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Character Classifieds / Clarington-DuPont Family
« on: 27/12/2017 at 03:44 »
Hey all! So I'm reviving the Clarington-DuPont family that I let drop off after Lucas became a St. Oswald. Anyone is welcome to taking on one of the cousins or siblings. Here's a link to the family tree!
 It's pretty flexible with lots of opportunity to branch out if you're not a fan of the choices below. PM me if you're interested in any of the adoptables below or if you're interested in making an entirely new character related to the DuPonts.

Controversy is welcome. As a whole, this is a WIP right now, but please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you're interested in any plots or characters!

So, a little bit about the Clarington-DuPont family.

An extremely old Pureblood family of social climbers, the DuPont family has taken every opportunity to improve their social standing in the Wizarding community. With ancestry dating back to 1700's France, the DuPont family can be found settled throughout America, Great Britain and France. The American and British branch of the family, Clarington-DuPont, came about through a union between Sarah Clarington (a distant relative of the Scrivner family) and Jacques DuPont, who came to America and founded DuPont Industries in 1802.

Constantly plagued by controversy and having been forced to rely on the Renn family for financial support, the DuPont family has seen better days. Its members, however, remain undeterred. They seek to restore honor and glory to the family and to the ailing business through any means necessary.

Lucas St. Oswald
FC: Grant Gustin

The quietly-disowned heir of the Clarington-DuPont family, Lucas was the child of Muggle parents and was secretly switched with the true heir of the DuPont family.  Having left all the controversy of the DuPont family behind, he now resides in Britain, adopted by the St. Oswald family. Pretending he is still a pureblooded heir with the St. Oswald name, Lucas wants to have nothing to do with the Clarington-DuPont family and is glad that they've kept him a secret.


Evalyn St. Oswald

Lucas' eight-year-old adopted daughter. Headstrong and independent like her mother.


Sebastian St. Oswald

Lucas' four-year-old son. His mother died during childbirth. Easily frightened and extremely clingy.


Lucas Clarington-DuPont II
Suggested FC: Thomas Gibson

After the sudden and suspicious deaths of his father, Lucas Clarington-DuPont I, and older brother, Marcel, Lucas Clarington-DuPont II took control of DuPont Industries and became the head of the family when he was just sixteen years older. After the end of the war, DuPont Industries began failing under his leadership. After disowning his "son", Lucas was forced to begin molding a new heir in his image. After being forced to grovel before the Renn family and losing what he thought was his heir, Lucas had found the DuPont family in shambles. He wants nothing more than to be a better head of family than his grandfather, Hubert, and is willing to do whatever it takes to restore the DuPont family to its former glory.


Lucinde Clarington-DuPont
Suggested FC: Miranda Cosgrove

The true heir of the DuPont family, Lucinde is the first-born to Lucas II and Jacqueline. At thirteen years old, Lucinde is a spoiled brat and is already eager to conquer the world. Lucinde always gets what she wants, no matter the obstacle.


Jean-Luc Clarington-DuPont
The nine-year-old second child of Jacqueline and Lucas II. His sister takes great pleasure in torturing him and telling him that he'll never be the heir to the DuPont family. His father ignores him in favor of Lucinde.


Alice "Jacqueline" Clarington-DuPont née St. Oswald
Suggested FC: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Bride of Lucas II. Jacqueline, formerly Alice St. Oswald, was born to Henry and Rosemarie St. Oswald. Her parents were strict and did not approve of a marriage between Alice and Lucas. Desperate to escape her parents, Alice ran away with Lucas at the tender age of sixteen and never looked back. She spends most of her days living in regret, unwilling to reconcile with her parents and haunted by the thoughts of the child she gave up in a fit of rage.


Patrick Clarington-DuPont
Suggested FC: Ty Burrell

The younger brother of Marcel and Lucas II. Being the third born, Patrick was forced to live in the shadow of both of his older brothers. He moved to Great Britain to create a dynasty of his own, but he still yearns to one day take control of the DuPont family.
 Bitter at the lot he's been given in life, Patrick is constantly on the search for power. He is even willing to disown his child in order to keep the family name from being tarnished.


Louisa Clarington-DuPont
Suggested FC: Rachel Weisz

The wife of Patrick. Louisa is a queen in her own mind. The Lady Macbeth to her husband, Louisa is just as eager to see her husband succeed at becoming the new heir of the DuPont family. She is deeply ashamed of her daughter's lack of magic and does not regret disowning her.


Achilles Clarington-DuPont
FC: Darwin Gray

Eldest son of Patrick and Louisa, older brother of Killian and Olette.


Killian Clarington-DuPont
Suggested FC: David Henrie

Second-born son of Patrick and Louisa, older brother of Olette. Killian mercilessly tormented his sister when she still lived with them. Killian is extremely arrogant and bullies anyone that he considers weaker than him. Much like his father, Killian has developed a bitter rivalry with his cousin Lucinde. He blindly follows in his father's footsteps.


Olette Clarington-DuPont
FC: Joey King

The black sheep of the family, Olette is a squib. Her parents attempted to hide her lack of magic and were deeply ashamed of having produced such a useless heir. They eventually disowned her and mercilessly threw her out into the streets, where she roams without a place to call home.


Sample Applications / Lucas Clarington-DuPont III
« on: 20/08/2015 at 01:51 »

Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Lucas “Luc” Theodore Marion Clarington-DuPont III

Birthday: February 26th

Hometown:  Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):  Preferably fourth year (alt: fifth)


Lucas comes from a wealthy, ancient Wizarding family. His family has lived in Massachusetts for ages, living through the Salem Witch Trials (which Lucas will never let you forget). Naturally, his family was well-known at the Salem Institute of Magic and Lucas attended the school for a few years. He was able to slack off and get away with whatever he wanted at the Massachusetts Institute by just mentioning his family name. His friends at the Institute were either bought with money or threatened.

Lucas was very sheltered his entire life and has barely seen anything besides DuPont Manor and the Institute, which has consequently repressed his natural thirst for knowledge over the years and left him a very lonely individual. He never associates himself with anyone unless they are Purebloods like him, which has left him with a very narrow view of the world and very few life skills.

Lucas’ parents were too busy either taking business trips or running their multiple businesses to really care for their son or discipline him in any way. Due to his family’s wealth and prestige, Lucas has always felt the need to live up to the family name and hopes to surpass his parents and ancestors in fame and create a name for himself.

His parents are business tycoons who have been working with British companies and had been buying up businesses that would help the war effort (airplanes, ships, steel, crude oil, etc) for years and had been hoping to make millions of off the war. They were ecstatic when America entered the war in 1941, as that meant more profit. Recently, their multiple business ventures have forced them to move to Great Britain. Finally thinking of their son for once, they transferred Lucas from Salem to Hogwarts so that he could be nearby. Lucas plans to rule Hogwarts the same way he ruled Salem, but his family name won’t help him at all across the pond and it is far more likely that his view of the world will come crashing down the moment he ventures outside of his bubble.


House Request:

Lucas would be a good fit for Slytherin, as he uses his heritage to exert power over others. He is not above using manipulation to get what he wants. Lucas enjoys being praised for his talents and strives to be the best at whatever he does. Ravenclaw is a great House for Lucas as well, as it would help Lucas to straighten himself out, finally depend on something other than his manipulation tactics and feed his quiet, nerdy side.


Lucas is spoiled rotten. At best, he is petty, sarcastic towards most people, vain and a complete narcissist. Lucas thinks very highly of himself, and shows it through the permanent smirk plastered on his face. He believes appearance is everything and takes great pains to always look his best. He judges others by how they look as well and frowns upon people who aren’t dressed as nicely.

Deep under this bravado of vanity and shallowness, Lucas is a bit of a closeted nerd. He enjoys reading books and learning, but has not done so for ages as he has used his prestige to get by in life. He also has a whole host of fears (mostly magical creatures like trolls, centaurs and krups, but also common fears like heights, drowning and darkness) from stories that his nannies have told him, but attempts to hide his fears under disgust and hatred. He tries to keep his dignity intact at all times and detests mingling with “the common folk”.

Lucas enjoys having power and control over others, but has extremely poor leadership skills. He also enjoys the spotlight a little too much and has gone so far as only joining school clubs that would put him at the center of attention (i.e. Debate, Drama, head of the yearbook committee). He is very competitive and doesn’t stop pesky things like morals from getting in the way of a win. Lucas is also a massive perfectionist and extremely high-maintenance. The moment something doesn’t go his way, he throws a tantrum.


Lucas is small for his age (5’ 1”) and physically scrawny, as he’s always had someone else to fight his fights for him. He has a pale, almost rat-like, pointed face that almost always has a scowl or look of disgust plastered on it. He has short, black hair that’s always stylized with a quiff, packed with hair gel and obsessively combed. His eyes are a striking dark blue color.

He is fond of sweater-vests and corduroys. He makes sure his pants are always perfectly pleated (by someone else, of course) and that both his face and clothes are blemish-free and stain-free. It takes him over two hours just to get ready in the morning.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Lucas didn’t care much for Quidditch, or even Quodpot while at The Salem Institute, but he loved watching others make fools out of themselves. Lucas spent most of the game hurling insults at the players and hoping someone would screw up. Today was his lucky day as one of the players made a huge blunder and cost his team the game. While stuffing his face in the Great Hall, Lucas spotted the student who dropped the Quaffle slumped at the table next to his. Lucas immediately took this opportunity to lead his table in a victory chant to further embarrass the student. Lucas smirked and sat back, satisfied with his handiwork.

After a few minutes of cheering, Lucas noticed the student get up and walk out of the hall. He hoped he would be able to torment the student further and quickly slipped out of the Great Hall behind him.

The student turned around suddenly and yelled “WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Lucas was taken aback and yelled back indignantly, “Excuse me? Do you have any idea who I am? How dare you speak to me in that tone!” Lucas began to flush red. “You listen here, butter fingers, I am Lucas Theodore Marion Clarington-DuPont III. I come from a long line of witches and wizards who survived the Salem Witch Trials. I will not be yelled at by a degenerate who cannot even catch a Quaffle!” Lucas walked away in a huff, but stopped halfway back to the Great Hall to add in a smug voice “I hope you enjoy the moniker of ‘Quaffle dropper’ for the rest of your time at Hogwarts.”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): N/A

How did you find us?: I originally played a character on PADs Hogwarts but the site disappeared. I was recommended this site by one of my friends from that site.

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