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Kenji Ikari

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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name:
Kenji Ikari [碇,けんじ]


11 year's old


Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?):
Kenichi Ikari (father)
Masako Ikari (mother)
Ichirou Ikari (older brother)
Haruka Ikari (older sister)

Lives in Hogsmeade temporarily with his older sister and a manservant while waiting for the new term to start.

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:

Biography: (100 words minimum.)
Kenji is a bright and curious child who recently transferred from Mahoutokoro, Japan’s school of wizardry due to the Ikari clan’s worsening feud with rival factions. Being the youngest child of a powerful pureblood family, Kenji has mostly lived a sheltered life and never expected to be sent away to a place so far from home. In order to keep his youngest son safe from those who have been trying to harm his family, Kenichi Ikari, head of the Ikari syndicate, decided to send Kenji to the UK to continue his education, trusting that his son would be safe enough at Hogwarts, and out of reach from rival syndicates.

While worried about his family back home and while apprehensive of the big changes in his life, little Kenji is doing the best he can to put on a brave front. He isn’t sure about the food in the UK, or the weather, or the fact that the locals speak too quickly for him to understand half the time. In fact, Kenji isn’t sure about a lot of things — but that okay, his sister says, because he’s only twelve.

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trugged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:
”It’s very peaceful here. Quiet. I like it. Don’t you?”

Her words were soft, her accent lilting around the unfamiliar words though there was a smile hidden in them as a gloved hand reach out to tenderly brush the stray hairs of his fringe away from his eyes. Instead of answering her, Kenji simply looked up at his sister with a worried frown, teeth worrying his bottom lip as he silently wished that she would stop her efforts to force him to practice the local language and go back to conversing with him in Japanese.

He might have understood her well enough, but it felt strange on his tongue. Everything here felt strange. Even the trees in the park looked different and he paused for a moment to take in the peace that Haruka must have been referring to and the blue sky that stretch overhead.


At her chiding tone, he looked back at her. “Hai.” 

He was sure he would like it in time. Maybe… And if he didn’t. Well… then he wouldn’t, and there was nothing he could do but worry about that when the time came for school to start and for her to eventually leave him and go back home.

The idea of her leaving him was endlessly depressing he realised as his sneaker toed a tiny daisy in the grass, finally looking up at the sound of high pitched squealing and the sound of other kids playing. Off to his left, Kenji watched as Haruka sat down on a bench with a look of contentment, however he barely turned back to her when the small girl was yelling at him loudly in English.

“Uh.. Watashi- ” Kenji blinked uncertainly at her for a moment, mostly in shock at her apparent rudeness and anger, then confusion as he tried to focus on what she had said.

Play? He was pretty sure he knew the meaning of that word, but never before had he ever been asked to play in such a forceful and threatening way, and by such a tiny person. It was actually pretty funny, and though he risked offending her obviously serious demands, Kenji couldn’t help the tiny grin that was threatening to overtake his face at the hilarious situation before he school his features once more to match the obvious seriousness of this demand she had voiced.

“Okay. Yes. I play,” he assured her, finally speaking in English and punctuating his words with a couple of nods in her direction just to make sure that he was understood.

“My name is Kenji,” he continued slowly, pointing a finger at his chest in emphasis as he took a step forward. After all, introductions were important. And while she might have no manners, he had been brought up to be polite. “Nice to meet you.”

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