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Yngvild A. Höst

    (23/09/2013 at 07:22)
First and foremost I'm looking for Yngvild Aurora Höst's twin brother.
The Höst family hails from Norway, and now the two children have been sent
to live with their aunt Eida in Hogsmeade - to prepare for their enlisting to
Hogwarts next year.

I picture the twins being very close - but we can work all that out later, if you
are interested in taking him. I'm open to all and any ideas!

Varg Aslak Höst (TAKEN)

Suggested face claim: Ulrik Munther

The set info is his..
Name - Varg Aslak Höst (but you can of course decide for him to have a nickname to use, only use his middlename etc..)
Age - 10 (born September 13th, 1929)
Origin - Norwegian
Currently living - with his aunt and sister in Hogsmeade
Parents - Ellanor Dorothea Höst, Thorvald Christian Höst (traveling medics)
Bloodstatus - first generation Halfblood

Anything else is free for you to change and decide. Let me know if you are interested!

I would also be thrilled if anyone want to play any of the current Höst NPC's, or make any other Höst at all. Yngvild and Varg are first generation halfbloods in an old pureblood family, so I imagine not all will be crazy about that.

Current NPC's are...
- Ellanor Dorothea Höst, mother of the twins, travelling medic, married to Thorvald
- Thorvald Christian Höst, father of the twins, travelling medic, married to Ellanor
- Eida Jodis Höst, Ellanor's sister, guardian for the twins, living in Hogsmeade

Feel free to come up with any other member of the Höst family!

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Yngvild A. Höst

    (24/09/2013 at 18:28)
Varg is taken ! :) <3