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Veronica Bradenton

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Hello everybody; my name is Veronica; what's yours? I do hope we can all be very good friends or even better yet family! Come play dollies with me!
If you have any interest in adopting, please fill out the code at the bottom of the page & post your request here. I will be sure to process your application quickly; if you do not hear from me within a day or two please PM me.
Enjoy your search!
Veronica's Family
1. Name: Cynthia Marie Bradenton (Veronica's mom)
Age: 24 | Birthday: July 4th, 1935
Blood Status: Muggle Born
Job: Open; even if you wish to be a stay at home mom
Suggested FC: Bridgit Mendler
Backstory: Cynthia loved attending Hogwarts because she loved to learn but she loved coming home for any break she could more; her family was everything to her. During her seventh year of schooling; just like every year, she went home for the Christmas Holidays. She thought she was going to be staying in London with her mom while her grandma came to visit like normal; her grandma was something of a tumbleweed…she never stayed in one place long. So it was a huge surprise to her when she got off the train only to be told by her mom that they were going to Australia this Christmas.

Evidently her grandma had met a man who seemed to calm her down a bit; he was the yin to her yang…according to mom they were the perfect match. Cynthia had to agree completely; the minute she got to see her grandma she knew instantly that she was happy…like completely over the moon happy. Just knowing how happy her grandma now gave Cynthia hope for the future; however, all thoughts of the future were put on the back burner as she was given the freedom to explore Australia on her own.

They had been there for about three days the first time she went exploring on her own. There was so much to see; it didn't surprise her in the least that Australia posed places similar to Diagon Alley which grandma's man whose name is Gary told her all about. Yep her grandma landed herself a wizard…go grams. However, even though she loved exploring places that held magical intrigue she honestly got enough of that in school so she headed away from the hustle & bustle of everything until she found a beach. She loved the way the waves sounded…they were so relaxing; it was on this day she met someone who would change her outlook on people.

A slightly older boy than herself who had way too much confidence sat down beside her "The name's Moon; Alonzo Moon. I don't believe I caught yours." Cynthia snorted a bit "That's because I didn't throw it, Moon." The boy arched his brow at her before laughing; she couldn't help but follow suit…this is how they met, what followed was a crazy four-day intense romance which resulted in one night of well-mannered frivolity. She would have never guessed that one night would change her life forever.
Feel free to add more for a bit of flavor.
Important Dates to help with character building:
Cynthia's Birthday; July 4th, 1935 {age 24}
Possible Conception; Dec. 20, 1952 (Christmas Holiday) {age 17}
Cynthia's Graduation; June 17, 1953 {age 17; soon to be turning 18}
Veronica's Date of Birth; Sept. 12, 1953 {age 6}

2. Name: Irene Pearl Bradenton (Veronica's grandma)
Age: 47
Blood Status: Muggle
Job: Open
Suggested FC: Marcia Cross
Backstory: Open; the only thing I know for sure is that she was a single parent…whatever the reason is up to you.


3. Name: Serena Rose Havelock (Veronica's great grandma)
Age: 70
Blood Status: Half Blood
Job: Retired from what is open   
Suggested FC: Betty White
Backstory: She has always been a tumble weed; never staying in one place for too long. Open; be sure to read Cynthia's backstory.   
**Notes: She is now living in Australia with a man she loves; he just so happens to be a wizard. Feel free to make him an adoptable or just leave him NPC; up to you.**
More may be coming soon just need to figure out who. Thank you for your patience.
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