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Character name: Ezora Laveau

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Amarantha Crimbleton, Lucretia Crimbleton, et. al.

Character age: 50 (Born June 12th, 1900)

Character education:
- Madam Roy's School of Charms (New Orleans)
- Salem Institute (Class of 1917)

Strength and weaknesses (details please): Ezora is quite the apt and canny witch. She's got a knack for catching cheaters and finding those that seem to be misbehaving in her classroom. Cross her, however, or hide your cheating elaborately, and she's got a bit of a short temper. Her temper does make her a bit less of the patient, prude teacher that Hogwarts might expect her to be, but perhaps the experience will be a good way for her to learn some.

Physical description: The woman stands at about 5'4", in her stature she is quite in shape for her age and would certainly be hard to pin for fifty. Her face is free from any blemishes or wrinkles, and seems to almost glow with brightness. Her skin is dark, something she's faced some struggles with as a woman of color in the segregated Southern United States. Her hair is always neatly kept, either shortly done or long and elaborate.

She wears bright, colorful clothing. Often described as bohemian, her choices are always full of shades of red, yellow and orange. Her fashion sense is quite in tune with the times, and she wouldn't be caught dead outside of her home unless she was well put together.

Personality: She's a bit of a nutcase, plain and simple. She's loud and passionate about what she talks about, but she's clearly got a drive to talk about it. She talks with conviction and strength, and knows exactly wears she's taking you despite some thinking it to be some 'ring-around' story. She'll crack a joke every now and then but she's more of a get-down-to-business type of girl then one for playful or silly banter. She expects those around her to take her interests as passionately as she does, and is often let down when people she talks to simply aren't into what she is.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: Ezora has come to Hogwarts to not escape her Southern roots, where she continues to fight for equal rights, but instead enrich herself and spread her message. As the owner of a successful greenery business in the Wizarding World of America, she intends to take her knowledge off to Hogwarts. Although she had previously taught for a few years at Salem Institute, this expedition to Hogwarts is a bit for her own curiosity. She wants to see the beating heart of the European Wizarding World, and some of the oldest greenhouses in the magical world.

Biography: Born in a small home in Louisiana, the French Quarter was not all too unfamiliar with the famed Laveau family by 1900. Although she never got to meet her famous great grandmother, Marie Laveau, Ezora was fascinated by the stories of the "Voodoo Queen" who enthralled crowds. Her family had for generations brought together all types of people, and had used their magic ability plainly as "Masters of Voodoo." Her family became folk legends, and the birth of a new baby girl was brought as a joyous education for perhaps another fabled voodoo practitioner.

As a pureblood, Ezora was destined to do great things in her family. Her mother had remarried a Pureblood man, and so although her half-brothers and sisters were halfbloods, Ezora was often nurtured as the "Pureblood" child. This brought animosity amongst her siblings, and Ezora often ran away from the torment her siblings brought. Her Pureblood status significantly hurt her older sister, who felt like she (not Ezora) was meant to be the next Voodoo Queen of the family. Luckily, the young girl found a bit more comfort at school where her abilities and blood history were certainly adored.

She became a master of charms and other abilities, but was drawn not to the classroom but the vast gardens that surrounded her charms school. While Ezora was not interested in the pretty flowers but the herbs and magical roots, she was often scolded for "herbs were for boys, flowers were for girls." As she grew older, this only drove Ezora to become more passionate about what she 'couldn't have' and so her love for herbology began to blossom.

Her teenage years were spent in New England, where her Southern drawl was romanticized by her peers. She spent much time in an apron, working in the greenhouse and wrote a vast number of journals during her high school years on her magical experiences.

Ezora returned to New Orleans in her twenties when her mother began to grow sick. Ezora was destined to become another Voodoo Queen of the family. When the time came, she did not hold the baton but passed it to her older sister who so badly wanted to entertain the crowds. Perhaps fate had saved Ezora, who had more passion for her plants then entertaining the masses, but this act of good will did mend her family some.

She often made appearances at her sisters' show, performing tricks of divination or foresight, or even making an audience member turn into a frog. Her playful acts of magic more of a side-show, never one to steal the stage. The Laveau family continues their famed acts throughout the Mississippi Bayou, entertaining crowds and the masses alike, just as they used to do so long ago.

Now, over thirty years later, Ezora is a successful business witch running a large business selling modified plant seeds to other wizards and witches. Many of her seeds make their way to home gardens of the magical world. She seeks to take her knowledge now and bring her potted plants out of her Louisiana home and into the lofty brick walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Roleplay Response: The flume had brought her to the wrong fireplace, and here she was jogging through an unfamiliar campus. She clicked along, strutting in her brightly colored dress and kitten heels up the stairs. Was this place all stairs? Stairs here. Stairs there. Stairs everywhere! She groaned, regretting the heels now and the starchy dress. She lugged her purse behind her and sighed as she made her way to a set of double doors. She pushed the heavy door open, squeezing herself through and practically jamming her purse through the door. She turned, expecting an office, and there it was. Another set of STAIRS. She climbed the spiral staircase, which seemingly never ended and made her way to another set of doors.

"If there's another set of doors here, I might curse. Forgive me now." She knocked twice, just for safety's sake and then opened the doors. This time she was a little glad she knocked, peeking through and noticing that it was in fact a large office. She peeked around, and she saw a woman at the far end of the room, all dressed up. Was that the Headmaster? She stiffened up a bit, and carried a purse a bit more like a lady and less like a frantic witch trying to scramble through half of a castle. Now that that happened, right?

She smiled and canted her head just a bit as she made her way and to the middle of the room.

"Hi - I'm Ezora Laveau, here for the Herbology interv--" She was cut off mid-sentence.

"You are late."

She eyed the woman, peering at her watch. Her smile deflated a bit, and she huffed, "Well, about that. Flume brought me to the wrong fireplace, and well.. I s'ppose that I wasn't quite prepared for the intense cardio workout. Had I known, I might've brought my trainers, but this place is quite frankly all stairs. Where on Merlin's earth do you fit the classrooms?" 

The interview was off to a rather interesting start.