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Author Topic: O'Conner Members Wanted!  (Read 588 times)

Amity Addison

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O'Conner Adoptables, Wanted!


        CURRENT HEAD OF MAIN FAMILY: Kynan Johnathan O'Conner
                             ASSUMED HEIR: Conan Johnathan  O'Conner
                             CURRENT FAMILY SEAT: Connacht, Ireland
                             Members of the main family are found in Scotland, Ireland,
                             Russia, USA, and Eastern Germany
                             FOUNDED:  900s
Other: Influential, well-known, proud, ambitious, pureblood elitist (most),  and often involved in politics, law, or a professor of some sort.   

Want more detailed information, then check out these wikis!     

O'Conner Don Family
Schneider Family
O'Connor Sligo Family

School Age Students:

Brendan Adair O'Conner, b. 1922, 6th Year, eldest son of Patrick and Josephine, John's cousin, can go to any of the magical schools

Colleen Nila O'Conner, b. around 1925 but can be anywhere from 1st-4th year, middle daughter of Patrick and Josephine, can go to any of the magical schools

****Wilhelm Heinrik Vaelbe b. 1924, 4th year (Slytherin) , eldest child of Elizabeth (Liz)  O'Conner Vaelbe(Hoggies Potions Professor), and her husband Wilhelm Karl Vaelbe, John's cousin, Irene's nephew****

****Anastasia Lydia Vaelbe b. 1926, 2nd Year (Ravenclaw), eldest daughter of Elizabeth O'Conner Vaelbe and her husband Wilhelm Karl Vaelbe, John's cousin, Irene's niece****


****Johnathan Vladmir O’Conner (b. 1894) John's father and head of a well-known and successful law firm that tailors to the needs of wealthy purebloods****

****Wilhelm Karl Vaelbe , b. 1892 (Durmstrang), British Ministry of Magic Bulgarian Diplomat, Liz's husband, John's uncle, Irene's brother-in-law****

****Conan Johnathan O'Conner, b. 1867 (Durmstrang) Retired Assistant Head of British Ministry of Magic's Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Founder of a Magical Creatures preserve and rehabilitation center in Ireland, next in line to become O'Conner Don Family Head, Irene's & Liz's father and John's grandfather****

Connelly Conan O'Conner, b. 1909, (Ravenclaw), Irene's & Liz's youngest brother, John's uncle. Magical Archaeologist & Historian

Heather Isabelle O'Conner , b.1912, spouse of Connelly, Irene and Liz's sister-in-law, John's aunt

Karl Jens Vaelbe, b. 1930
Currently Being Played on the Boards:
Johnathan (John) O'Conner-4th year Hufflepuff

Elizabeth O'Conner Vaelbe-Hogwarts Potions Professor

Irene Cecily O'Conner-Ministry of Magic Unspeakable and Time Chamber Head

If it it has **** around the entry, it means these are the ones I want to be rp'ed the most, but if another one strikes your fancy, feel free to choose it instead.

Jobs are negotiable if you fancy something else, except for John's dad!

Interested?  Just pm John OConner or Elizabeth Vaelbe!  That or feel free to post interest below as well.  I check this thread daily, and I'll pm you when I do check or catch you in chat! Hope to hear from some people, soon!  :)
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