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Elsewhere Accepted / Charlie's Chocolate Factory
« on: 19/04/2015 at 14:19 »
You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: Charlie's Chocolate Factory
Shop Type: A Chocolate Shoppe
Location: London
Subforum? Yes; The Backroom

Short Description (50 words max):

Indulgent and whimsical treats for a picky and tricky sweet tooth

Long Description (200 words min):

The building stands, strong after the months of bombings and before that years of neglect. She had a steady base sturdy walls, and had withstood much during over the years. Abandoned long before the war, she was built long enough ago to remember the rise and fall of Kings and Empires, and seen the birth and death of even more within her walls. At one time a home, then a restaurant, a garden center, a tobacco shop, a bar and so many more they were forgotten. But she soon became a place of whispered stories and tragic rumors.

Murder, mayhem, and the meddling of all thing illegal, the building's sordid past was nothing to scoff at, and soon was all that was remembered. Among the towering, ever growing London: this little building remained. Untouched, and too often howling at any interested buyer.

But none of that had been the building's doing.

She could not be blamed for what had gone on within her walls. Cruel owners had left her bitter, and the war had nearly torn her down, but still, she prevailed. Her stubborn brick was as tough as steel.  The hint of a hair-line crack in the roof and a layer of dust were the only indications of age. So she sat, and waited.

When Charles Kedding stepped through the dusty threshold one evening in late December, he was the first to be interested in over a hundred years.

In one hand a little girl, with mittens and a hat nestled over a mop of curls, and in the other an infant held close to his chest. After a brief (very brief) tour, the fumbling and nervous seller made a stuttering attempt to sell. Offered for so low a price there was most certainly had to have been a catch, but Charles Kedding hardly ever thought that way, and looked down at the little girl that had returned to clutch his pant leg.

"Well, what do you think, Eva?"

She nodded, and the building was bought.

The building no longer moaned. The sounds of pitter-pattering across the floors were only the feet of squealing children and any creak or groan was a customer pulling out a chair. After weeks of cleaning and repairing, painting and decorating the chocolate factory was ready for business.

The building flourished. She shone as brightly as her sparkling clean floor and welcomed guests through her doors.

However... where there is history, it is seldom hard to forget. Occasionally a seat is pulled out from someone trying to sit. A donut somehow finds its way floating across the room. But Charlie will laugh them off, he will smack the wall and scold the building to be nice to guests. And she was listen, and she will go silent, at least until she wants to once again be remembered. 

She likes the Kedding Family, though, and she is kind to them.

The backroom is another story.

As most hauntings go, a backroom is a sure fired way to find the inhabitants that refused to leave. Tucked beneath bonbons and lollipops is history, and they're there, stirring the pot. If you wish to sit and talk in this particular room, you may be in for more than a moving pot. Enter at your own risk.     

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?: The chocolate shop would be a great addition to the London forum. Since there aren't many opportunities to role play there, other than the institutes, The Chocolate Factory would provide a great alternative to Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.

Like a candy shop or ice cream, a chocolate shop can serve as a place for casual threads and sit down threads for coffee and tasty treats and job opportunities for newly graduated characters. What makes this particular chocolate shop unique is it's ancient history as a haunted location in London. Who doesn't want to drink chocolate milk in a haunted house?

Character Classifieds / The Raven Lodge Gang [Salem]
« on: 26/03/2013 at 20:25 »

The Raven Lodge Gang

make your transfer to salem ---

The Raven Lodge is home to some of the best schooling for Native American witches and wizards, but it seems there’s been some tightening of wallets on the coat tails of the Great Depression.   Students have been asked to make the leap from the middle of the country to reside in the bustling streets of Boston.  It’s about time for an adventure, right?

its time for some big band dances ---

At least, that’s what the kids say. America’s dirty thirties are booming with muggle gang life: you know the ones, the classy mob bosses with thick accents and straight ties.  Like the rest of the wizarding world feel affects from its muggles, bias and the need to conform becomes more and more prevalent.

your blood against mine ---

Purebloods hold their heads to muggleborns, men against women.  It’s not a new concept.  The clichés of today were the gangs of yesterday, and these boys don’t play nice.  They’re your best friend and your worst enemy, and they have that saying, right? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Times are tough, and that means you have to be tougher.   You look at friends over the ocean and see red badges thrown on people’s arms as a means to demean. 

You see it as a means to unite.


Hello my lovelies!  I’ve become a bit passionate towards Salem, and I feel this school needs a little… shaking up.  America in at this time is all about change, corruption, struggle and out running the guy next to you.  I’m looking for some players to join in with the first group, a bunch of rebel rousers from The Raven Lodge school.  I went with this school in particular because of its ties to Native American culture, and wanted something to unite the first official gang.

Let me make it clear, I’m not looking to start fights or advocate violence and discrimination.  This is all for fun, my friends, and to bring some social life to Salem.  But, lets face it, this is the 1930s, the line between gangster and hero was often blurred.   Madness and mayhem is the name of the game, you wanna play?

there are 6 open positions.
These are only suggestions and thoughts, if you had a different idea feel free to explore.  Just send me a PM

| 15 | Leader of the Pack | OPEN


Kimi Tsiishch'ili | 16 | Second Hand Man Woman | TAKEN


| 15 | The Brains | OPEN


| 16 | The Brawn | OPEN


Aylen Kanti | 16 | The Sixth-Sense | TAKEN

Elsewhere Accepted / Charles Kedding
« on: 22/09/2012 at 00:26 »
E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D


Character Name: Charles "Charlie" Benjamin Kedding

Gender: Male

Age:  Thirteen.  He’s supposed to be entering his third year at Hogwarts, but due to an accident that occurred over the summer he’s been in and out of St Mungos every month.  He’s currently being tutored by Professor Lancaster so he doesn’t fall behind.


Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?): 
Rory Kedding – Father
Juniper Kedding – Elder sister

Requested Magic Levels:
Requesting Third Year Levels
  • Charms: 2
  • Transfiguration: 3
  • Divination: 4
  • Summoning: 3

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?
St Mungos, if only because he spends a good deal of time in the Creature-Induced Injures ward. 

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Robert Oliveroot
Erian Oliveroot

• All my Life… •

If you looked back at Charlie’s life, most would think the boy to have been plagued with several moments of bad luck. However, when Charlie looks back he prefers to see the bright sides of his life, the things that he is blessed to have rather than the things that might bring sadness. From a young age he’s been like this, unresisting to the bad things and completely taking in all the good. Even still, there are moments of his life he wishes could have been different. Before he was born and the curse befallen him, his household was already tense, but as a child it went unseen.   He had his sister to thank, in his early years, for why he was sheltered from any ugliness of their home.  He couldn’t see how much money affected his mother, how she slowly became a maid to his father instead of a partner in marriage. The man wasn’t there often, he was off doing business in other countries most months out of the year, and for three years it was Charlie, Juniper and his mother Claret.

Claret took care of him, raised him to be kind and placid, and she was amazed at how gentle and accepting the child was. She’d ask, “Are you sad Daddy isn’t here?” Only for the young boy to shake his head, say that he was happy with Mommy, that he had to share since other people needed Daddy too. He was so relaxed, never asked for a thing, never complained or cried. He was always content.

However, real joy came to the boy when his Mother told him he’d be getting a little brother. She explained to the toddler of three that the boy was growing in her belly; and from the moment the bulge in her stomach kicked his little hand… Charlie was taking care of Lowell. He helped his mother do chores around the house, anything he could to make sure she was comfortable and the baby inside her was well. When Lowell was born, Charlie was the first to hold him. Sitting next to his mother on the hospital bed, he cradled the baby with tiny arms, amazed at how small he was… And it was love at first site; nothing in the world was more important than the little baby… Charlie would keep him safe and happy; he’d do everything for him.

When the three year old finally relinquished his hold on the infant and gave him up to his mother she frowned.  She was changing, and it started with simple things, forgetting to give the boys breakfast or yelling at Juni for nothing.  The three children became a force and they were happy with one another, at least in Charlie's eyes.  When father came home from work it was perfect, he always took time to make his children happy… and they were a happy family in the eyes of the boy.  Nothing could have been better for Charlie. Until Lowell was five, and Charlie eight.

It was then Charlie started to notice the change in their family…

• Comes down to This… •

His mother yelled at Lowell, screamed at him till the child was in tears… and it triggered every protective instinct Charlie had for his brother… All he had asked was his mother to stop yelling, to leave Lowell alone… and she turned to him, trying to calm herself but obviously overwhelmed. The boy fell back, completely stunned as his mother’s rage now continued, but now directed at Charlie for being a disrespectful son. It escalated, and when Charlie looked back, it all moved so slow. Suddenly his mother’s shouts were distant, his breathing had became shallow…  Lowell ran outside, afraid of the yelling and screaming.  Charlie followed with Juniper at his heals, her wand lighting up the forest outside their small home.  Lowell ran too far… he screamed, there was a growl.  When Charlie found him, the boy was cornered by what Charlie thought to be a giant wolf.  Without even thinking Charlie threw rocks and ran at it, adrenaline pushing him to try and save his beloved little brother.  The wolf went at him instead, for the neck.  It bit, and Charlie’s vision went black.

When Charlie woke up he was in St. Mungo’s, nurses healing his wounds.  He was told different things.  Words were thrown around; infected werewolf, scars, death.  Juniper told him what had happened, Lowell was fine, what Charlie now was.  He discovered he couldn’t talk loudly, that it actually hurt to speak.  Where the wolf had bit him had left his vocal cords permanently damaged, and the boy’s voice could barely get over a whisper without it hurting and sounding heavy.  His leg was scared from hip to knee, and he couldn’t walk straight without limping just a bit. He felt different, that was for sure, but he couldn’t really place how... he didn’t fully understand. But It was when all the dust settled and they went home Charlie realized how much things had changed.

How his mother became more withdrawn, how she’d go out for long periods of time and leave… Their father, Rory, was there all the time now, and seemed more dedicated to take care of anything the children.  After the attack, he was the only one taking care of them.  Their mother was indifferent; she would sit with a needle and thread and knit while her husband did all the work…

Despite the rocky weeks, for the most part it was calm. Charlie helped Rory with all that was needed in the house while Juni was at Hogwarts, with homework and lunch, with dinner and shopping and anything that needed to be done around the house. Charlie had become a parent without ever realizing. But he was more than that. He was the protector, he was guidance, the one who stopped the tears and kissed the bruises. Anything he could to make sure his brother was in high spirits, and in turn… it made Charlie smile, even if… it was hard to smile. But again there was a period of lull and bliss.

And then the first full moon came, and it was when Charlie finally… really understood.  They had traveled to the Ministry a few days before, and Charles Kenning was registered.  They went to the Werewolf Support Services department, and Charlie couldn’t help but feel like everyone was staring at him.  He was, without a doubt, the youngest werewolf among those preparing for the full moon, and as such many looked at him with pity.  For the most part, they seemed kind… but Charlie was noticing the hushed whispers between adults, and the glances back in his direction.  Nobody seemed to want to look at him, and for the first time Charlie was feeling the discrimination.  He was upset, and couldn’t smile, even when Rory hugged him and told him it would all be alright.  He couldn’t remember the night, just being put in a small room with no windows and steel bars.

When he woke up, he had never felt so much pain, and sobbed alone for hours, until a nurse came in and took care of his injuries.  They wouldn’t let anyone inside the cage for several hours after he transformed, they still deemed him a threat in that state.  His trips to the Ministry continued every month, and Charlie began to grow used to pain, he was content with this new life.  It was the same, it was safe… and while Charlie was content, he was not… happy.  He met a few wizards, and one of them actually talked to him.  He called himself a Potions Master, and Charlie was doe-eyed that moment on.  His father and the man spoke after, and it was the first time Charlie took Wolfsbane, and it was the first month there was no pain. 

Life got better, Charlie was able to smile again. Somehow… he had gotten a letter to Hogwarts.  Juniper went to school there, and Charlie had been so sure he wouldn’t be invited to go, with what he was… he was happy to stay at home, and help his family, of course… but it felt so normal to hold that letter… for the first time since he had been attacked, his heart swelled with real excitement again.


• A personality bursting with joy || •

Charlie is generally an easy young man to understand, and on basic levels he's just a kind person with a goal to make all the people around him happy. Charlie is the kind of boy most people are drawn to on the most basic of levels, whether it’s wanting to have a bit of the joy that just oozes from his soul or wanting to figure out just what makes him so happy. There’s no secret; he just appreciates everything he has… the bad almost never gets him down, when he has so much good to look forward to.
As a child, the young boy was always accepting of the things he got, but never demanding or needy for what he didn't have. He never asked for a present and never begged for a toy, and he's kept this attitude as he's grown. And despite wanting things, he can't bring himself to ask or beg when he’s reminded of what he already has so much of. Some might find this trait annoying; how he acts with situations and can never give you a straight answer for what he wants.  How he's always positive and feels selfish for just feeling like he wants something, but its hard to really stay mad at someone for just being grateful.
He loves to be that person that doesn't care what others think of him, so long as he's able to have a good time and keep smiling. He might wander off on his own to discover things or his attention will falter, but he's always there when he's needed; he's got a knack for it.

•With so much love he wants to share!|| •

To some Charlie may come off as a bit of ditz; sarcasm, sexual innuendos, and most jokes go over his head. Half the time, he just smiles and nods when he doesn’t understand something.  When he does get it, or something is explained he'll become extremely embarrassed but it always ends in him laughing. His sister loves to toy with him because of this, and says he is just the cutest thing when he's all flustered and his cheeks are stained red. Despite being slightly vacant when it comes to common sense, there is no doubt that the male is extremely intelligent. It's amazing the things he comes up with and thinks of, and what he can do when he finally puts his mind to it.  He’s highly passionate about mixing potions, mixing it one thing you’ll find him doing more often than not.  Charlie is a sweetheart, and is not at all shy about how he feels most of the time. However, when push comes to shove, if it’s a subject like girls, he gets a bit shy when it comes to actually expressing himself. When he gets nervous or has a lot of unwanted attention he'll bottle up and try to stay out of the light until he feels comfortable again, but it’s rare that he feels that overwhelmed.  Usually it stems from lycanthropy.

Charlie sometimes feels like he has to take care of everybody he can, and that became both a strength and a weakness. He always has the need to keep people safe, and when someone is crying he just get the shivers and has to console them. Don't think he doesn't expect the same to be done for him! If he's the weaker one, chances are little Charlie will cling to the stronger body like nobody's business. But… it’s important to him, giving strength to those who don't have it. Being able to help others when they need it. What kind of person would he be if he left them there to suffer? He could never be that person. The one that doesn’t care and lets people endure hardships around them; its not that he wants to be a hero, he just knows everyone, eventually, needs somebody.

• But... sometimes he bites off more than he can chew... || •

Despite his need to protect and care over those around him, Charlie is plagued with his own demons. It’s something that often brings a frown to a normally happy face, but as his motto dictates, he has things to live for, and so he is happy.
 Lycanthropy affects the young man, and has since he was eight. The affliction itself cannot be cured, it simply has to be controlled, and Charlie does his best to do so without missing a beat. He has met all kinds of people, and seen friends turn their back to him because of what he is.  He’s met grown wizards and witches that sneer and call him names.  But he has met people that cared, he saw wizards smile and give apologetic looks towards his parents, and comforting pats to his shoulder.  One thing was sure, though, whenever someone finds out… they never looked at him the same.


“Stay put.”

It had been a very strict order coming from the top.   The father’s words sounding more like an order from superior to grunt than father to son.  And so, Charlie sat in utter silence as he stared at a tall glass of chocolate milk.  The chocolate syrup continued to settle at the bottom of the frosted class, forcing Charlie’s spoon into the savory dessert to gather some of the thick syrup with his spoon. Of which he promptly licked away.  Sweet of any kind, especially of a chocolaty consistency, were the Achilles hill of this young teen.  And he was a glutton for this weakness.

He continued the motion, taking spoonfuls and thoroughly enjoying each one when a small bump cause his attention to turn.  Vivid blue eyes turned to the floor, and like a confused dog his head tilted ever so slightly.  The girl was young, far too little to be alone.  She couldn’t have been older than his brother, who still needed a babysitter and a hand holder when they went out through the busy streets of London. 

The words registered later, as they spilled so quickly from her rosy lips that Charlie barely caught them.  He couldn’t help but smile, and he could only hope the scars across his face didn’t frighten her off.  He watched her for a moment, eyes focusing on the puffskein, though he was sure the creature would not care for his company once it caught the wolf’s smell.

He turned his attention away from her for just a moment, though he couldn’t help but hop away from his barstool and reached out to hold of her smaller hand.  He smiled again and offered a very slow and careful mouthing of ‘I’ll help you’. He kept smiling, knowing a happy face was more trusting than a frown.  His eyes traveled the store, but he used his nose to lead him to where his father was.  He might have been breaking the rule to stay, but like a good dog he had to help when someone was in need. If anyone could help a lost girl, it’d be an adult.

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