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I should update this more regularly.

Jarvis found himself a wife: Ainia Ricardus got accepted. Welcome to the Family!
Jarvis got himself a kid: Lilith Ricardus got accepted. Welcome to the Family!

[[under construction]]

Italian branch

inferior branch, the submissives
in short, specifics
The Italian branch is known to be slightly more tolerant towards Muggleborns and Halfbloods, but only out of diplomatic necessity. They will team up with impurer wizards and witches when they deem it beneficial for their businesses. If this is not the case, they will still ignore those of impurer blood like thin air. They also have an influential voice in the Italian equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, and busy themselves mostly with policymaking and legislation.

The dynamics with the British branch are bitter and malevolent, as they are still not over the suspected betrayal of Otho Ricardus and believe that the Familial seat belongs in Italy. They frequently travel to the United Kingdom, as if they want to physically retrieve the power they have lost, but they remain an inferior Ricardus branch till this day.

Residence: Ricardus Villa, Outside of Rome.

prima linea
zeus ricardus - taken

Italian flirt, bitter and determined to take the lost power back and restore his ancestral influence.

FC: tommy dunn. DOB: 31 August 1896. Education: Watsworth, 1914. Occupation: businessman. Marital Status: unknown. Sibling to: Alrigo, Alpheus, Aphrodite, Lykopis.
alrigo ricardus - taken

formerly known as the “party ricardus,” because he brings the party wherever he goes. he’s since moved on from that lifestyle to devote his life to his kids, despite being banned from seeing them.

FC: Ilias Petrakis. dob: 25 november 1897. education: watsworth, 1916. occupation: constant annoyance to zeus. marital relation: pathologically unmarried. sibling to: zeus, alpheus, aphrodite, lykopis. fathered: two (1 girl; 1 boy)
Ines de Luca - open!

self-proclaimed ultimate spoiled brat and daddy’s girl. she has no fear or qualms or hesitation, and greatly admires and takes after her father’s dismissal of what’s deemed “acceptable”.

FC: Ines Espuny. DOB: 17 april 1922. BLOOD: pureblood (poses as a halfblood). MOTHER: Ester de Luca. EDUCATION: watsworth, 1939. OCCUPATION: Ministry of Magic Unspeakable or Photojournalist.
paolo zito - open!

just as spoiled as sister, but less of a brat about it. generally, the more laid-back of the two siblings, but more resentful of his father’s rejection of marrying his mother.

FC: Luc Defont-Saviard. DOB: 21 october 1934. BLOOD: halfblood. MOTHER: Lucia Zito. EDUCATION: eisenstab or hapsburg, 1952.

ramo laterale
Ixion Ricardus II - open!

Ixion never had the birth-privilege his cousins had and thus made a name for himself. Primarily involved in the criminal circuit, he has dirtied his hands so many times but washes them in feigned innocence.

FC: Donny Lewis. DOB: 2 January 1900. Education: watsworth, 1919 Occupation: Businessman. Marital Status: Married, to Adelina Ricardus. Sibling to: ainia, silva. Fathered: Rosario, Techne, Ixion III, Arctos, Durante.
Adelina Ricardus (Née Viggano) - open!


FC: Isabeli Fontana. DOB: 4 October 1905. Education: Homeschooled. Occupation: Housewife. Marital Status: Married, to Ixion Ricardus II. Mothered: Rosario, Techne, Ixion III, Arctos, Durante.

Rosario Ricardus - open!


FC: Jacquelyn Jablonski. DOB: 4 september 1925. Education: tbd Occupation: tbd. Marital Status: Single. Sibling to: Techne, Ixion III, Arctos, Durante.
Techne Ricardus - open!


FC: Andreea Diaconu. DOB: 22 August 1927. Education: tbd. Occupation: tbd. Marital Status: Single. Sibling to: Rosario, Ixion III (younger twin), Arctos, Durante.

Ixion Ricardus III - open!

He takes after his Father, mainly because his Father wants him to. He has been born and bred to take over the criminal emporium his Father has built over time, although he himself lacks ambition. His partner in crime is his twin sister, Techne, and together they spell trouble.

FC: Justice Joslin. DOB: 22 August 1927. Education: Watsworth, 1945. Occupation: Businessman. Marital Status: Single. Sibling to: Rosario, Techne (older twin), Arctos, Durante.
Arctos Orsino Ricardus - open!

He's a momma's boy as Adelina favors him out of all her children (especially since Durante's passing). He is thus the most sheltered, and the most gentle soul. This makes his Father despise him, which is a continuous blow to his already fragile self-confidence.

FC: William Los. DOB: 8 february 1930. Education: Watsworth, 1948. Occupation: tbd. Marital Status: Single. Sibling to: Rosario, Techne, Ixion III, Durante.

OPEN. Alpheus Ricardus
FC: Joel Alexander

Just another cousin. DOB: 2 April 1902. Education: Watsworth, 1921. Occupation: Businessman. Relation: up to player. Sibling to: Zeus, Alrigo, Aphrodite, Lykopis. In short: dubiously charming and gifted with sharp wit rather than ambition. But, let's be honest, a beautiful beard to make up for his imperfections.

OPEN. Circe Ricardus
FC: Andreea Diaconu

Your most beloved femme fatale. DOB: 17 February 1903. Education: Homeschooled. Occupation: socialite. Relation: up to player. Sibling to: Morgan, Orion. In short: It's a man's world, but here she comes. She is determined and has a lot of ideals. Certain that she is as manly as you are, but combined with the delicate female traits that make her even more dangerous.

OPEN. Orion Ricardus
FC: Andrea marcaccini

An obedient dog. DOB: 6 May 1910. Education: Homeschooled. Occupation: delegate, commanded by Zeus, striving to get the power centralized in Italy again. Relation: up to player. Sibling to: Morgan, Circe. In short: does everything but what Zeus asks him.

Taken. Silva Ricardus
FC: Kristina Romanova

Cousin. DOB: 10 February 1922. Education: Watsworth, 1940. Sibling to: Ainia, Ixion Jr.. In short: Very up for trying to marry the heir of the heir of the British branch, Salazar Ricardus. In this way, she can gain more power over the Family.

OPEN. Aphrodite Ricardus
FC: Diana Moldovan

The cousin that occasionally slips away to dream land. DOB: 21 June 1917. Education: Watsworth, 1935. Sibling to: Zeus, Alpheus, Alrigo, Lykopis. In short: would marry for fame and money. If you can keep both of her feet to the ground, she tends to day dream a lot.

Taken. Eurydice Ricardus
FC: Anna Selezneva

Probably on the very verge of being disowned. DOB: 8 November 1916. Education: Watsworth, 1934. In short: there are some dishonorable rumors filling the halls of the Ricardi's mausoleum, and it's likely she gets the short end of the stick.

  • Feel free to request to RP a Ricardus that is not explicitly listed as e.g. marriage material.
  • FCs are up for discussion (I don't accept dark/green eyed FCs).
  • Always PM Salazar Ricardus when interested in an adoptable and we can discuss.

Elsewhere Accepted / Loxias Ricardus Jr.
« on: 15/12/2012 at 16:06 »

E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Loxias Ricardus Junior.
Gender: Male.
Age: 39 (31 August 1898).

Hogwarts, Slytherin Class of ‘16.

Ricardus Hall, Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK

Ricardus Family Heir & Shady Businessman
Something in the Criminal Circuit.

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the Ministry, Shrieking Shack) or to take over an existing shop in need of new management?

Requested Magic Levels:
  • Charms: 12.
  • Transfiguration: 6.
  • Divination: 8.
  • Summoning: 6.
Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?
No, not at the moment at least.

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Ignis Fides Rivers, Salazar Ricardus, Arcus Ricardus, Cladis Perses Gallion.

Lost and found.

They were probably the best words to describe the feelings of the dark haired male who’s fingers traced the wood grain of the counter. His pale blue eyes were out of sight due the brim of his dark velvet hat. His hands were gloved by the usual black leather gloves.

The misery of this place, the absolute and terrifying cold atmosphere of this damned place had worked like a campfire on a moth. The older male had felt drawn to it, like a cord had been spanned between his heart and the place. The gloom made him feel comfortable.

Just a little while ago, he had asked for the waitress behind the bar for a quill, ink and paper. It was probably time to break the chain.

-31th April ‘37
A damned, unknown place

Loxias Ricardus Senior, Father and Grandfather, Head of the Family, King,

I hope you do well, those days. Last time I visited you, there was a certain gloom in your personality. I hope the situations have changed for the worst.

You should know better than to think that I should write a letter to you if I would only ask about your health. Both you and I know that my time is too precious to be spend on chitchat like that. I am not in the mood for chitchat, never. You know I am not like that.

Have never been ever since you stuffed me into the wicked school of Hogwarts. All those filths that roamed the castle have had a bad influence on my personality. Those underdeveloped children have turned me into what I am now. And that heartless person is just the most useful pawn in your chess game. No remorse, was that not what you used to say all the time?

I am not sure. You have always lied to me. I do not know what was the truth and what is just a mane of it. And that is where the trouble comes in.

Lately, I have encountered difficulties to separate the manes of reality and the reality itself. The tasks you want me to fulfill are getting more difficult to grasp.

So I will ignore them.

Hire your own businessmen to use as pawns to protect you from the opponent’s pieces. I am not going to do it anymore.

I want power and you are standing in my way.

Keep looking over your shoulder,

Your firstborn and former pawn,

Loxias Ricardus Junior

Loxias dropped the quill on the table, took his glass off the counter and took a sip. The letter in front of him lay there grinning at him with intrigue.

The male tilted his head back and tipped his glass with firewhiskey over so that the letter was drowned in the fluid. A small smirk played on the male’s lips when he took his wand and lit the letter and watched how the flames devoured the paper.

Could never send the letter.

Loxias fisted his hands, hearing the snapping fingers. He looked from underneath his hat to the waitress.

“Clean this up,” He put the class on the counter with a loud slam. “And put this on my tab,”

The male dragged himself up, fixed his tie and shrugged his jacket on.

He didn’t even look back at his burnt possible future that he had described. And still very plausible to happen.


A smirk tugged at the corners of his lips while he scratched his beard.

(Check mate.)

It was impossible for Dianne to stay out of trouble. It wasn't that she was looking for trouble, it's just that trouble always managed to find her. Today she wished she could find something equally familiar but more comforting.

The five-year old girl hugged her puffskein closer to her and brushed her face in its soft fur for comfort. She had named him herself and he was always her special pet. No she was certain she had never gone down this side street before. Her anxiety increased every second as darkness fell as she walked down the road. A loud noise came to her left and she buried her face in her pet's fur completely. The scared girl bolted the opposite way slamming the both of them into the wall of the nearest building. Tottering back a few steps she found a door a few feet to her right and ran to open it. What light there was inside spilled out into the darkness and she spilled into the room.

Once in, she was caught between the impulse to curl her cloak up more tightly around her and loosen her grip on it. She wasn't alone anymore but she was now among strangers instead, which was nearly as terrifying. Her puffskein had recovered from the shock of the wall and now was purring contentedly as the girl hugged it, causing a mildly calming effect on the girl. Gathering her courage, she marched up to the nearest person, pulled on the nearest clothing hem and blurted out in a loud voice:

"I'm lost and it's dark and I wanted to know where I am but I'm not scared but I am worried that Sambundeakin is scared because he's little and needs something to eat and wants to go home."

She paused to draw a breath in her nearly never-ending sentence, "He misses my and his mommy."

To explain the scared girl held up the custard-colored puffskein. Sambundeakin the puffskein, however simply purred as if nothing on earth was wrong in the world.

Roleplay Response:
It was dark.

Loxias liked the veils of the night. Liked how they were a cloak around your shoulders whenever you walked through them. Liked the comforting whispers of the chilly wind that whistled through the cracks of the houses. The little bits of warmth were scattered through the same cracks.

The male put his hat onto his head a little further, blue eyes spying the strangers that walked past him. His gloved hand reached deep into his pockets, gripping his wand firmly. The wood was comforting.

Ricardus had nothing to worry about.

Wouldn’t mind being home for dinner like the proper daddy should. He had never been a dad, anyway. Having sons didn’t indicate that you were a dad. It was just offspring. Passing the genes and the blood.

And he was quite sure that those idiots of sons were just too stupid to see what they were capable of. What they had been given. They were just selfish and vain children without pride.

He loathed them, even more than that he loathed his wife and second cousin.

The male pushed a door open with his boot, allowing himself a glance over the shoulder to see if he wasn’t followed. Good. No one was there. His blue eyes narrowed in suspicion, though, before he entered the light.

He squeezed his eyes a bit while he took his head off and looked at all the other people in the room. A polite nod to acknowledge them, his jaw clenched, pale blue eyes void of emotion.


Just when he wanted to seat himself on a hard wooden chair with a cheap pillow on top of it, something tugged at his coat. He turned around swiftly, wand in his hand, aiming at thin air.

"I'm lost-"


The male rolled his eyes. Of all people in the world, a stupid kid wanted his attention? He glanced down with disdain.

Ignorant eyes wouldn’t work by Loxias, you little attention seeker.

(Change the previous statement, he loathed all children.)

Pathetic. Weak. Outsmarting you when they had the chance. No respect for the ones with the big names. No pride of their blood and their capabilities. And then their ignorance. Their bloody ignorance that made you want to strangle them. Just to teach them that the world wasn’t fair. Get over it.

"He misses my and his mommy."

Ricardus aimed his wand at her in a way she wouldn’t notice it. The dark hair of the male fell in front of his eyes when he looked down on it.

He was sure that he could hear Iapetos laughing over this matter –for now. A Langlock would do the other male well after he was done with this girl.

”I’m sure he doesn’t,” Loxias hissed. ”No one misses you, I’m sure. Don’t you worry about that.”

A grin tugged at the corners of his lips, while he moved his wand hand, making the wand once more visible for the kid to see.

”Now get out of here before I make you,”

(Run, rabbit, run.)

How did you find us? I’ve been obliviated, I’m afraid. Dunno anymore.

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