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Code: [Select]
[center][font=archer][size=25px]Application for Exceptional Levels[/size][/font]


[i]Answer these questions [u]only[/u] if you are requesting levels above 32.[/i]

[b]Why are you requesting higher than usual levels? e.g. Is your character a professor/auror/etc.? (1-2 sentences minimum):[/b]

[b]What levels above the normal 32 are you requesting:[/b]

   [li]Charms: [i]Type your request here.[/i][/li]
   [li]Divination: [i]Type your request here.[/i][/li]
   [li]Transfiguration: [i]Type your request here.[/i][/li]
   [li]Summoning: [i]Type your request here.[/i][/li]


Mr. Grunch smirked as stepped into the shadows beneath the overhanging eaves at the side of the street. There was a sort of alcove here, where two buildings came together, and the wall was set back just a couple of feet to make space for a drain from the battered lead guttering. It made it difficult to see if anyone was standing there until you were almost on top of it, and the shape of the roof up above cast an almost permanent shadow even then.

There were a number of such places along Knockturn Alley and Mr. Grunch knew them all.

Seeing nobody was nearby, he quickly cast the concealment spell that would obscure his features, making him unrecognisable, just a blur beneath the cowl of his thick, but worn, robes. He knew his target, had identified them some time before, as they entered the Alley. He had shadowed them, discretely, and now, he knew, they were heading back out again, towards the safety of the better lit Diagon Alley.

He heard the footsteps approaching. This was it, then. Just before they reached the alcove, he stepped out suddenly in front of his target, wand raised and ready.

"Give me all yer galleons, and any jewellery yer got! Don't try to hide nothin', 'cos I'll know, right? Do it now!"

[b]Roleplay response:[/b]

[i]type your response here.[/i]

Please send your completed request form to an Administrator. Thanks!
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