurors of all ranks, while Shepard T. Kedding directs the MoD forces. Perilloux slips into the Minister’s office undetected amid the chaos. Survivors are found and rescued.

Elsewhere 4:21pm: A transmission on the Ministry’s attack, the details of which are hazy and indefinite.

Upheaval [Transfig III]
Hogwarts 4:30pm: During the Transfiguration final exam, in which the students' wands are collected "to prevent cheating", Genevieve Lawrence takes Wilhelmina Mason captive and demands to speak to the Headmistress. Students have mixed reactions ranging from staying seated and quiet to standing and shouting insults at the woman. Emma Grace Birch manages to arm herself and attempts to disarm the invader. She is tragically killed in retaliation, and other dissenters are bound or silenced prior to Headmistress Ivanova's arrival with Audric Knutsson. Genevieve demands that the Headmistress remove the anti-apparition barriers around the castle on pain of the death of her daughter. Headmistress Ivanova reluctantly agrees.

Black or White [Herb EC]
Hogwarts 4:34pm: During the Herbology extra credit, Jaecar Gruber interrupts the class by taking Estella Ricardus hostage. The Professors and students gathered there attempt to stop him from leaving the Greenhouse with her. Professor Flair spouts a haunting prophecy: "A snake will die so a lion may live."
(Jaecar and Estella join the group in Upheaval prior to its completion.)

Game On
Hogwarts 4:50pm: Audric Knutsson informs Headmistress Ivanova of the capture of her daughter. After a battle of wits and spells, she demands to be taken to her daughter as proof that the girl is unharmed.

Set the Stage
Hogwarts, following Upheaval: The Professors and students are all disarmed and corralled into the Great Hall, where held hostage. The invading forces await word from the invasion force that is attempting to use the school as leverage to overtake the Ministry. Students and Professors await their fates in The Aftermath subforum.

The Hero's Dilemma
Elsewhere, following the events at Hogwarts: Alone in his office, Minister Hir contemplates the action he must take in response to the invasion in the Ministry and at Hogwarts School.

The Price to be Paid
Elsewhere, following The Hero's Dilemma: Ministry in lockdown. Minister (now ex-Minister) Hir surrenders the control of the Ministry over to the Germans/French. Hir vanishes from the face of the earth, Ministry workers are at a loss, while the DP documents this tragic, tragic event.

Elsewhere, at the same time as The Price to be Paid: General Shepard T. Kedding watches the Ministry surrender from the outskirts of the room. After the Minister disappears, he slips Colonel Vincent Kennith Thalman a galleon Portkey and issues his orders: to do nothing when the Hexenreich takes Kedding prisoner, to secure the location the galleon delivers him to, to protect and recruit the people, to resist when possible, and above all else - to stay above suspicion by cooperating with the Hexenreich.

Steal Away
Elsewhere: As General Shepard T. Kedding approaches Colonel Vincent Kennith Thalman, he signals to Colonel Aries Paladin to make his escape as per earlier orders. As the avenues of escape are severely limited, Paladin, a Parselmouth, bids his familiar to steal the portkey confiscated from the General, which he and his mentee, Alastriona Underwood, use to escape from the Ministry.

Just Another Night on the Run
Elsewhere, following Steal Away: Colonel Aries Paladin and Auror Alastriona Underwood discover the Merlin's Order of Defence in ruins and realize the situation is dire. The remainder of the thread chronicles their time as fugitives in the wilderness of Scotland...

June 10, 1945
Breaking News
A quick recap of the 7th June 1945 events, detailing the casualties in Hogwarts, Emma Birch’s untimely death and Minister Hir’s desertion. Who can we trust?

NOTICE: MOD Dissolution
Merlin’s Order of Defense and its affiliates are recalled from duty.

June 1945
Seeking Guidance
Hogwarts, following the invasion: In her office, Aubrey Kedding finds the stolen Sorting Hat, Professor Oliveroot’s wand, and Professor Leighton’s comb, which had been stolen throughout the term by the Germans. (What terrible deeds might they have been used for? Hogwarts may never know!)

August 25, 1945
Invasive Species
A Muggle has entered Wizarding London.

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