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Archived Applications / Lucille Edwards
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Lucille Edwards

Birthday: January 20th

Hometown: Wimbourne

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength:Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year: first(preferred) or second year

Biography: Lucille Edwards remembers nothing about her parents, they died while she was a toddler. Growing up with her grandparents could be troubling at times. She had a hard time listening to their rules and became unruly when things weren’t going her way. Usually her grandparents sent her to her room and let the poor girl calm down but it had always been because they never wanted to deal with her attitude. Lucille had a nanny named Mary to watch over her as well as tutor her for her basic education and proper etiquette. Lucille actually liked having Mary around; she thought she was a better example of a mother then her grandmother who had been cold and distant towards her.

The only thing that Lucille and her grandparents were ever happy about was when she received her Hogwarts letter. It meant freedom to Lucille from her strict guardians and it meant that her grandparents finally disposed of the little terror. Sure as she aged Lucille had become more tamed compared to the little three years old they acquired but felt like she needed more discipline. When the realization kicked in for Lucille that she would no longer see Mary had made her feel upset. She wept in Mary’s arms as she was greeted by the morning after. The older witch stroked her head and let the little girl cry. Mary promised her that she would take care of Lucille till the very day she was sent to school.

Her grandparents allowed Mary to take Lucille out to fetch her school supplies which made the girl delighted. The day had been fun filled with periodic breaks from shopping for books and other boring supply shopping with having lunch and an afternoon tea break as well. There was no disapproved looks or being scolded for not acting proper. Lucille secretly wished she had a different life, a life where she had a mother and father, a life where she actually felt some kind of loving bond from a parent to a child. Mary had been the closest substitute to that and she made sure to hold on to that dearly.

Lucille had no cousins or aunts or uncles. It seemed like the last few generations of Edwards were diminishing. Most generations were only able to produce one offspring that survived past childhood. So to the horror that her mother had a child with a muggleborn wizard, it drove her grandparents to almost shun their only child’s family. When Lucille’s parents got into an accident and died, her grandparents had decided to start a new and hid their grandchild’s tarnished bloodline. Lucille doesn’t know about that fact, she believes she is a full pureblood and has no knowledge that her other grandparents are muggles. 

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Gryffindor

Personality:Little Lucille is known for being a tomboy. She would rather get down in the mud than play nicely and keep her clothes clean. Her grandparents disapprove of her behavior and sometimes make Lucille feel bad about herself. She tries to hide it and more or less succeeds doing so. When she isn’t being adventurous and daring, Lucille can be impatient when she has nothing to do or is bored. Homework can be strenuous for her and Lucille will put things to the last moment before it’s due. Lucille would rather be straight forward with people then beat around the bush. She can be kind but would rather honest with a person. One thing you can count on Lucille for being is that she is brave. Lucille will take on any challenge people will give her even the scary ones and prove to others she isn't a wimp.

Appearance: Lucille has dark brown hair that falls just pass her shoulders and kept straight. As much as she would like to have nice curly hair like her mother, she seems to have gotten her father’s. Her eyes are the same color as hair a dark shade of brown. They are big, round and full of light when she is excited and happy. Just above her lip on the left side of her mouth she has a tiny beauty mark which makes her a bit self-conscious if people point it out. She is slightly shorter than average children her age but Lucille hopes she’ll catch up to the rest of her class.

Option 1
While she hummed a tune that Mary taught her, Lucille munched on a biscuit she snatched from lunch. Lucille always had a big appetite and liked to have a snack between meals. Her stomach seemed to be bottomless pit and the young girl could eat just about anything. She left a little trail of crumbs behind her almost like the one from Hansel and Gretel, though that hadn’t bothered her much. The caretaker or house elves cleaned the halls so why should she worry about a small mess she may or may not be causing.

As she made her way down the stairs towards the dungeon she jumped the last few steps and landed steadily. Lucille plopped the last bit of what she was eating into her mouth and wrung her hands of any little bits of crumbs left. When she first found out about the dungeon area, Lucille had a spark in her eye. She read about them in fairy tales and pictured wild fantasies like any younger child would. So safe to say when she explored it for the first time she was disappointed. No secret treasure, no dragon or mystical beast, nope just some snooty Slytherins. Heck the legend of Emma Birch wasn’t real or at least Lucille hadn’t believed so. She had not seen the supposed ghost.

“Hello! Is Emma Birch here?”

A voice interrupted Lucille’s humming. She had not seen a single soul while she wandered around but she welcomed the distraction. Lucille walked down the corridor of where she heard the girl’s voice. She inwardly chuckled at just catching the girl be scared of her own voice. A playful smile appeared on her face as she thought of making the girl jump for something scarier than her own voice.  Lucille tip toed quietly towards the blonde, thanking that she came upon her from behind. There wasn’t any malice thought in doing this, no Lucille just wanted to play a joke on the girl and hopefully they could just laugh it off afterwards. She was curious as to why Evangeline was there in the first place this was Slytherin territory after all.

When she was close enough to the girl Lucille quickly reached out and grabbed her sides. Lucille made her voice slightly horsed and said “Why have you disturbed my slumber Evangeline?” Without waiting for a response from the blonde Lucille couldn’t help but laugh afterwards. She felt slightly absurd for doing something to the poor frighten girl but it was all for good humor and she hoped the girl would understand that.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): none

How did you find us?: google

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