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Author Topic: JÄGER ⁠— we are hunters, the hunted, monstrous.  (Read 455 times)

Dakota Jäger

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blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein,
the abyss also looks into you.

   O R I G I N S   
we are hunters, the hunted, monstrous.
house of wretched, our burden to bear.

It  is said their misfortune began in sin.

Of course, what is said is not always true. But what care do people have for truth, when it has been long lost, and only the ragged scars and filthy faces and bloodied hands remain? There is no purpose for truth, then. No, the eyes will only see what it desires.

The eyes often deceive.

Forget not, that people love their little lies, their burning words, if only so they may step on the backs of others, and pretend that they are the fated lot, the destined ones, the sole heirs of luck and glory and all things good and belonging to the light. Their treasured silver spoons are kept under lock and key, so that our grubby hands may not reach and beseech and grovel on their pretty polished shoes.

With that in mind, it is quite easy, predictable even, to foresee the natural order of things, whose backs will be broken and who it is that will do the breaking.

And so the beggars became beasts, hungry, dangerous creatures that lurked the woods and waited to prey on the innocent, the pure, the loved, the beautiful. The sick and troubled, ambling into apothecaries and mumbling their tumultuous, lonely thoughts, unaware of poisonous whispers of violent lunacy, wicked possession, and meddling in the dark arts. Worst of all, the rebellious, ones who bravely dared to speak against the crooked swindlings of the powerful, the slippery hands of the lecherous, the corrupt hypocrisy of the supposed pious and sanctimonious preachers; well, those poor courageous souls, those fools with their trickery are clearly witches, the damned, devils. 

(They were only hoping for vindication, for salvation, for an ounce of justice.)

But liars are burnt at the stake.

And people will always hate the poor, the ugly, the weak, the strange. And men will become monsters, and monsters to men, until the lines are so blurred and faded that one day you will look, and they are one and the same. You are one and the same. We are the same.

Live long enough in darkness, and it will be all you know. It is all we know. Hear the accusations, grit your teeth through hurled stones, make your prayers, and realize that no one is listening. We’ve known for a long time now, and it makes no difference.
Give in. It is far easier to become what they say you are, than to let your screams wither and die on deaf ears, and blind eyes. We are the hunters, the hunted, and we will die monstrous.

Just remember this one thing. Remember this. You cannot blame them. It is not their fault.

It never was.

   W O R D S   O F   
W A R N I N G   

beware, begone.

The  Jäger bloodline is one wrought with illness, insanity, and instability, undeniably attributed to their upholding of the idea of purebloodness within their clan. They are a family that has receded into the shadows for centuries upon centuries, viewed as sinful and evil practitioners in the eyes of those ignorant of magic, and as a taint upon magical society to the pureblooded elites.

To the rest of the Wizarding World, it is no surprise the Jäger name is not looked upon very fondly. At best, the family and their reputation are left to be forgotten. In the eyes of many, the Jägers are but dregs of society.

It is questionable why the Jäger family clings to such a title, when it does them further harm than good⁠—after all, the words of the dishonorable are not to be trusted. And anyone with half a brain would dispute such a laughable declaration, for all the Jägers have to their name is pitiful tragedy, and even that cannot excuse their meddlings with the crooked sort.

Perhaps there is some truth, if we grant them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is their last claim to dignity, a shred of pride, or perhaps in their years of persecution they have found solace in a mutual understanding: that the enemy of yours is an enemy of mine, for we are the enemy of all.

But what is the point of deliberations and theories, what does it matter. A truth long past will not redeem them now.

There is no saving the damned.

In the end, they are all thieves, scoundrels, murderers, criminals, maniacs, and inconsequential undesirables to the rest of the world.

Best you move along then. Wouldn’t want to associate yourself with the likes of them.

                                      B O R N E   C .   I X   A D

  G E R M A N I C   B L O O D L I N E

                     P U R E - B L O O D E D   P A R I A H S

                       P A D L E T  ➊ ➍ ➏

Dakota Jäger

    (06/07/2020 at 05:06)
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   A D O P T A B L E S   
poor, unfortunate souls
family tree + more faces coming soon!

  M I S E R Y   L O V E S   C O M P A N Y 
hide, hunt, haunt.

Dakota Jäger ... 25 yrs
fc: Rina Fukushi — taken

Danger nips at her heels—
She dances in and out of its reach,
Seeking it, teasing, taunting,
Ignoring those that pleadingly beseech.

A strange creature, of many colors and shades.
Bold reds and blues, sad yellows and greens.
Of opposites and not-quite-truths,
Flighty, but flightless, comely, but cruel—
Not to be trusted.
Friend, companion, lover—
Two-faced, deceiver, liar.

Face stealer,
Don’t you feel lonely?
(Hah! Not at all.)

KOTA bears many faces and names and stories. Some are true, most are not, but it's unlikely you'd ever know, or find out. Eccentric, fickle, and caring much more than she lets on, this one is full of secrets and half-hearted promises.

Jodie Jäger ... 11 yrs
fc: Brooke Shields — taken

Oh you,
Pretty little thing,
Bright-eyed and fierce,
Alive, the strength of a thousand Springs.

A bold heart, beating to an ancient drum,
Seeking more and more,
And more!
Til’ there’s none.
An ocean of desires.
She’ll drown you,
Just like you asked.

Greedy little girl,
Haven’t you had your fill?

JO prides herself on being the cleverest of the clever. Ambitious, level-headed, responsible, incredibly determined, and with big, big plans, the world had better watch out.

Jude Jäger ... 11-13 yrs
sugg. fc: Emile Woon — open

Prideful child,
He sought to be a King,
Foolish boy,
Fell into a fairy ring.

Cursed child,
He thought the world was his,
Damned boy,
With all his jewels and riches,
Miserable little monster,
Dabbled with the dark,
Sad decaying creature,
So far from where he started.

Poor little boy,
Are you satisfied?
(No, Not ever.)

JUDE knows no limits. And what he wants, he gets. His pretty face and silver-tongue serves him well enough, but he yearns for more. Unsatisfied, always bored, and constantly seeking trouble, he dances far too close to the edge. One day, he may step right off.

Sabbas Jäger ... 12-14 yrs
sugg. fc: Jozef Hrivnak — open

Old soul,
Wise beyond his years—
But still with much to learn.
Stone Faced, stoic, squashing all his fears.

So many choices,
He made the wrong ones,
No way out, he said
“This was supposed to be fun.”
Too late!
The chase has begun.

Run! Run, rabbit, run.
Run until your legs give out,
Your lungs give out,
Run until you’re done.

Sad, pitiful, soul,
It’s time to give up.
(No! Not yet. Please.)

SAB has never really fit in. He's had to work for everything he's got. And even though he's just a kid, he's doesn't feel like one. No one understands. He's sick of it. Stoic, quick on his feet, and secretly searching for validation, he may not know it, but he's still got a lot to learn. Too bad he might not get the chance to, ever since he's been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Ramses Atlas Jäger ... 13-16 yrs
sugg. fc: Rachide Embaló — open

The sun is merciless,
He is the Sun.
Hot, loud-mouthed, ruthless,
Domineering, bold, arrogant.
He is Power.

A bully,
An angry bull,
A scourge.
Beaten, broken, burned.
It is better off,
To let sleeping beasts lie.

One day, you will fall.
(Not today. Not soon.)

RAMSES speaks with his fists. He never goes unnoticed, and he is no stranger to the spotlight. At his best, he shines like the Sun, and at his worst, he burns, burns, burns. Blunt, fearless, and prideful, he carries a great weight upon his shoulders— but like Atlas, he'd first let the heavens crush him than confess his burdens to another.

Zahra Jäger ... 14-17 yrs
sugg. fc: Natalia Calvani — open

Blossoming beauty, sharp
Eyes, tongue, mind—
Blessed, chosen one
Brave, wise, kind.

Fate is cruel.
It strikes like a whip.
Shattered dreams,
Shards of glass.

You’ve waited so long,
Let go. the pain will not pass.
(No, I...cannot.)

ZAHRA looks upon the world with rose-colored glasses. She hopes, and dreams, and prays that her wishes will come true. Wishes are a funny thing though, and when one finally does comes true, along with it is a great loss. Intelligent, lovely, and terribly delicate, will she be able to pick up the pieces of her future?

Saffron Jäger ... 15-18 yrs
sugg. fc: Reabetswe Ranamane — open

Once, there was a girl,
And she—
Knew too much,
Spoke too much,
Wanted too much.

There was something about her, though
And when she asked,
Others would deliver
Freely, willingly, for just
A moment of her attention.
This girl, she would—
Laugh, flirt and frolic,
But in the end,
She’d shake her head,
Forgetting, quite quickly,
Those poor saps,
They never got their way.

Careful, girl, of where you tread.
Do it enough, you might end up dead.
(Not to worry, I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again, and I’ll do it once more.)

SAFFRON cares not for fools. Or silly things like love, and forever, ever-afters, and the dullards that fall hook, line, and sinker for her teasing promises and fleeting bits of affection. Observant, crafty, and disarmingly charming, she plays the game better than most, and she isn't planning on losing anytime soon.

Lin Jäger ... 13-17 yrs
sugg. fc: Willy Cartier — open

Lost boys,
Never get far.
Stray too long,
Won’t know where they are.

Far away from home,
When darkness falls,
Watch carefully, watch your back
The shadows! The stars!
They watch! Eyes, eyes
He is Alone.
Do not—

Remember, you are Alone.
But you are not Home.
(No, this can’t be. Where am I? Who am I?)

Lin is Lost, in every sense of the word. A runaway, and with no one to depend on, it is Him vs. the World, and the world isn't looking too nice. Struggling to figure out who he is, and what he wants, the one thing he's sure about is that his very first Life Lesson is to Never Trust Anyone. Emotional, cynical, and with a knack for poetry, he's stuck between a rock and a hard place, looking for lessons at each corner and only finding that he's certain about nothing. His next step? He has no clue.

Bảo Jäger ... 13-14 yrs
sugg. fc: Lee Tae Kyun — open

Gentle being,
Humble protector:
Fly, friend, foe.
Hidden treasure.

They say He is weak.
And the soft do not survive,
In this world.
Pathetic? A pity? Precious?
There is more than what meets the eye.
But will they ever see?

All the world is Blind.
They will never learn, unless…
(No. I will not. I will not ever. I can’t.)

Bảo is, above all, patient. He is willing to wait, and wait, and wait...and wait. He is the first to forgive, but try as he might, he cannot forget. Every choice haunts him, whispering, did I do right? Have I made a mistake? Am I good enough? Soft-hearted, a gentle soul, and tolerant to a fault, the world will crush him unless he discovers that strength comes in many forms, and that wrong and right are not always separate.

Winona Jäger ... 13-15 yrs
sugg. fc: Steffy Argelich — open

Tricky, fickle bird,
Clever, cunning, dame
Whatever are you up to?
Tell me, what is the nature of this game?

Scheming, quiet secrets
Lies, lovers, losers
Lead them to the shadows,
Leave them in the dark.
Silent, stealthy footsteps,
Knocking at my door.

Sneaky, sly, fox.
Now it’s my turn to play.
(Not yet. Not quite. I’ve still got another day.)

WINNIE plays for one team, and one team only: Her Team. She is quick to make allies, and just as quick to drop them. Always one step ahead, she has no qualms about cutting losses, and loyalties, so long as she ends up on the winning side. Fall behind, left behind. Shrewd, apathetic, and adaptable, throw anything at her and she will take it without blinking an eye. Life, after all, is about survival, and she will fight tooth and nail to be the last one standing.

Octavius Jäger ... 14-15 yrs
sugg. fc: Marlon Pendlebury — open

Lightning fires,
Wicked, blue flame,
Many admirers,
Stone cold face.

Perfection, composure,
Marbled grace.
Of few words
No breath to waste.
Even in harsh seas,
And battering winds,
He prefers to sink.
Not one hair out of place.

Who is like God? You are hiding something.
Even You cannot achieve perfection.
(No. It is you, who hides from the Truth.)

TAVI fears nothing. He has always excelled, even when all odds predicted his failure. Perfection is his second nature, and he performs just as expected; naturally, everyone expects nothing less. There is not much, if anything, that surprises him. He is #1, will always be #1, and cannot hope to be anything else but #1. Beautiful, cold, and a high-achiever, it is an easy life. It should be an easy life...It is anything but easy.

Cyrene Jäger ... 23 yrs
fc: Bae Suzy — taken

penned by Clara Darcy!
bio coming soon.

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Note: All adoptable characters are flexible to changes in age or other minor details. Include requests in your PM if this is something you are considering.

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7/4/2020 > The Jägers step out of the darkness. Just for a little bit. [The bloodline is Open!]

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