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Portkey FAQ.

A Quick FAQ ...

Is Everyone Allowed To Make A Portkey?

Yes; but with limitations. Portkeys cannot do international travel when made domestically; Portkeys for international travel can be purchased & applied for from the Ministry's Department of Magical Transportation at a large fee. For Professors using them for educational purposes, the borders are closed and this (international travel for the sake of mass education) is not permitted. Domestically made Portkeys can travel within the Wizarding areas of Britain only (as a result of the defensive charms applied after Martial Law was implemented).

What levels are needed to be able to make a portkey?

C14; T8; S8. The further you want to go and the weight you wish to transport will affect this.  The incantation for creating a portkey is 'Portus'.

Is it possible for ordinary people to acquire a portkey somewhere, if they can't make one?

Absolutely! They can apply for them from the Ministry of Magic. The wait for a portkey is three days.

If the maker of the portkey dies, will the portkey still work?


How many times can you use a portkey?

Portkeys are pre-set; but each one can only be used once. After this, the spell must be recast. It is advised that those applying for portkeys from the Ministry of Magic apply for two if they are looking to return. .

Does having a portkey require admin permission?

No - But people should not be crossing international borders without a WiSA. Please speak to an admin if you wish to do this for plot reasons.