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Elsewhere Accepted / Salazar Loxias Ricardus
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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Salazar Loxias Ricardus.
Gender: Male.
Age: 18 (21st December 1919).

Hogwarts, Slytherin class of ‘38.

Residential wizarding London, UK

Spy for the British Ministry of Magic.
Nota Bene: I see this as some sort of spy for MI6, although I think this is mere a Muggle organization and I think it is a must for the character's sake to make him a spy for the wizarding Ministry. He won't be catching any criminals or protect people like hit wizards and aurors do, he'll infiltrate in any organization and pass on the information.

If this is
really impossible, I'd go with Private Investigator.

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place?
Yes, Ministry as stated above -should spy be possible.
Otherwise, no.

Requested Magic Levels:
Graduation Levels -they're already set.
  • Charms: 13.
  • Transfiguration: 7.
  • Divination: 10.
  • Summoning: 7.
Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?
As far as I am aware of, there are no other spies at the moment that (want to) work for the British Ministry, so no.

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Ignis Fides Rivers, Arcus Ricardus, Cladis Perses Gallion, Loxias Ricardus Jr.

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
There was possibly one thing in this society that wasn't prohibited yet, and that was making things even more prohibited. The rules and laws were like the sticky threads of a spider's web, constricting a person even further when he put up a fight and struggled to get loose. As he tried to flee from the system and live by its own rules. It was impossible to have a free will nowadays.

Even the young man's jacket stated rules and guidelines, laws and commands. The old corporal's jacket that he had stolen from his grandfather was one that had medals pinned onto the faded blue and rigid fabric of the pocket on the chest. Time had latched onto them, making the proud medals look flat and dull. By every move, they tinkled against each other, reminding the young man of the things that they stood for.

Rewards for honoring the rules and acting all heroic when it had been necessary. To have the guts to actually utter the two words of death when the time was there and a wand was pressed against your temple. The dark pit of hell that reflected into your opponent's scared eyes before the words were uttered and the eyes became empty and soulless. And medals that stated the victory of a battle, or getting wounded during the war.

They were all statements of meaningless things. Things that didn't comply with him.

It was a bittersweet ironic fact that all the medals were now pinned on his chest now, really, since not complying with the rules was the thing that he was used to do. Not to mention that he had never found the courage and the egocentric way of thinking to take someone's life yet. Not even the life of someone that he detested from the bottom of his heart. He had never tasted another victory than the victory of provoking someone so much that you would end up with a detention.

Hogwarts had been his territory, the area where he could do whatever he wanted to. Where he had ruled and had held the scepter in his right hand. The people had not liked him, and that was the thing that he loved about it. When people thought that you were just the one sided prat, they would never look further and would never discover the person underneath the mask that was glued onto your face. They would never know about his secrets, dark secrets that could kill him should the information find its way to his Father.

Now the secrets were alongside his name, the only thing he owned.

Much like everyone else in wartime.

Salazar Ricardus was in that perspective just another ordinary straggler that came down his apartment with the elevator, apart from the jacket that he wore. The collar set up against the cool wind as soon as he stepped out of the building and started to walk into the promised direction. Feet echoed onto the cobblestones of the street, hands stuffed deep into his pockets where he could feel the steady wood of his acacia wood wand. Blue eyes were focused on the street, hidden behind the dark locks of his hair that fell purposely in front of his eyes.

No one paid attention to him.

Not that anyone looked up during those days anyway.

People liked to think that they had grown wary of other people, but Salazar had never had trouble with finding ways past that. He perfectly lied his way through tests and questionnaires, laughed the suspicions off.

He could be what people thought he was –while he was the opposite.

Roleplay Response:
There was one thing that Salazar was sure of: he absolutely didn’t want to be here. Hands tugged at the edges of the play cards that he had scattered on the table in front of him. Blue eyes were focused on the people in front of him, his opponents. His hands itched to lift up the cards and see the straight flush in diamonds in his hands. He wanted to win, needed to win.

There was no thing as sweet as victory.

Too bad, though, that he knew that he had a low hand. A hand that would make him loose this bet against a fellow that didn’t look too clean. Most likely hadn’t washed himself in three weeks or something like it. The scent of old sweat told so much, really.

Salazar scrunched his nose as the smell reached him again. Blue eyes spat fire in the direction of the lad, trying to coax him to walk to the bathroom and clean himself up.

A toothy grin was flashed back.

“Come on, just admit that you’ve lost.” Salazar talked through the man’s hat, fear of losing started to blossom in his chest.

One hand shot out to catch his drink, sipping from the liquid before he plunked it down onto his own play cards. A smirk tugged at the corners of his lips before he felt something tug at the jacket he was wearing.

Leisurely, he turned around to see a toddler that craved for his attention. The girl shouldn’t be here, not at this time of the day and certainly not at this place. It was asking for trouble. Certainly now.

"I'm lost-"

That much was obvious. As soon as she stated the puffskein’s name, Salazar looked down on the creature. The little ball of fur that was humming happily. An ironic contrast to the girl’s own emotional state. The fear was in her eyes, or so Ricardus believed to think.

A sigh erupted from his lips as he turned around fully after having snatched the cards off the table so that his opponent wouldn’t find a way to sneak a peek.

“What’s your name?”

He bend closer to her, fingers gently ensnaring her wrist as he pulled her arms down and look her in the eyes. His own blue ones were cold and void of emotions.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Salazar stated casually before he turned around again to continue the game. He never quit a game without winning it.

How did you find us? An unicorn came to me and told me about this site. I’ve forgotten.


latin, n. powerful leader, chief, powerful ruler
summarized familial history
The Ricardus Family is an old elitist pureblood Family founded in 1250 A.C. by Brittanicus Loxias Ricardus in what was known as the Byzantine Empire. Quickly moving to Italy, it was there that the Family started to thrive. The Family has been politically active ever since its beginning, and quickly built its own empire on the ruins of Rome.

Around 1260 A.C., a big part of the Ricardus Family moved from Rome to the United Kingdom under the lead of Brittanicus' younger twin brother Otho Ricardus. This proved itself an important turning point for the young pureblood Family. Due to trickery, deceit, betrayal and later even Brittanicus' suspicious death, the familial power and its Family seat moved to the United Kingdom.

Due to the suspicious turning point, the internal dynamics of the entirety of the Ricardus Family are hostile and strained. This tends to result in a couple of Family feuds and a lot of suspicion and paranoia. The only thing that connects them is their blood, their money, their respected social status, their Family name and a strong tendency to value ratio over heart. They are cold, indifferent, authoritative and successful - the epitome of power.

British branch

main branch, ruling branch
in short, specifics
The British branch is known to loathe every Muggleborn and Halfblood (without exception) for their impurity. They have a powerful voice in the Wizengamot and the backrooms of the Ministry of Magic. And if they don't busy themselves with politics, then there are always other shady businesses with which they can secretly busy themselves. If you ever come to cross paths with a Ricardus, you can be certain it is a vulture that is after your guts.

Residence: Ricardus Hall, Outside of Freethorpe, Norfolk.

loxias ricardus jr. - taken

head of the ricardus family faring by ideologies of pureblood elitism, zero tolerance politics and machiavellianism. he dehumanizes himself for the sake of his family, although he has to break his bones to fit the mold. but even the theophorous ones are riddled with secret mortal vulnerabilities and desires.

FC: RJ Rogenski.  DOB: 31 August 1898. Education: Slytherin, 1916.  Occupation: Businessman, Head of Family, Wizengamot Delegate. Marital Status: Married to Morgan Ricardus. Fathered: Salazar, Emeric, Arcus, Antioch, Herpo, Merwyn, Godelot, Owle.
morgan ricardus - taken / retired

good-looking trophy wife whose hobbies include drowning in diamonds, loathing her husband, secretly wishing her husband had never disowned arcus.

FC: Malgosia Bela. DOB: 24 May 1897. Education: Slytherin, 1917. Occupation: unemployed, save for femme fatale. Marital Status: Loxias Ricardus Jr.. Mothered: Salazar, Emeric, Arcus, Antioch, Herpo, Merwyn, Godelot, Owle.

salazar ricardus - taken

the heir of loxias junior, predestination is at the core of his existence. attempts to run from it failed and he finds himself a tool to his family. a married man, a father, but above all: he will always remain trouble.

FC: Harvey Newton Haydon. DOB: 21 December 1919. Education: Slytherin, 1938. Occupation: Ministerial Policymaker & First Heir. Marital Status: Married, to Pandora Duke. Fathered: Four (two sons, two daughters).
Emeric Ricardus - taken

A typical second son, Emeric hates that his brother will one day inherit the title of "Head of the Family". What he hates even more is that Salazar shows no signs of actually wanting to run the family. It used to be his mission to see to it that Sal would be disowned but he's since moved on to other things. Namely, finding himself someone worthy of his attention. Oh, yeah, Emeric's a bit arrogant as well.

FC: Sean O'Pry. DOB: 5 July 1921. Education: Slytherin, 1939. Occupation: Ministry Worker for International Affairs. Marital Status: Married.

arcus ricardus - taken

born as arcus ricardus, third son of loxias junior, he allowed himself to be disowned. after finishing his education at salem institute, he returned as rid the wandmaker. awkward to the bone but with a big altruistic heart. his life is one big mess and he fails to cope.

FC: Hunter Parrish. DOB: 24 June 1923. Education: Salem, Rook, 1940. Occupation: Wandmaker. Marital Status: Forever Alone.
Antioch Ricardus - taken

Opportunist, probably taking advantage of not being in the spotlights 24/7.

FC: Florian van Bael. DOB: 29 August 1924. Education: Slytherin, 1942. Occupation: unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.

herpo ricardus - taken / retired

most certainly doesn't like his name. Due to ending up in Hufflepuff, he's the Family's disgrace. He has the urge to prove himself to his Family and will do anything in his power. If that means he has to kill his brothers to get on the throne, he most certainly will.

FC: Will Higginson. DOB: 1 October 1925. Education: Hufflepuff, 1944. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.
Merwyn Ricardus - taken

Desperate to prove himself as worthy of his pureblood lineage, Merwyn is prepared to go to whatever lengths necessary to show his value. Working at the Ministry under Salazar Ricardus, his older brother, still rankles, but Merwyn is prepared to bide his time until he can strike and show just how determined he can be. Graduate of Slytherin, class of 1945, Merwyn is ready to rise through the ranks of the Ministry in order to gain the power he feels he is entitled to.

FC: AJ Abualrub. DOB: 13 January 1927. Education: Slytherin, 1945.Occupation: Personal Assistant for Salazar Ricardus. Marital Status: Unknown.

Godelot ricardus - open!

He used to be a dork and goof all-in-one package, but got more serious over time. That does not say that he is no longer in for an occasional prank, though.

FC: Robbie Beeser. DOB: 12 December 1928, and most certainly the oldest of the twins, thank you. Education: Slytherin, 1947. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.
Owle Ricardus - open!

He used to believe he is an unicorn. Now he probably still thinks so. He's the red right hand of his twin brother Godelot and is basically a lazy dog.

FC: Robbie Beeser. DOB: 12 December 1928, and the youngest of the twins. Education: Slytherin, 1947. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.

Richard ricardus - taken

Envious and cunning.

FC: Niko Ohlsson. DOB: 20 April 1900. Education: Slytherin, 1918. Occupation: Politician. Relation: Widower of Lykopis Ricardus. Fathered: Estella, Aurelia, Iola, Calista, Castor.
estella ricardus - taken

pureblood slytherin princess.

FC: Barbara Palvin. DOB: 09 January 1929. Education: Slytherin, 1947. Occupation: Kingsley paper. Marital Status: Single.

Aurelia ricardus - open!

Aurelia is Richard's second daughter, and an annoying know-it-all at that. It was this astounding cleverness that got her sorted in Ravenclaw, although she also proves herself to be ambitious. Her Father is keen on arranging a marriage for her with a pureblood male, disregarding fact that she's secretively lesbian in a very conservative household.

FC: Gara Arias. DOB: 15 June 1931. Education: Ravenclaw, 1949. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.
Iola Blackwood - taken

a little sugar, mostly spice and nothing else nice.

FC: Luma Grothe. DOB: 8th November, 1934. Education: Slytherin, 1952. Marital Status: Married, to Julias Blackwood.

Calista ricardus - open!

Calista is the fourth and youngest daughter of Richard, and probably the most fun to be around. She's the smiley teenager in a gloomy household, always has her head in the clouds and her feet barely touching the ground, seemingly resistant to the cold indifference that generally sets the Ricardi apart.

FC: Miranda Kerr. DOB: 20 February 1937. Education: Hufflepuff(?), 1955.
Castor ricardus - taken


FC: Nolan Gross. DOB: 3 April 1940. Education: Unknown House, 1958.

Jarvis ricardus - taken

Jarvis is forever the little brother of Loxias Ricardus Junior, whom he'll envy to the day he dies, and son of Loxias Ricardus Senior, who terrifies him. He's the purest of the purest, and will not accept the slightest drop of taint. You don't want to cross him or his family. He's also the father of four girls and no boys, to his own grief. He spends most of his time fighting with his brother.

FC: Calle Strand. DOB: 16 November 1903. Education: Slytherin, 1922. Occupation: Gringotts Security. Marital Status: Married, to Ainia Ricardus. Fathered: Lilith, Medea, Evelyn, Appolonia.
ainia ricardus - taken

extremely well-behaved trophy wife, probably the only one sort of happy with her marriage.

FC: Bianca Balti. DOB: 9 August 1907. Education: Watsworth, 1925. Occupation: looking pretty also. Marital Status: Married, to Jarvis Ricardus. Mothered: Lilith, Medea, Evelyn, Appolonia.

Lilith Carlisle (Née Ricardus) - taken

Lilith is Jarvis' oldest daughter, who was promised and married to Edward Carlisle, heir of the Carlisles. They're an odd couple and have just had their first daughter. She's the perfect woman and housewife who never questions her husbands motives and always does as he wishes, as her father has taught her to be. She believes 100% in wizard purity.

FC: Ashleigh Good. DOB: 18 September 1925. Education: Slytherin, 1943. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Married, to Edward Carlisle. Mothered: Edith.
Medea ricardus - open!

Out of Jarvis' girls, Medea was always the odd one out, caring and more prone to take care of her younger sisters than the much colder Lilith. Has been caught several times with muggle literature at her hands, which leaves her at high risk of getting kicked out of the family - her father is working on setting her up with a suitable husband to keep her desires in check. The most watched of all the girls, and the one who has been subjected to the harshest punishments.

FC: Femke Huijzer. DOB: 12 april 1927. Education: Hufflepuff, 1945. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.

Evelyn Ricardus - taken

Blunt and snarky around others, while the exceptionally clever and obedient around her father, Evelyn is a two-faced creature with the cunning to know what to do to get what she wants. Has the power to influence her father's pick in husband for her, as long as he's pure.

FC: Daria Korchina. DOB: 3 December 1929. Education: Slytherin, 1949. Occupation: Unknown. Marital Status: Unknown.
Appolonia ricardus - taken

Little girls grow up.

FC: Unknown. DOB: 26 January 1934. Education: Unknown House, 1952.

Rosalie Ricardus - open!

Rosalie loves pretty things and kittens, and is a lovely creature with a tendency to dress herself in all pastels. Quiet and perfectly well behaved, and probably an exemplary student, though undoubtably elitist. Doesn't like getting dirty.

FC: Noor Schauten. DOB: 19 October 1939. Education: Slytherin/Ravenclaw, 1957.
Marigold ricardus - open!


FC: Antonia Haswell. DOB: 4 November 1942. Education: Unknown House, 1960.

loxias ricardus sr. - dead

Everyone who has known him will remember him as cold, indifferent, hateful, intolerant and downright evil. Under his reign, the influence and power of the Ricardus Family increased significantly but it came at the prize of him being heartless.

FC: Rutger Hauer. DOB: 15 march 1870. DOD: 12 July 1948. Education: Slytherin, 1898.  Former Occupation: Businessman, Head of Family, Wizengamot Delegate. Marital Status: Married to Salome Ricardus. Fathered: Loxias Jr., Richard, Jarvis, Adrian.
Adrian ricardus - npc

innocent, prisoned for a crime loxias junior committed. yet, adrian has started to believe he did it, fallen prey to false memories and insanity. he's a disgrace to the ricardus name and therefore disowned and not talked about.

FC: Cedric Bihr. dob: 2 january 1905. education: slytherin, 1924. occupation: azkaban inmate.

  • Feel free to request to RP a Ricardus that is not explicitly listed as e.g. marriage material.
  • FCs are up for discussion (I don't accept dark/green eyed FCs).
  • Always PM Salazar Ricardus when interested in an adoptable and we can discuss.
  • PM Jarvis Ricardus as well if you want to play one of his children.
  • PM Richard Ricardus as well if you want to play one of his children.

Archived Applications / Salazar Ricardus
« on: 01/08/2012 at 09:26 »

Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Salazar Loxias Ricardus
Note: I know the policy that the names from the book have to be avoided. But I wouldn’t have named this character Salazar if I didn’t have good reasons for it. The reasons are stated in the biography. I really hope that you will consider it and allow me to use the name. The name is the only "so called" link with the book.

Birthday:21 December ‘58

Hometown: Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength: Charms

Magical Weakness: Summoning

Year: 5th/6th
Sixth is preferred.


There was no person in this room. The room was entirely empty apart from his bed, a chair and an old desk. The boy that had looked around suspiciously now summoned a black notebook and dropped it on the table. The dust whirled around the shapes of the black leather. He looked around again, suspicious, and then took the squeaking chair. He sat down and took the quill that lay on the desk. While he dipped the tip of the quill in the ink, the little jar fell over and wasted the black ink over the desk's surface. The boy sighed. The house elf wouldn’t be happy about that. He looked around again, and then out of the window. He was alone. Finally, he had the time to write. The sixteen-year-old boy started to scratch the paper’s surface with the tip of the quill.

Who: Salazar Loxias Ricardus
About: Notes to myself
Date: Friday 13th -October
Place: Ricardus Hall, Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK.
Note to reader: If you’re the house elf, stay out. If you’re anyone else, then stay out as well. That’s an order.

These are the notes of Salazar Loxias Ricardus. And in these notes I want to be honest for once. About, well, practically everything.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? On 21 December 1957, I was born to a family that has a few obsessions that expressed themselves in my name, first of all. Salazar is not the name you'll find at the top of the average bill or the average newspaper. But you might have heard of it. Salazar is the first name of the founder of Slytherin House, Hogwarts. My family brags they made the school and the house big with all the generations of the Ricardus family that had graduated at Hogwarts. All Slytherins. And I suppose, to buy me a ticket into the house, they named me after the founder of it. Like, they knew from the very start that I was different -not the typical Ricardus. Plus, I guess, that they sort of worship the guy.
Though, one of my brother claims that it also has something to do with the Portuguese leader António de Oliveira Salazar, he isn’t one of the nice guys. Though, I really doubt this theory. I mean, António is a Muggle. What do my parents care about Muggle politics? Right, nothing.
I think that gives the first impression of my family: crazy idiots.
And then the second name, it’s the second obsession of the Ricardus family. Loxias... Well, I have no idea where that came from actually. And I have no intention to find out. The name Loxias runs in the family, all oldest sons are named after him. One day, they want me to pursue this madness. Thanks, but no thanks.

You must wonder what kind of family I come from. Well, it’s the Ricardus family. Would be quite surprised if you didn’t hear of this pureblood family that is obsessed by all kind of hexes. Not to mention the obsession for pureblood and their hate toward muggles. We are with quite a lot and have invaded the UK, I’m sure. For example, I myself have seven brothers.
Ricardus means ‘powerful leader’ and that’s all what my family wants; power to roll the dice and make decisions. Kind of pathetic really.
But these notes won’t be about the history of this thrilling family –though it’s a nice story if you want to read about adventures and betrayals. These will be about me, the black sheep of the family on who’s shoulders the greatest expectations rest.

First of all, I dislike my family a lot. At first, sure, everyone believes the tales their daddy tells them before they go to sleep. But those stories weren’t about the normal things, like a kind witch that gives some treats to some passing children. In the stories my father told me, the witch would hex the passing children rather than to give them treats. And he, my father, the future head of the Ricardus’ family, Loxias Ricardus, told me the children deserved it. They didn’t have the same status as the witch and so, they weren’t allowed to speak up to her. I believed him back then. What do you expect from a six-year-old?

I hexed my first person when I was about eleven. I wasn’t an exceptional wizard back then, but I had learnt a hex from one of my nephews, they made me. It was a pretty and young muggle girl that was the victim of my actions. I quit the hex pretty quick when I saw the poor girl scrawling over the ground, in a lot of pain. My nephews laughed. I still hear their laughter around me if I enter the place again. I still see their eyes, their eyes full of madness. Casting all sort of hexes to cause a lot of harm. I was paralyzed while they laughed at the ‘filthy muggle’. I couldn’t see why she would be so much different than we were. Sure, she couldn’t cast any spells or see the future, but she felt the same things we did. So that made us equal in my eyes. Not in my family’s.

That’s the day I started to dislike my family.

But I keep it secret. They are not allowed to find out. I pretty hang on to my life at the moment. We’re not a family that likes betrayers.

And then there is this day when I found a little puppy in the woods. It was a nice day back then and I saw a little puppy bound to a tree. It was in pain and left there to die. I couldn’t let him just sit there to meet death, the brown eyes of the Husky were so full of life and curiosity. I took him with me to Ricardus Hall. My father and my mother were not pleased with a dog in the Hall. A dog was a pet for muggles, they told me. They took the little pup away from me, and I’ve never seen him again. As I look back at it, it looks like the puppy had a very urgent meeting with death. I think I didn’t look at my family for over three months. Sure, they bought me an owl. But how much affection can you get from a short-eared owl. Don’t get me wrong, he was a nice and fierce owl, but not what I wished for. And I felt like they molded me into somebody I didn’t want to be.

I think I haven’t talked for over three weeks. I felt like a misfit, whatever my father told me. Until my father was fed up with me and shouted at me I had to be proud that I was a Ricardus.

So, that’s how I ended up with being named after a dark wizard, being a non muggle-hater and a non-hexer in a family that loved all of those things.

And I despise it. I started to live a second, secret life. I’m good in hiding myself away. I’m good in making you believe I was somewhere else than you believe. And if you don’t, I make you believe. I’m a manipulator. Although I hate my family, I have to please them to contain my head on my chest.

And I have to live up to the expectations, you see. So I went to Hogwarts. And I had to keep my fingers crossed that I ended up in Slytherin to live up to the expectations. And I better hope I get a lot of detentions and a lot to brag about later, as my family happens to have the most loose banded students.

They won’t notice I’m not my surname. I will cover up. And hopefully break free.



The boy looked up, dropped his quill besides his notebook and turned around swiftly. In the doorway, there stood one of his brothers, Arcus. Arcus was one of Salazar’s favorite brothers as he was the most like him. The same ideas about the hexing and the jinxes. Though, he couldn’t be trusted. Arcus ran towards the other brothers if he had a secret that he knew of. To be interesting. Salazar’s face became weary when he met his brother’s eyes. He knew his brother was begging to see Salazar´s patronus –a cougar. But Salazar wasn’t going to let his guard down, not with the notebook open on his desk. He closed the notebook and pointed at the door before he combed his hair back in an annoyed manner.

“Arcus, please close the door when you leave me. No cougars today,” Not now. Not when he was going to escape Ricardus Hall to go to Hogwarts.

To find a way out.


House Request: I would prefer Slytherin.
Salazar comes from a long line of Slytherins and he would make sure he would do anything possible to please his family. He is able to be big one day and to accomplish a lot –like to break free from his family. Salazar is ambitious, has a strong sense for self-preservation, is achievement-orientated on some points (not his education at least) and shrewd.
If he ends up in another house than Slytherin, he would be the family’s disgrace. He will definitely beg the sorting hat to put him in Slytherin.

Salazar is a two-headed snake for sure.
He’s not an open book though he’s outgoing and quite aware of everything that’s happening around him. But he wouldn’t give anyone insight of his true feelings and desires. He has lost his faith in wizards and witches because of his family. He doesn’t trust anyone but himself. This doesn’t make him a loner though, he loves socializing, he is charming and likes to be in the center of the attention, but if you try to speak about how he feels, he would shut you out. He would be snappy and ice-cold to protect himself from any kind words.
The friends he makes are rare and for life. The enemies he makes are not the people he cares about. He doesn’t even mind to honor them with a comment or prank unless they really ask for it. He’s more the type of person that would watch you be angry with him with a smirk on his face –laughing at you in silence. He’s protective over his friends and will risk everything to make sure they won’t be in trouble.

Salazar is 6'1" tall. He has light brown hair and piercing ocean like blue eyes. His features are strong and they make you believe he doesn’t give a damn about anything around him. His facial expressions are supposed to shut everyone out and to make you believe he’s the pureblood elitist with the hate toward muggles and a love for hexes. Once you get to know him, however, his facial expressions change. They are more relaxed, open and curious to know everything you have to offer him.
He’s athletically built and he knows it makes him look good. He’s vain at that point of view –one of the bad family traits he inherited.


Option II:

“Oh, come now!"

Astrid Bixby’s voice carried down the corridor, the tall blonde girl not far behind. Her interviewee – or victim, depending on perspective – turned a corner and she frowned. They were always so elusive when she needed them. Sure, they would talk as if there was no tomorrow during class, but once she actually needed them to say something, they were nowhere to be found. Gryffindors.

Flustered, Astrid stopped in the middle of the corridor and stared, her parchment hanging limply from her hand. She was a good reporter, really, and she always did her best to make sure that everything she wrote was accurate. She glanced down to the quill, eyeing it with disdain. It wasn’t her fault if her quill misquoted. How was she supposed to know? It made for interesting articles, at least, and if she had misquoted the Head Boy last term as saying he had a love for stuffed animals, then that gave him personality. Astrid sighed.

A pout formed on her lips as she turned away, discouraged. The corridor was mercifully empty, though the doors to The Spellbound – the school newspaper – were ominously closed. Corbridge was a mercifully sweet editor, but Astrid was terrified of disappointing her all the same. She had to come back with quotes.
Her eyes, blue, trailed her surroundings before choosing a new path, and she turned down a new corridor. A figure was ahead, and her eyes lit up, an impossibly rosy smile blossoming across her lips.

“Hey!” Astrid called, her voice light and singsong. She trotted to catch the person, her shoes clicking on the stone floor. “Wait up! It’s for the paper!” Her legs aided her admittedly poor running, and Astrid gasped as she came closer. “What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Response of Salazar: Salazar really wasn’t in the mood to talk to someone. No one. He was always moody when he had been sent a letter from home that told him that he should be ‘oh so happy that he got into the school of Hogwarts and that he should honor his name’. Honoring my name, a dry sarcastic laugh had filled his head when he had read the letter yesterday. Afterwards, the letter was lit and he had enjoyed the spectacle of the black pieces of parchment that had filled the ground as the fire devoured it.

Still, with a face that mentioned: warning, do not come any closer, he got the attention of a girl the next day. Bumping her shoulder had been a bad decision. Now, he had found himself a stalker. How marvelous.
I run away, if you don’t mind, he had thought when he had turned around swiftly to find a way out of there.
“Oh, come now!" No, I don’t come now. Salazar thought as he heard the voice and the footsteps that followed him. He really wasn’t into one of those people that wanted to ask everything about him. The people that wrote for those weird things as school paper thing didn’t have anything else to do, in Salazar’s eyes. They were just those lousy people that wanted attention and would do anything to get it. Not this time, if he could help it.
“Hey!” Hey, Salazar answered inside his head. Nice not knowing you, stalker. He started to walk a bit faster as he really wanted to talk to that person.
“Wait up! It’s for the paper!” Oh yeah, that makes so much of a difference. School paper, yay. Salazar felt the urge to sarcastically clap in his hands, turn around, run up to her to meet her and then ask her to interrogate him. He rolled his eyes, what did she expect from him? He was a Ricardus, he wasn’t supposed to be helpful. But he was slightly scared that she was asthmatic and that she would die of running that long to catch up with him. Whatever the question would be, the answer would be sarcastic. He turned around and leant nonchalantly against the wall with his left shoulder. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, raised one brow slightly and looked everything but interested.
“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.” What was that for a question? Like his opinion on this would change the view of the kooks in the kitchens. He wasn’t even going to answer this question seriously. Why would he? It was a question of nothing.
”Would you prefer that they serve living frogs so you can kiss it and see if it changes into a prince?” Salazar was good at avoiding questions. But even better at walking away in the middle of a conversation. Giving the girl a teasing and charming smile, he turned around slowly and walked away.
School papers… Like he would give a shit.


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