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Character Classifieds / Carter Family [Adoptables]
« on: 19/01/2019 at 23:38 »

Whether it is thick or not, blood can be spilt.

The Carters are a dying breed. The patriarch, James Carter, walked out when the children were young, wanting to go live a better life where he wasn't held down. Poppy Carter didn't react well to this and died just two years later by her own hands. The four children were placed into the system and currently live at Hogsmeades Children's Home.


Sarah Carter
 10th February 1945 | Ciara Bravo | N/A | 11yrs

Sarah is the oldest of the four, being one of the twins yet having the title due to being 5 minutes older. She is incredibly bold and confident, in which she uses to boss around her siblings. Out of love, of course. She's always the first to investigate something and currently is really looking forward to going to Hogwarts, if she gets a letter in Feb. She pretends not to be affected by the events caused by her parents and tries to always be happy for her younger siblings. Sarah loves to read! She's a highly intelligent individual, who was told she took after her mother as she was a proud Ravenclaw.

Robert Carter
 10th Feb 1945| Jason Dazey | N/A | 11 yrs

Robbie is certainly the hot head of the group. He's angry and loud and stubborn. That doesn't mean that he wouldn't do anything for his family. He just..gives out tough love to try and make life not hurt so much. He is surprisingly soft with his youngest sister, and around any animals. It's almost as if it's a different person. Robert sleeps a lot so it's common to find him napping on something soft if he's gone missing.

Christine Carter
 29th June 1950 | Claire Crosby | N/A | 5yrs

Christine, better known as Chrissy, is the youngest of the group, and therefore is molly-coddled and babied. She doesn't mind though, as a lot of things confuse her due to her age. She's smart and is ahead of her age for communicating and her English skills, such as reading. A favourite hobby of hers is colouring, in which she can sit for ages and draw all her fantasy worlds that she makes up.

rules for adoptions

Basically, Philip is the child between the twins and Chrissy, and taken by moi, but I completely do not mind if anyone wants to make accounts for them/r them idk. Of course, permission needs to be asked for, which will most likely always be a yes if you're the first person. You can change their personalities and appearances, but ages would preferably stay the same. The twins will be going to Hogwarts in the September so that'll be an interesting transition, and so can be peoples first year chars if they need them. It also has good openings for some Elsewhere threads. Thanks.

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Elsewhere Accepted / Philip Carter Elsewhere App. Child.
« on: 05/01/2019 at 21:10 »
E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name: Philip James Carter, "PJ"

Gender: Male

Age: Eight

Bloodline: Halfblood

Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?):  James Carter and Poppy Carter. (Not currently played)

Type your response here - where does your character live? Hogsmede Childrens Home

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?
Yes, I would say Philip would spend his time either in the daycare or the home.

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?
I don't think so.

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Henry Reed, third year Hogwarts Student.

Biography: (100 words minimum.)

Philip is one of four children, ranging between the ages of 10 and six. Their father walked out on them when the youngest was born, and just two years later their mother couldn't handle it and decided to end her life. The Carter had no other living relatives and therefore were handed over to the Government. Since their father was a pureblood and their mother a muggleborn, it made them half-bloods. This meant the children were placed in Hogsmede's Childrens home, as the chances are they too would be magical.
Philip is a small kid, having not yet hit his growth spurt, but was advanced when it came to speaking. He had a pale face with brown eyes and blondey/ginger hair. He was mature, yet was perfectly capable of being a stubborn eight year old who wanted his own way. He was closest to his eldest sibling, Sarah and often fought with his older brother, Robert, also known as Robbie. The final child was Christine, but she often got called Chrissy.

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trugged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:
The Carter Children had gone out for a little play day at the park. Phil, as per usual, had wandered off. Originally, he was watching the older boys play on their brooms in the air- it looked like so much fun! Philip was really excited for Hogwarts, his sister never stopped talking about it, as they had brooms everyone could use. A simple broomstick that was used for sweeping up didn't do much for Philip's dreams of flying, but it was enough for his imagination at home.

His attention was pulled to the small girl who was on a rather..slow, broomstick that didn't want to fly. Walking over slowly, to make sure she was alright, he'd blink when she suddenly spotted and pointed at him.

Did he want to play? A glance back at his three siblings playing together confirmed that yes, he would like to make a new friend and so he turned back to the female and gave her a solid nod. Hurrying over to her, he'd hold out a hand with a grin that showed a missing tooth on his bottom set.

"My favourite are the swings. Can we go on them first?" He was eager for her to say yes, because swinging made him feel like he was flying and boy, did Philip want to fly.
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