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Archived Applications / Marcus Emeraude
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Marcus Emeraude

Birthday: 16th September

Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 6th, 5th


Marcus Emeraude was not ambidextrous. And yet, here he was trying to write two letters at the same time.

His brow furrowed in frustration as he stared at the two blank pieces of parchment in front of him, his quill hovering above one and then the other. After a deep sigh, he plopped his quill back into the bottle of ink, momentarily ashamed at his inability to find the words he needed to say to both of his parents. Of course, he would need to deliver his message differently as his parents were two very different people. His mother was intelligent but his father was not. His father was understanding yet his mother was the opposite. That was how Marcus interpreted it anyway. It was no surprise their relationship only lasted long enough for Marcus to enter the world. He sighed again and wiped the back of his hand against his brow. He suddenly became aware of his poor posture and straightened his back while forcing his mouth into a sly grin. He could find the words as long as he behaved like the man he was supposed to be.

It took him several hours but after much editing Marcus finally completed his task. One letter was slipped under the door of his mother's office and the other was to be sent across the ocean, as Marcus would soon be. The two sides of his life were finally colliding yet Marcus was sure it was not going to destroy him. In fact, it was going to strengthen him and turn him into the man he was destined to be. He straightened his tie, admired himself in the mirror, and placed the second letter in his owl's beak.

"To Liverpool."

His voice did not have a hint of excitement but that didn't stop the emotion coursing through his body. He nodded as the little bird set off on his long journey and as much as the prospect worried him, Marcus was ready to follow.

Dear Mother,

You'll be sad to know that I'll be leaving our home country. However, it is with good reason so I am sure you will understand. I have been obsessing for years on how to restore the Emeraude name in all branches of the family. Our branch is somewhat lackluster and needs some revitalizing. While I have enjoyed my time at Castelobruxo, Hogwarts is the place I need to be. Castelobruxo would prepare me to be a Herbologist which is an interesting career but it is not revilitilsing career that we need. Hogwarts would prepare me to work at the British Ministry of Magic to improve relations between our countries. Can you imagine? The Emeraude name in multiple governments! This is what I need to do. I’ll make sure that I’ll write to you weekly and write to the wider family almost as often.

Also, I’ll be living with my father in Liverpool while I complete my education. Sorry if that upsets you but it’s a necessity.

All the best,

Dear Father,

You'll be happy to know that I'll be returning to your home country. I've enrolled at Hogwarts and will be starting in September. As you may remember from the last time we spoke, I am determined to restore my mother’s family name after the mess that you caused the controversy that my mother had to deal with after my illegitimate birth. Hogwarts is definitely the place that will allow me to get the career that my mother’s family so deeply needs. I would appreciate it if you allowed me to stay with you during holidays and breaks. I do enjoy your company sometimes. I will be arriving in Liverpool mid-June and look forward to seeing you then.

Also, I no longer use your last name. My classmates will know me by Emeraude only. Sorry if that upsets you but it’s a necessity.

All the best,

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin


Marcus is first and foremost driven by his ego. He values prestige and the majority of his relationships are transactional as he sees friendship as a means to an end. He is serious, smooth-talking, and very rarely lets his emotions get the better of him. Despite his large opinion of himself, Marcus is not particularly intelligent or talented. He's never done particularly well academically, didn't excel in sports, music, arts, or anything for that matter. Marcus relies on his family name, his blood status, and his smile to get him through life.

Marcus is fiercely loyal to the Emeraude family and would do anything to protect or defend them. He is secretly ashamed of his father's family and often exaggerates his wealth and status to deal with his own dissatisfaction with half of his family.

Marcus has many hats. On a good day, Marcus can be very funny and charming, if you're a pureblood and he thinks he can get something from you. On a bad day, however, he can be cold and ruthless as he lets his ambition get the better of him.


5'9" and growing taller. Average build. Dark skin, Hazel eyes, curly dark hair. Serious demeanour.

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions, not Evangeline's or Hugh's.

Option 2:

Owls were useful. They could carry messages and watching them fly could be entertaining. Cats were self-sufficient pets that were smart and knew how to cuddle. Even frogs had some magical uses, though Marcus couldn’t think of one immediately. Rats, however, were the most useless pets allowed at Hogwarts. They were gross and fat and the long tails whipping around made his skin crawl.

Unfortunately, Hogwarts was filled with people who believed that rats were normal pets and Marcus just happened upon one of them as he sat in the Gardens minding his own business. Though Marcus didn’t want to admit it, watching the boy stomping through the flowers was slightly amusing even if it was to retrieve his ugly little monster. Then, the boy let out a huge sneeze and Marcus couldn’t hold back his laughter.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

His amused face turned to one of seriousness. There was no way that rat boy was trying to start an argument with him. Marcus smirked, slowly closing his book before clearing his throat to speak.

“It’s not polite to sneeze so publicly and then rub the snot into your own sleeve. You’re certainly not one to be talking about politeness.”

The smirk remained on his lips as he wondered how the boy would respond to that. His fingers traced the edge of his book as he opened his mouth again to seal the deal.

“But what else would I expect from a rat owner?”


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How did you find us?: Magic!

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