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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Roman Louis Hawthorne

Birthday: April 22nd, 1946/5

Hometown: Lyon, France


Magical Strength (pick one):

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Year (pick two):
Fourth or Fifth


Roman doesn’t have much memory of his life before his adoption at age three, by Marie and Laurence Hawthorne. His life after the adoption is well documented, however. His parents were thrilled to have their first child and spent every moment they could spare playing with him. As a nurse, his mother was extremely overprotective - she was at his side whenever he coughed or sneezed, asking if he was okay. When he was five, they adopted another child - an infant. A girl, this time, named Millie.

As he got older, Roman became more independent. His mother was a nurse, and his father, a lawyer, so they were often at work. At an early age, he learned to make his own meals and clean around the house. His constant companion was his younger sister - following him around the house, talking his head off. Though he found her annoying most of the time, he grew to be protective of her and he spent most of his time before school taking care of her.

He spent his first year of Beauxbatons homesick, fretting about how his sister was doing without him. The next couple of years went by quickly. Though he didn’t have many friends, Roman was a star student. Both of his parents were scholars - it was expected of him to follow their lead, and Roman wasn’t the type that liked to disappoint.

He’d settled into a comfortable routine when his grandmother on his father’s side fell ill. Though Roman’s mother is a Lyon native, his father grew up in England, and his grandmother was still living in his childhood home. His parents decided to move in with her, to help her out around the house and make sure that she was receiving proper care. Roman was less than thrilled. Though he wasn’t leaving behind many friends, he was used to his life in France and uncertain where he would fit in his new environment. However, he’s kept most of his complaints to himself. His sister was afraid of moving, and it was his job to support her and appear strong, so he’s set his mind on doing his best to show her everything is okay.

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House Request:
Surprise me, but I’d prefer not to get Hufflepuff!

Roman is not a boy of many words. It isn’t that he’s shy, it’s just that he prefers not to speak much. He is polite to everyone he meets, though he becomes quickly frustrated when others aren’t putting effort into tasks. He’s used to doing things for himself and gets irritated when others are overly helpful. He’s spent most of his childhood with few friends, and he’s learned how to entertain himself without other’s company. However, the few friends he does have, he is endlessly loyal and protective to them. He has a mean face, but at his core, he’s soft, and just wants to be accepted and praised.

Roman had his first growth spurt when he was ten and hasn’t stopped since. He’s still growing into his height, however, so he still has a bit of an awkward appearance and long limbs. Roman has dark, serious eyes, and brows that are almost always furrowed. Though he makes sure to appear presentable, he doesn’t put that much thought into what he wears. However, his true pride and joy is his black hair, reaching below his shoulders. He always takes extra time to take care of it.

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Option 1

Roman was homesick.

Well, homesick wasn’t the right word, exactly. He didn’t miss his home back in Lyon and he hadn’t lived with his grandmother long enough to consider it a home. He just missed the feeling of being at home. Though most of the time she was a nuisance, he missed his little sister’s stomping feet and swatting hands, the sound of her begging to be entertained. He itched to run to the door at the end of a long day and envelope his mother in a bone-crushing hug.

He wanted to be left alone with his thoughts, and the dungeons were a good place to be alone. It was cold, but he was wrapped in a blanket his mother had knitted. It was keeping him warm, but wasn’t helping him miss his family any less. He was flicking through a book, trying to distract himself with the words. He didn’t feel much better, but at least he could shove the thoughts into a corner in his mind. Roman knew this would pass - he felt the same way when he first went to Beauxbatons.

It still hurt, though.

His right eye twitched at the sound of someone else saying something - even when you wanted to be alone, you were never truly alone at Hogwarts, no matter how hard you tried. He folded over, trying to appear smaller. Maybe if they didn’t see him, they would go away.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

He frowned, snapping his book shut. It was a girl, younger than him, and he decided it was best to answer her. Even if she didn’t see him and eventually went away, it wasn’t worth having to sit there and listen to her call out until she got tired. The name she was calling for was familiar, but he didn’t know where he heard it before. Perhaps a student in another year or a different house?

“Well, I’m certainly not Emma Birch.” Roman cleared his throat and straightened his back, trying to look pleasant. “And it seems like we’re the only people here, and I don’t think you would be calling out your own name.” He cocked his head, considering. The girl was older than his younger sister, but maybe helping out someone younger would help him miss her less. “Is she a friend of yours? Perhaps I could help you find her.”


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