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Application for Hogwarts School


Emilio Edmundo Soares Junior

May 23rd, 1935

Natal, Brazil


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
onjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):
Sixth or Fifth

Emilio Soares Senior met Amanda Alto at a pureblood gala he didn't want to be at and fell madly in love.

Emilio Sr. was born and raised in Brazil to a large, rich family. He was the oldest of all his siblings, so he became the head of the family after his father died. The Soareses came from old money, and they dealed with the more shadier individuals, going places where other pureblood families wouldn't consider going to. They weren't well known, but had a tight social circle. Emilio Sr. took over the family business with pride and married some pureblood woman who he didn't like. He had one boy and two girls with her, but after that they had a huge falling out and separated.

When Emilio Sr. and Amanda met he was twice her age and she had half the money he did. He was immediately smitten and she thought it would be good for her family if they got together. Amanda tolerated him and wom his prior children over, and they got married a couple of months after they met. It was a large, grand wedding, yet somehow solemn and serious at the same time.

The next year Amanda gave birth to Emilio Jr. He was born with a silver spoon  in his mouth and given almost anything he asked for in a minute. He was the light of his mother's life and she spent every moment she could spare doting on him. His childhood wasn't all that great, though. He never quite fit in with his step siblings, especially his older brother, and for as long as he can remember Emilio Sr.'s mother hated him. It was kind of boring, being locked in a huge house and only being able to socialize with the people his grandmother picked out. He almost never saw his father and when he did their conversations were quick and awkward.

As he got older, it was time for him to start schooling. He was looking foreward to going to school and being able to expand his horizons, but he was homescooled like his other siblings. It wasn't as bad as he was expecting - his tutor was sweet and talented, and he got closer to one of his sisters. He learned to be polite and charming and tried to make his family proud. At least he had something to do all day so he had a purpose.

Things got worse as he turned fifteen/sixteen. His father started coming home less often. Everyone was suspicious, but no one wanted to bring it up and get him upset. It all fell apart when he was arrested. Emilio's mother tried to hide the truth from him, but he read about all of the horrible and illegal work his father did while he was away. Emilio became disgusted with the luxurious life he had by deceiving people.

Soon, almost all of their money was gone and most of Amanda's family wasn't willing to help them because they didn't want to get in the middle of it. His siblings were convinced his father was innocent despite all of the proof and painted his mother as the perfect woman who was trying to perservere despite all of the troubles. Emilio has no delusions, however. He knows his father would do anything for money and that his mother only married him for his wealth.

Amanda got in contact with one of her friends in England, and they moved in with her. Emilio didn't like being taken away from his home and felt like a burden in this stranger's house. But it felt good to have a fresh start and he's willing to make a better life here, despite having less money. Plus, they couldn't afford a tutor so he was finally going to attend a school.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Wherever you think he would fit in.

Emilio, first and foremost, is curious. He loves to learn more about other people and discover new things. He feels uncomfortable if he's stuck in the same place with the same people for too long. He can't sit still and acts out when he's overly bored. Emilio loves new people, he's very sociable, and wants to pick everyone's brain. Due to attending many parties as a child, he's charming and somewhat polite, but because of his shielded upbringing he can come off as awkward. He loves and supports his friends and will go out of his way to help them when he can. Emilio is not used to hard work, but he's trying his best to prove himself and goes out if his way to make sure he tends to all of his responsibilities. Emilio is easily frustrated - most things used to come easily for him, but he's trying to be more patient. He isn't easily upset and he tries to see everyone's point of view in an argument, but he can quickly become snippy when someone underestimates him or makes him feel bad about his situation.

Emilio has fair skin, and he has a persistent pimple on his forehead that won't go away nom matter how hard he tries. His eyes are brown, and above them are thick eyebrows. He has brown curly hair that he tries to keep neat. Emilio has a lean build, and he stands at nearly six feet. Emilio takes pride in his appearance and does his best to make sure he, at least, looks presentable.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Emilio didn't like mornings. He often woke up groggy and confused, his head aching and stomach growling. The noise in the Great Hall never helped him, and some of his housemates joking about the way he looks when he first gets up was unbearable, and he took extreme pride in his appearance. Some days he could handle it, some days he couldn't.

On his first week of school he discovered that the Grounds were mostly deserted in the morning, and it was relatively quiet there. So on days when he really needed some extra time alone, he would sit outside and eat, cursing himself and his terrible sleeping habits and hoping none of his professors would notice.

Emilio was mostly ignoring his food and was fighting to stay awake. His eyelids were heavy and every surface felt like the perfect place to take a nap, no matter how uncomfortable it was. He was so tired that he couldn't even eat, and he loved to eat anything and everything. He blinked hard and shook his head, trying to wake himself up more.

Emilio's head snapped up when he heard rustling and watched a boy around his age chase... something. Frowning, Emilio rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, making sure this was real and not a result of him being sleep deprived. When he looked up again, the boy was crouching near the flowers. Emilio was considering introducing himself when the boy let out such a powerful sneeze that Emilio jumped and knocked his food over.

At least it woke him up. Emilio pulled out one of his handkerchiefs and decided to make his presence known. Unfortunately, the boy wiped his nose on the sleeve of his arm. Disgusted, Emilio froze, yet he was unable to look away and watched the snot drip from the boy's nose. He scrunched up his face as he stared at the gross sleeve. The boy said something, but Emilio didn't hear, and he wordlessly offered him his handkerchief, trying not to look too disgusted.


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